Purchase Card Process Flow by tzv97744


									                                Government-Wide Purchase Card Process Flow

  Requestor                     Cardholder                     Vendor                Billing Official          TMA RM
 Provide written
 request for item

                          Determine appropriateness                            Provide guidance/pre-approval
                                   of purchase                                 as necessary.
                                  Insure funds                                                                   Provide
                                  are available                                                                bulk funding
                             Insure cost is within
                                purchase limits
                        Check if item is available from
                              mandatory sources
                      Conduct elementary market research
                        and verify price reasonableness
                               Rotate suppliers
                           Place order with vendor
                           and post to the C.A.R.E.
                                transaction Log
                                                             Furnish or ship
                                                               items and
                                                             provide receipt
                           Verify that items received
                           match order and indicate
                             receipt on the C.A.R.E.
                                transaction Log
                              Notify vendor of any              Correct
                                  discrepancies              discrepancies
                      Insure appropriate items are entered
                               on Property Book
Sign for high value       Turn items over to requestor

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