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					4 Top Affiliate Networks
By: Suzanne E Morrison

One great way to make money online is affiliate marketing. You can do it part-time or
full-time and all you have to do is sell someone else's product!

If you are new to the affiliate marketing world you need to join an affiliate network. This
article will list the 4 top affiliate networks.

1. ClickBank ( is an excellent network to join. This network is
extremely easy to use and sells mainly digital download products. You are paid every two
weeks and you earn much higher commission than on other networks!

You will be able to market over 10,000 products, but beware of the competition. Internet
marketers that are experienced tend to market these products above other affiliate
networks, so you will be competing with some of the best.

To be successful with this network you need to first market your specific niche of your
site. If your niche is video games or world travel, those are the products you need to be

2. LinkShare ( is one of the oldest affiliate networks on the internet.
This network was bought out by Japanese Portal Rakuten for $425 million. They offer
products from many of the top Fortune 500 companies, so there will be no problem
finding products and services to promote from your niche. You will receive a monthly
check for your commissions.

3. Amazon ( is an amazing affiliate network to join if you are looking
to sell products from your website. They have excellent stats and it is easy to create links
and place them on your webpage. You are also given the ability to create your own store
with Amazon Stores.

Amazon offers lower commission rates than other networks but the sales are easier
because Amazon is a well known online company. You are paid monthly by Amazon for
your commission.

4. Google ( is a company that few think of when they think of
affiliate networks. However, their AdSense program does offer products. You will not
have as many products, but Google is definitely a business to join.

Typical affiliate links or products will return 10 times what Google AdSense will, so
most marketers will not put these on their primary pages. However, you will earn a good
return in the long run by placing them on less targeted pages.

Amazon, ClickBank, Google, and LinkShare are 4 of the top affiliate marketing networks
on the internet today. Joining any of these top affiliate networks will help you start your
own affiliate business an be successful with it!

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