JAS Application Certification Process Flow Diagram by tzv97744


									             JAS Application Certification Process Flow Diagram

                  NEW APPLICANT                                              OCIA

               Submit Application          to                    Pre-Inspection review by
               OCIA International                                OCIA International CS
                  JAS Application                                Accepted?          YES
                  OCIA long form                                 NO, request
                  JAS Certification Agreement                    additional info
                  Attachments: Production
                      procedure, Grading
                      procedure, Maps etc)
                                                                      YES, accepted.
                                                                      File scanned
                      Missing information noted by
                      inspector is submitted by
                      applicant after inspection                      Inform OCIA-Japan of

                                                OCIA International selects JAS approved
                                                 inspector, & arranges inspection date

                                                 On-site inspection
                             Inspection Report, OCIA Inspection Affidavit & Exit Interview

                                                                       Inspector sends
                                                                       Inspection Report +
                                                                       other documents to
                                                                       OCIA International

                                                                      OCIA International
Annual Grading Report                                                 conducts decision review,
 You have to submit the annual                                        scans documents and
   amount of product sold with                                        informs decision to
   JAS label (from April 1 to                                         OCIA-Japan
   following March 31)
                                                                 OCIA International, sends
                                                                 letter and certificate:
                                                                   Decision Letter
                                                                   • certified
                                     Inspection                    • certified under condition
                                       Report                      • non-compliant
                                     A copy goes to                • Denial
                                       the applicant               • JAS certificate

                                                                 *OCIA may conduct unannounced
                                                                   inspections if needed

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