CWF Documentation Website Questionnaire by tzv97744


									                      CWF Documentation Website Questionnaire

We would appreciate your feedback on this website. Please answer the questions with
the premise that this website is proposed as the only official location for the CWF user
documentation and that the uploading of the documentation to the mainframe and
distribution of diskettes would be discontinued.

1) Please give us your feedback on the 3 basic use options:
(1 = Very useful; 2= Useful; 3= Partially useful; 4= Not useful; 5= Did not use)
If your response is 3 or 4, please provide us with comments or suggestions for making the
function more useful.

a) Download area

b) Document Viewer

c) Search option

2) Was response time adequate for your use? If not, indicate wait times.

3) Did the print functions meet your needs? If not, what were any problems you may
   have encountered.

4) Which of the search options did you use? Were these sufficient for your needs?

5) What are your needs re: version retention, e.g. for use in HCFA audits on previously
   processed claims? Would you need to have previous versions of the CWF
   documentation on the website? If so, how many versions would be necessary?

6) What do you see as the advantages and/or disadvantages of using the website to
   distribute CWF documentation instead of having it maintained on the mainframe?


7) Please provide any comments/suggestions you may have for improving this website.

8) What type of user are you:

   Host ________      Satellite ________ Maintainer ________ Other _________

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