Light Rail Stakeholder Advisory Committee by tzv97744


									Central M  Li ht R il E t i
C t l Mesa Light Rail Extension

 Light Rail Stakeholder
   Advisory Committee
     Meeting #2| November 3, 2009
Item 1

Approval of Minutes
Item 2

Items from Citizens Present
Item 3

Review Input from October 6 Meeting
Spheres of Influence
Project Partnership &

Potential of Downtown Mesa   Maintain a sense of
                             community pride

                           Preserve and enhance our
                           architectural heritage

Safe ith family friendly
S f with a f il f i dl
Group 1                                Group 2                             Group 3                                Group 4
    Upturn in economic vitality 
     Upturn in economic vitality           Clean up trailer parks
                                            Clean up trailer parks             Continue and reinforce art 
                                                                                Continue and reinforce art            Help the economy
                                                                                                                       Help the economy
     at completion( business               Create a 24/7 city                  that is currently downtown            More opportunities for 
     and property values)                  Special concessions by city        Create identity for Mesa               development
    Bring more people into                 to minimize red tape for           Variety of art (rotation) at          Create positive image for 
     downtown                               developers along corridor           stations                               downtown and change the 
    Spur more night life                  Keep DDC to deal with              Focus vehicle traffic on First         overall identity 
    Property owners use light 
     Property owners use light              unique environment
                                            unique environment                  Ave and First Street and
                                                                                Ave and First Street and              Preserve and emphasize
                                                                                                                       Preserve  and emphasize 
     rail as incentive to invest in        Keep businesses informed            pedestrian traffic on Main             historical significance
     property                               as we start different               Street.                               Bring new people to 
    Station design focus on                process                            Reduce Main Street to one              downtown
     development                           Maintain signage and                lane in each direction                Bring more residences.  
    Higher density                         access to all businesses –         Availability of park and               Create live/work/play 
          d      l/
     residential/commercial   l             k
                                            keep visible
                                                     bl                           d     ff f l
                                                                                rides off of alignment                 environment
     development                           Retain community as it is –        Golf cart accessible                  Relieve congestion
    Incorporate Arts Center                keep mom and pop stores.           Draw people from other                Keep city government 
     architecture into station              No  big box stores                  communities – economic                 downtown
     design                                Attracts upwardly mobile            engine                                Assist with current parking 
    Façade improvement                     people to downtown                 Create Walkable                        challenges downtown
     program                               Strong economic engine              downtown                              Light rail will bring more 
                                           Upgrade and clean old              Create vibrancy – activities           diversity downtown
                                            buildings – create some            Bring attention to                    Bring more opportunity 
                                            standards for the buildings         downtown Mesa                          and create a more stable 
                                           Attract high wage jobs             Promote downtown to                    downtown community
                                           Public restrooms                        p y
                                                                                employers to attract                  Downtown needs to be 
                                           Drive property values up            business and jobs                      multi‐modal and take into 
                                           Attract people to                  Encourage high density                 consideration all forms of 
                                            downtown                            development – residential              transportation
                                                                                or business
Group 1                                Group 2                          Group 3                              Group 4
    Project may put businesses            Having adequate money           Businesses will struggle            Construction impacts to 
     out of business  (preservation         to maintain and operate          during construction                  businesses
     of existing businesses)                the system                      Signage must be good –          ‐    Access down Main St.
    Architectural uniqueness of           Maintain structural              direct people to back door      ‐    Need to create business 
     project                                integrity of older              Compressed construction              assistance plans
    Train not segment downtown             buildings during                 schedule                        ‐    Pedestrian access
    Limit ___ to existing business         construction                    Not enough parking              ‐    Signage to help find 
    Station design/placement as           Impact of 2 lanes or             opportunities during                 business
     it relates to development              four lanes of traffic to         construction                        Need to educate the public
     opportunities                          businesses                      Concerned with crime                Create TOD zoning for 
    Design of station must fit            Parking for all stations         once light rail is operating         flexibility
     downtown                              Form‐based code must            Funding concerns                    Need more people to live 
         p y            p
     Property ownership is                     pp
                                            happen                                       p
                                                                             Historical impact and                closer to downtown
     “monopolized” – limits                Signage and wayfinding           image – light rail is modern        Concern about the flow of 
     number of owners?                     Disruption to business           looking                              light rail downtown
    Left turns from Main Street            during construction             Preserve downtown                   Learn lessons from 20‐mile 
     to businesses                                                           aesthetics                           starter line
    Construction period                                                                                         Business preservation
     marketing efforts
     marketing efforts                                                                                           Engage entire alignment
                                                                                                                  Engage entire alignment
    On‐street parking:  prioritize                                                                              Make sure we are not 
     whether it is necessary                                                                                      forgetting about the 
    Taking away on‐street                                                                                        population who does not 
     parking                                                                                                      use transit
    What’s the demand for the 
     bike lanes
     bike lanes
    Future of colonnade and 
     façade improvements
    Bike lanes
                                     Top Categories for
                                   Criteria Development
                                    efficiently.
    Managing construction wisely and efficiently
   Supporting our indigenous businesses during the life of the
    p j
   Locating stations to serve the present and future needs of
    the community.
   Ensuring that each station is the appropriate scale for the
    present and anticipates the adjacent changes that will
    come in the future
   Develop design criteria which facilitates the selection of
    artists and the art they make to create a sense of craft,
    wonder, and detail that reflects the diversity of Mesa.
                                        Station Design

    Incorporate
    “Incorporate Arts Center architecture/design into
    station design.”
   “Design of stations must fit Downtown ”
     Design                      Downtown.
   “Preserve the current Downtown aesthetics.”
Sample Criteria
Scale of station should reinforce the existing built
 environment or the future scale of anticipated
 adjacent development.
                                                Public Art

    Continue                                    Downtown.
    “Continue to reinforce art that is currently Downtown ”
Sample Criteria
Public art at the (proposed) Center Station shall
 reinforce the scale, craft, material and detail of the
    i ti M i Street        l t      ll ti
 existing Main St t sculpture collection.
                                     Station Location

    Locate
    “Locate and design stations to support development
Sample Criteria
In locating the stations, consideration shall be given
  to d l          t      t iti
  t development opportunities.

    Property
    “Property owners should use light rail as an incentive
    to invest in their property.”
   “The City should develop special concessions to
    minimize red tape for developers along the corridors.”
   “Encourage high-density d l
    “E                             t      id ti
               hi h d it development – residentiall or
   “Attract        l to Downtown.”
    “Att t more people t D   t    ”
   “Help the economy.”

    Create                        development.
    “Create more opportunities for development ”
   “Create a live/work/play environment.”
   “Property ownership along Main is limited to a small number
    of owners.”
Sample Criteria
Through a planning process involving the community, Mesa should
  establish the type of development pattern desired along the light rail
  corridor and within the station areas and then make it easy to develop
  according to that pattern.
                   Existing Buildings & Businesses

    Upgrade
    “Upgrade and clean old buildings – create some standards
    for the buildings.”
   “Retain community as it is – keep mom and pop stores – no
    big box stores.”
S   l C it i
Sample Criteria
City of Mesa shall investigate the development of initiatives which could
  facilitate the enhancement of the existing building stock along Main
City of Mesa shall undertake a series of conversations with property and
  business owners along Main Street to develop existing business
                               Existing Business Support

    Maintain                                             visible,
    “Maintain signage and access to all businesses – keep visible provide
    signage to back doors.”
                        p     g        g
    “Assist with current parking challenges Downtown.”
   “During construction, market Downtown businesses.”
    Preserve          businesses.
    “Preserve existing businesses.”
Sample Criteria
METRO will develop a business assistance program in preparation for light
 rail construction. Collaborative input from the business community will
 ensure programs developed minimize impacts during construction.
 Programs are intended to position businesses to maintain success
 throughout construction.

   What s
    What’s the demand for bike lanes on Main?
   Concerned about crime once light rail is operating.
   What’s the future of the colonnades?
    What s
   How can we be sure that there is adequate money to maintain
    and operate the system?
   How will you maintain the structural integrity of older buildings
    during construction?
   We are concerned about disruption to existing businesses
    during construction. Can you compress the construction
      h d l ?W             i d b t th l        f   ki d i
    schedule? We are worried about the loss of parking during
    construction, pedestrian, signage, access, etc…
Item 4

Downtown Mesa Association
Item 5

Planning Division

   Review the previously approved West Main Street
   Describe the Central Mesa Plan process that is just
West Mesa Plan Boundaries
                                      Planning Process
           Community Participation

                  Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) Meetings
                                  11,                25 2007
                            April 11 2006 to October 25,2007

             First          Community       Expert Panel        Final
             Community      Forums          Expert Panel Community
                                            Workshop          Community
             Meeting                         Workshop         Meeting
                              October 26,
                                2006 &
                                             January 7, 31, September 11, 11,
             June 6, 2006     November 1,    2007
                                 2006                        20072007

                             Planning                     Update to the
Planning & Zoning
                             Advisory                     Downtown
                             Committee (PAC)              Development
    Downtown                 recommended                  Committee and
   Development               draft Plan                   the Planning &
    Committee                approval on                  Zoning Board
  November 15, 2007                   25,
                             October 25 2007              August 16, 2007
                                      Community Vision

     close knit
    A close-knit community where:
        History is respected
        Changes are embraced with excitement
        Diversity is celebrated
                    co-mingle
         Old and new co mingle peacefully
 Transit Station Locations

*The location of future high capacity transit stations is yet to
be determined. The exact location would be determined
through ongoing High Capacity Transit study.
*The boundaries of TOD Station Areas are based on current
conditions and can be modified in the future to take full
advantage of the light rail while giving due consideration to
adjacent neighborhoods.
                                      Plan Elements

   Placemaking/Urban Design
   Land Use
   Transportation
   Historic Preservation
   Open Space and Recreation
   Public Infrastructure
   Design Imperatives and Illustrations
                                           TOD Station Areas
   Mixed Use
   High-Density Development
        Upper fl
         U             Residential Office
               floors: R id ti l & Offi
        Ground floors: Retail, Restaurant
         and store front offices                                     Court,      Monica
                                                               Janss Court Santa Monica, CA

   Commercial Intensity
   Residential Density
   Building Height

                                   Market Commons Clarendon, Virginia
                                            TOD Corridor Area
   Moderate Density
   Residential and Mixed-Use
   Commercial Intensity
                                              E b    d Li ht R il T       it San Francisco
                                              Embarcadero Light Rail Transit, S F     i
   Residential Density
   Building Height

                                Artisan Lofts on Central – Phoenix, AZ
                          TOD Station and Corridor Areas
   Pedestrian-Oriented Environment
        Provisions to Plaza, Pocket Parks and
         pedestrian network
        Shade through awnings, projections
         and landscaping

   Parking
        Shared parking
                          g      g
         Alternative Parking Arrangements
         besides Surface Parking
Central Main Plan Boundaries
                                                Reasons to begin
                                           this planning process
   Extension of Light Rail
        Light rail a catalyst for redevelopment
             Proactively prepare for change
        Preparation of Federal Small Starts application
             Show land use/transportation connections
             Need planning and zoning tools to implement mixed-use
                                            Reasons to begin
                                       this planning process
       gy                                (DOE)
    Energy and Environment Stimulus Grant (   )
        Purpose of grant to improve energy efficiency
        Can be used to create plans and zoning tools to facilitate more
         sustainable development
                                        Reasons to begin
                                   this planning process
    p
    Update Town Center Plan
        Current plan approved in January 2000
        Many projects completed
        Completed Arts Center and coming Light Rail are
         catalysts for change

                                  Central Main Street Plan
          j
    Plan Objectives:
        Facilitate redevelopment into mixed-use, higher intensity,
         transit-oriented development pattern
        Enhance economic potential
        Create a greater sense of place
        Incorporate and improve sustainability practices
        Update Town Center Concept Plan
        Facilitate transition from new development to existing
        Identify capital improvements needed for redevelopment
                                Ce t a a St eet a
                                Central Main Street Plan

   Current zoning does not result in predictable building form
   Contracting with a consultant accomplish two things:
                form-based
         Draft a form based code as part of the zoning ordinance
                            Central Main Street Plan
   Prepare the plan to apply the form-based code to the
    light rail corridor

                            Central Main Street Plan

   Participation in the planning process:
        Internal staff working committees
        Coordination ith Light Rail Stakeholders
         C di ti with Li ht R il St k h ld
        Plan Advisory Committee
        Neighborhood Input sessions
        Periodic updates to Boards and Council
        Final recommendations and approval
                                 Central Main Street Plan
   Draft timeline:
        PAC begins work – November 2009
                  p          ( )
         Citizen Input Session(s) to review/establish needs –
         January 2010
        Consultant begins work – January 2010
        Citizen meeting(s) to review goals and objectives –
         May/June 2010
        Update to Boards and Council – June 2010
        Citizen meeting(s) on draft plan – October 2010
        Final draft plan through review process –
         November/December 2010
Item 6

Mesa Arts Center
Plans for the future:

• Az Museum for Youth ‐ Expanding Artville, ArtZone and Art
  Gallery  ‐ increase space for additional patrons.

• Mesa Arts Center – Expanding the Glass Studio – Enable 
  more students into the classroom and increase safety.

• Mesa Grande – Create and interpret trails on the site to
  enhance public knowledge.
  enhance public knowledge
We are working with the Downtown Mesa Association 
and other downtown vendors to help enliven 
downtown Mesa.  Currently we are offering several 
free festivals.
f    f i l

•             every Saturday – October thru April
    MACFest – every Saturday – October thru April

•   Out to Lunch – October thru March

•   Storytelling – Mid‐October

•   Day of the Dead – End of October 

•   Holiday Art – Mid‐December

•   Would like to have two stops:  Downtown Mesa and 
    Main /Center.

• Last Fiscal Year participation for the Arts & Cultural 
  Department was 484 182 Light rail could bring in more
  Department  was 484,182.  Light rail could bring in more
  patrons to all three Cultural venues. 

• Reduced demand for parking and reduce traffic 

• Bring more patrons to downtown Mesa shops and  
Item 7

Item 8

Basic Elements of the Light Rail

Downtown Ph
D   t         i
         Phoenix     San Francisco
                     S F      i

Tempe, Terrace Rd.   Dallas
                                          OCS Poles

Sycamore/ Main St   Central Avenue / McDowell Road
                 OCS Joint use Poles

Salt Lake City   Portland

Sycamore                               Indian School Road

Las Palmaritas – Northwest Extension   Park Central – Thomas Road

                           3rd Street / Mill Avenue

3rd Street / Mill Avenue   Priest Drive / Washington Street

Thomas Rd / Central Ave   12th St / Jefferson
                                          Park and Ride

Dorsey Ln / Apache Blvd   Main Street / Sycamore
                                                           Bus Transit

Tempe Transportation Center   44th Street Transit Center
                                                      Station Art

                        12th and Jefferson Streets

Sycamore and Main St.   7th Ave and Camelback Road   3rd and Jefferson Streets
                                   Station elements

                                           Shade canopies

Display case


 Tactile warning strip
                                     Station elements

                                           Variable message sign

Shade canopies



             Tactile warning strip
Station Access
Item 9

Station Area Location Exercise
                    What you should think about

   Locate stations adjacent to civic amenities which
    could spur high ridership and alleviate single auto
   Identify opportunities where transit-friendly
    development might occur and locate stations
   Space stations in such a way so as not to reduce
    travel speeds
                                                       METRO Criteria

   Preserve historical structures
   Provide or enhance on-street parking
   Preserve as many properties as possible
   Preserve as many existing landscapes as possible
   Preserve existing curbs wherever possible
   Avoid contact with utilities whenever possible
   Maintain and/or enhance vehicle, pedestrian, and light rail safety and efficient
   2 vs. 4 lane trade-offs
   Support of existing businesses
   Locate park-and-ride adjacent to end of alignment/last station
Item 10


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