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									                          PALM COAST PULSE
                       RECREATION AND PARKS MONTHLY NEWSLETTER                     

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 1                             PALM COAST RECREATION AND PARKS                                              JANUARY 2008

       PARENTS NIGHT OUT                                                                               INTERIOR DECORATING
     Palm Coast Community Center                                                                      Frieda Zamba Pool Classroom
 Movie Night For Children 6 - 12 years old
                                                                                                Learn the basic concepts of home decorat-
 Movies played on our large 13’ screen.
                                                                                                 ing, solve decorating problems and learn
      FREE ADMISSION includes                        RECREATION & PARKS
                                                                                                   budget minded decorating strategies.
       popcorn and bottled water.                          (386) 986-2323
                                                                                                          Instructor: Vera Osipov
   Next Movie: January 18th, 2008                   305 Palm Coast Parkway NE
                                                                                                   Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm
Drop off begins at 6:30; pick up at 8:30pm             Palm Coast, FL 32137
                                                                                                          $50/month per person
 MOVIE INFO-LINE (386) 986-4735
                                                                                                  Classes begin Monday, February 4th.
                                                      FRIEDA ZAMBA POOL
                                                                                                      Register at Frieda Zamba Pool.
                                                           (386) 986-4741
           CENTER STAGE                               4510 Belle Terre Parkway
         In partnership with                            Palm Coast, FL 32137
   DBCC Flagler/Palm Coast Campus
  Concerts are held at the Amphitheater          PALM COAST TENNIS CENTER
         at DBCC Campus on                                 (386) 986-2550
     PC Parkway & Colbert Lane.                  (386) 986-2486 (court request line)
          Admission is FREE!                         1290 Belle Terre Parkway                       KUNG FU/HAPKIDO CLASSES
          7:00pm to 8:30PM                             Palm Coast, FL 32164                            Frieda Zamba Classroom
    1/11/08—Expresso Jazz Quintet                                                               Hapkido is a Korean based martial art with tech-
       For additional information,             HOLLAND PARK YOUTH CENTER                           niques similar to karate, judo and aikido.
      please call (386) 986-2323.                       (386) 986-2475                                 Children ages 8 to 13 years old
                                                    18 Florida Park Drive                               $55/month per student
                                                    Palm Coast, FL 32137                             ($50 one time registration fee)
      A DAY AT THE MOVIES                                                                         Classes begin on February 5th, 2008.
    Palm Coast Community Center                                                                  Tuesday and Thursday’s from 5 - 6:00pm
    Movies from the 40’s and 50’s.                                                                   Register at Frieda Zamba Pool.
   Join us for a morning movie at the
 Community Center. Admission is FREE!
    Thursday afternoons @ 1 PM                                                                     OIL/ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASS
            Movie Schedule:                                                                            Holland Park Classroom B
      1/10—”Road to Zanzibar”                                   LOCK IN                          Class is designed for the beginner painter who
                                                     Palm Coast Community Center                      wants to learn how to mix, blend and
                                               Join us for a entire night of fun and games                 apply oil or acrylic paints.
                                                        at the Community Center.                 Classes held every Thursday from 6 - 9pm
        START SMART SPORTS                                                                            Open to Adults and Children 10+
      Palm Coast Community Center                          Ages: 8 to 13 yrs old
                                                   Saturday, January 12th @ 8PM                      Instructor: Veronica Egidio, 793-9065
 Start Smart helps children develop a love                                                                       $45 per month
   for sports by teaching them the basic        -You must register prior to the event-
                                                                                                     Registration at the Community Center
        skills necessary and working                        Cost: $10 per child                                   prior to class.
        one-on-one with their parent.              Registration at Community Center.
                                                 For more information, call 986-2323.
Start Smart Basketball (3 to 5 year olds)
          Monday’s—6 to 7pm                                                                                JOY OF PAINTING
January 21st through February 25th, 2008                                                             Palm Coast Community Center
 Start Smart Baseball (3 to 5 year olds)                                                            Tuesday, January 22nd @ 6 PM
      Saturday’s—10:30 to 11:30am                                                                “Ruby Throated Hummingbird” - $55.00
January 19th through February 23rd, 2008                                                           The fee includes all the supplies you
                                                                                                    will need to complete a painting to
         6 week session - $35.00                                                                           take home and enjoy.
     Register at Community Center                       JANUARY 21st—                                 Register at Community Center
For more information, please call 986-2323          MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY
                                                       AT THE POOL..

           SUNDAY DANCE                         FRIEDA ZAMBA POOL REOPENS                        Palm Coast
     Palm Coast Community Center                                                              Recreation & Parks
   Join us for an afternoon of ballroom         Swimming, recreation classes and tennis
    dancing at the Community Center.             will warm up your cool winter days as
                                                   Belle Terre Park and Frieda Zamba
                                                                                                  John Jackson, CPRP
        Music from the 30s to 60s                                                             Recreation & Parks Director
          by the group “Dream”                   Pool re-open on Monday, January 7th.
       January 13th @ 3 to 5pm                  Flooding issues have been resolved at the
                                                       City of Palm Coast's heated               Debra Cronin-Brown
          Admission is FREE!
                                                             swimming pool.                    Recreation Superintendent

            KRIPALU YOGA                              For more information, please                   Bob Bernard
        Holland Park Classroom B                   contact the pool at (386) 986-4741.           Parks Superintendent
A multi-level class safe for beginners while
  allowing the more advanced student the                                                           Ken Obermeier
      freedom to explore movement.                           (386) 986-4741                     Tennis Superintendent
   Tuesday evenings—6:30 to 8:00pm                    4510 Belle Terre Parkway
Wednesday mornings—9:30 to 11:00am                         Public Pool Hours
 Saturday mornings—10:30 to 12:00pm
                                                                                                     Samuel Rose
                                                  Monday - Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm         Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
         $20 per month (first class)             Saturday - Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm
        $35 per month (two classes)                      Yearly Memberships
       $50 per month (three classes)                  Family (up to 4) $250.00                      Joseph DiBella
      Register at Community Center.                   Couple               150.00                     Sam Sword
                                                      Individual (13+)     120.00               Recreation Supervisors
                                                      Sr. Couple (55+)     120.00
                                                      Sr. Individual (55+) 75.00                    Eileen Patricia
                                                            Discount Tickets                      Aquatics Supervisor
                                                        10 Adult Visits—$30.00
                                                     10 Youth/Senior Visits—20.00                  Richard Woodroof
                 TAI CHI
     Palm Coast Community Center                                                                   Tennis Supervisor
  6:30 to 7:30p on Wednesday evenings
   $20 per month / 4 classes per month           Individuals with limited abilities                 Claudia Peisel
          Instructor: Gloria Deen                 will be accommodated and are                   Senior Staff Assistant
  Classes resume on January 9th, 2008               encouraged to participate.
     Register at Community Center.                                                                   Sheila Haley
                                                                                                    Staff Assistant

              TAE KWON DO                             Leisure Services                            Christopher Lamb
         Frieda Zamba Classroom                     Advisory Committee                           Recreation Leader II
Martial arts is an exciting way to keep your            Dominick Santoianni
child enthusiastic about all aspects of life.              Chairperson                               Joe Cavalieri
         Wednesday and Friday                                                                       Richard Maher
 Lil Dragons (4 to 6 yrs old) 5:30-6:00pm                                                          Kathleen Mathen
   Youth (7 to 13 yrs old) 6:00-6:45pm
                                                           Curtis Ceballos
                                                          Vice-Chairperson                           Thomas Roy
             Cost: $70 a month                                                                      Facility Clerks
      Register at Frieda Zamba Pool.
                                                             Ed Caroe
                                                         Regina Hickman                             Lauren Bennett
                                                        Julius Kwiatkowski                        Thomas Gschwind
              JAZZERCISE                                     Don Wolf                             Brendan O’Rourke
        Frieda Zamba Classroom                                                                    Recreation Leaders
                                                        Committee Members
 Jazzercise blends aerobics, yoga & kick-
  boxing movements into a fun routine.
Tuesday & Thursday from 6:45 –8:00pm                 *Meetings held every second
      Saturday from 8:30-9:30am                  Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm
  $35.00 per month // Drop ins $10.00           at the Palm Coast Community Center.
     Register at Frieda Zamba Pool.

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