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Hawk News Issue 1 by pmv10607


									HAWK NEWS
News from the Nest

Fairborn High School
                                                Fairborn City Schools

                                         together. We are here to be as one.      District Test
                                                                                                              Fall 2007

                                         So; here is my challenge to you; talk
Students Celebrate                       to those that are close; talk to those   Scores Released
                                         that have drifted away from you; and
Unity Day 2007                           talk to those who need a friend. Talk
                                                                                  The Ohio Department of Education
                                                                                  released the district test scores on
                                         to any and everyone; the lessons we
                                                                                  August 14, 2007. The Fairborn City
                                         have learned from the past can make
                                                                                  School district is proud to say that we
                                         us stronger together in our future.
                                                                                  met 19 of the 30 indicators and we
                                         United We Stand. Divided We Fall.
                                                                                  are listed in Continuous Improvement.
                                                                                  Individually, our building designa-
                                                                                  tions are as follows:
                                                                                  Fairborn High School
                                                                                    Effective Rating
                                                                                    Met AYP
                                                                                    Passed 10-12/PI-90.6
                                                                                  Baker Middle School
                                                                                    Effective Rating
                                                                                    Did not meet AYP
Fairborn High School students at Unity
Day 2007 on Thursday, September 13.                                                 Passed 4-8/PI-90.6
                                                                                  Fairborn Intermediate School
Student Congress President, Jessica
Herndon addressed the students –                                                    Continuous Improvement Rating

Good morning Fairborn High School.
                                           News from                                Did not meet AYP
                                                                                    Passed 4-8/PI-88.1
I’m sure everyone is enjoying their        Treasurer                              Fairborn Primary School
day off so far; but there is so much
                                           I want to thank the Fairborn
more to Unity Day. Today we come                                                    Excellent Rating
                                           community for passing the 8.6
together to remember our past, to                                                   Met AYP
                                           mil operating levy in May of
find joy in the present, and begin a                                                Passed 3-3/PI-98.5
                                           2007. Your support is greatly
new future. We are here to be united
                                           appreciated. One of our goals          We are proud to say that we have
with one another.
                                           as a school district is better         met the standards in 3rd grade
Take a step back in time to remem-         communication with all of our          reading and math, 4th grade reading,
ber. Remember where you were               residents, not just parents of         and 5th grade reading. We met the
when the towers fell on that fateful       students. As a result, we are          standards in 7th grade reading and
day 6 years ago. Remember where            very pleased to announce we            writing and 8th grade reading, writ-
you were when you found out about          are beginning a community-             ing and math. At Fairborn High
Columbine and more recently, the           wide newsletter. As part of my         School we met all tested areas except
atrocity that occurred at Virginia         quarterly report for this              for 10th grade science. The district
Tech. The Oklahoma City bombing            newsletter I will select a topic       improved 3.3% overall from the
and Hurricane Katrina made our             of interest regarding school           2005-06 report card.
country hurt as well. Imagine what it      district finances to share with
is like to bury a loved one; imagine       you. In the meantime please            The district rating involves many
what could have been if we had just        take a look at my page on the          aspects including attendance rate,
stopped and talked to a stranger,          website:                               graduation rate, performance index,
someone who needed a friend.                      growth calculation and accountability
Would Columbine have happened?             (click on Administration and           for various groups. For more detailed
How about Virginia Tech?                   then click on Treasurer) for up        information on each of these compo-
                                           to date financial information.         nents of the district report card
We cannot change what has hap-
                                                                                  please visit the Ohio Department of
pened in the past; we need to accept       Ms. Tammy Emrick,                      Education website at:
it but this does not mean we should        Treasurer/CFO
ever forget. We are here to stick                                        
 1. Fairborn Primary School is rated Excellent by the              19. Current 9th grade student, Natalee Winton, was recog-
    Ohio Department of Education.                                      nized in the spring at the 27th annual Young People’s
 2. Fairborn Intermediate School is rated Continuous                   Art Exhibition sponsored by the Ohio Art Education
    Improvement by the Ohio Department of Education.                   Association and held at the Rhodes State Office Tower
 3. Baker Middle School is rated Effective by the Ohio                 in Columbus. The art work was also displayed at the
    Department of Education.                                           Ohio Department of Education building in Columbus
 4. Fairborn High School is rated Effective by the Ohio                during the summer of 2007!
    Department of Education.                                       20. Our 5th grade students attend the Starbase program
 5. Fairborn Primary School is recognized as an Ohio                   sponsored by the Educational Outreach Office at
    School of Promise.                                                 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
 6. The Fairborn City School district participated in the          21. Fifth grade FACTS students participated in the state-
    Earning for Learning program at the Mall at Fairfield              wide Knowledge Masters competition.
    Commons and the Dayton Mall; winning school dis-               22. Fairborn Intermediate students participate in the Ohio
    tricts will receive cash prizes!                                   Math League.
 7. Mrs. Joyce Wanty, Fairborn Primary School, was rec-            23. Students at Fairborn Intermediate support the troops
    ognized by her peers as Teacher of the Year.                       in Iraq by sending care packages.
 8. Mrs. Jennifer Gillespie, Fairborn Intermediate School,         24. The Skyhawk Athletic Club continues to support
    was recognized by her peers as Teacher of the Year.                Fairborn athletics! This past year the club provided
 9. Mrs. Lisa Duffey, Baker Middle School, was recog-                  $50,000 in reimbursements, camp shirts for Fairborn
    nized by her peers as Teacher of the Year and is cur-              youth, program ads, softball fencing, playbook soft-
    rently teaching at Fairborn High School.                           ware, weight room equipment, and the sponsorship
10. Mr. Darwin “Chip” Chivers, Fairborn High School,                   of booster awards!
    was recognized by his peers as Teacher of the Year.            25. The Fairborn City School district is a tobacco free
11. Mrs. Susan Boyd, Baker Middle School secretary, was                environment! The district is posting signage at sports
    recognized as Classified Employee of the Year and has              fields/stadiums and making announcements at sport-
    worked in the district for 15 years!                               ing events to promote healthy environments for all
12. Mrs. Kathy Griffin, Cook Manager at Fairborn High                  of our patrons!
    School, was recognized as Certified Employee of the            26. Baker Middle School School Improvement Team
    Year and has worked in the district for 15 years!                  (SIT) meets once per month to provide opportunities
13. Mrs. Teresa Cox, Fairborn High School Custodian, was               for parents to volunteer as chaperones at dances,
    recognized as Operations Employee of the Year and has              fundraising opportunities, track & field day, etc. This
    worked in the district for 24 years!                               is a terrific way for parents to be involved in their
14. Ms. Debra Bowers, Transportation/Bus Driver, was                   children’s educational experience!
    recognized as the Transportation Employee of the Year          27. Baker also participates in the Meijer Rewards program.
    and has worked in the district for 20 years.                       Baker receives a monthly check from Meijers based
15. Fairborn Primary School was awarded the Gold                       upon a percentage of that month’s sales by Baker
    Award for the Buckeye Best Healthy Schools Award                   parents. Brochures are available in the main office
    for the second year! The school was commended for                  at Baker!
    hard work and efforts in developing a healthy school           28. The Baker website is full of up-to-date information for
    environment.                                                       parents and families; be sure to check the site often for
16. Mrs. Marilyn Kaple, Film Studies teacher at Baker                  important information.
    Middle School, received a Martha Holden Jennings               29. Fairborn High School hosted Unity Day on Thursday,
    Foundation grant to help support her Film Analysis                 September 13th! This event helps students to have the
    Project! We are very proud of Mrs. Kaple, who is also              opportunity to get to know other students and pro-
    a National Board Certified Teacher!                                motes a more unified school environment. Student
17. Ms. Nicole Childers, attended the National Youth                   Congress organizers included programming that will
    Leadership Forum on Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona.                  remind students that we are part of a larger communi-
    She was selected to participate in the forum based on              ty and that it is important to remember events such as
    her outstanding academic achievement, leadership                   9/11, Columbine, and Virginia Tech.
    abilities, and interest in the field of medicine. She is       30. The Fairborn High School News Hawk is available
    planning on becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic and a                online at:
    heart specialist! Congratulations Nicole!                
18. Ms. Alicia Adams, was selected as one of the top five          31. For the latest information about the FHS band be sure
    entries for the 2007 ASABE Multimedia Competition                  to visit
    for High School Students for the State of Ohio.                32. The Wright Campus has opened this year to provide a
    Congratulations to Alicia Adams!                                   wonderful “all day kindergarten” for all Fairborn stu-

    dents! This best practice will have educational reward         43. Mr. John Barr, 6th grade teacher, organized the St.
    for students, families, and the school district. We are            Jude Math-A-Thon. The event raised $1904.50 for the
    very happy to have this opportunity for our youngest               St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The 6th
    Skyhawks!                                                          graders received a plaque and two tickets to Six Flags
33. The Principals Reading Challenge has started at                    Theme park. Congratulations!
    Fairborn Intermediate School; students are encour-             44. Mary and Sean Morrison, students at Baker Middle
    aged to read and record their minutes each evening.                School, won the AFA scholarship to attend U.S. Space
    Students receive popcorn and other prizes at the end               Camp this summer. Congratulations Mary and Sean.
    of the year! Be sure to keep the kids reading!!                45. Our graduating class received over $5 million in schol-
34. Fairborn DARE officer, Mr. Bill Titley, is working with            arships and we have students attending the United
    FIS students on a service project for disaster relief in           States Air Force Academy, the University of Dayton,
    Putnam County, Ohio. Students are collecting items                 Ohio State University and many other colleges and
    and monetary donations for the community which                     universities across the United States!
    was wiped out due to recent flooding. Thank you                46. On April 21st, 2007, FIS students were recognized for
    Officer Titley for sharing the value of giving to others           National Youth Service Day in their completion of the
    in need with our FIS students!                                     school’s 2nd service learning project; since the end of
35. The PTO at FIS is sponsoring Market Day, Book Fairs,               February, 4th and 5th graders have been staying after
    and other fundraisers for the upcoming school year.                school with teacher and parent volunteers to write
    Meetings are at 6:30 p.m. in the FIS multi-purpose                 business letters and to make stuffed animals and
    room on November 15th, January 17th, March 6th,                    blankets. Sixty students volunteered to help with the
    and May 15th.                                                      project and they contributed over 306 hours to the
36. FIS Students recently participated in Are You Smarter              project. The students were able to donated 15 stuffed
    than a Fifth Grader sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi                    animals and 15 blankets, which were all made by our
    International Honor Society in Education at Wright                 students and volunteers.
    State University. Corey Gayheart, Pauline Humbert,             47. The Fairborn City School district received the
    David Butcher, Staci Jones, and Micah Nieder repre-                Community Award and a check for $250 for their float
    sented Fairborn well! The game was hosted by Dr.                   in the annual Fairborn 4th of July parade. Students
    Scott Graham, Associate Professor and Chair,                       and staff members worked together to design and
    Educational Leadership, College of Education and                   create the float!
    Human Services.                                                48. Fairborn VFW Post 526 provided Baker Middle School
37. The Mark Stinson, Gary Wright, and Whitey Liane golf               with new American flags. The flags were presented to
    outings help to support Fairborn Athletics and scholar-            students at the flagpole in front of Baker.
    ships. Be sure to look for information about these             49. Wright State University interns were welcomed in the
    special events which help our programs in the early                district with a meeting to meet the teachers and a bus
    spring and summer! Have fun and play golf while                    tour of Fairborn.
    supporting our Skyhawks!                                       50. Director of Business Affairs and Classified Personnel,
38. The Summer Police Academy was offered this year for                Mr. Ed Gibbons, received the Most Valuable
    6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Students learned                 Administrator from the School Nutrition Association
    about police work and crime scene investigation.                   and he received the Excellence in External Services
    Officer Bill Titley, our DARE officer, worked with the             award from the Education Department at Wright
    Fairborn Police Department to create this opportunity              State University.
    for Fairborn students.
39. Fairborn hosted the Elementary Fitness Challenge this
    year in April. Over 400 students participated in this          Bus Safety Taught
    event organized by our National Board Certified
    Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Betsy Burns.
40. Baker Middle School hosted Geek Week to help pre-
    pare middle school students for the Ohio Achievement
    testing week. Staff worked together to create a fun
    and educational environment for students to prepare
    for testing!
41. The Fairborn Education Foundation is up and run-
    ning; and many of the Fairborn scholarships are now a
    part of the foundation. Teacher grants are now avail-
    able from the Fairborn Education Foundation. The
    group was founded by many former Fairborn gradu-
    ates who want to help the school district and students!        Kindergarten students from the Wright campus learn about bus
42. Fairborn High School hosted a Boot Camp to prepare             safety from Fairborn bus driver, Ms. Pam Campbell. Ms.
    high school students for the Ohio Achievement testing!         Campbell and other staff members spent the morning with our
    FHS is rated Effective on the ODE report card!                 youngest Skyhawks teaching them about bus safety.

Fairborn City Schools
                                                                                           PRSRT STD
                                                                                          US POSTAGE
Board of Education                                                                        PERMIT #1315
                                                                                           DAYTON OH
306 E. Whittier Avenue
Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Ben Glenn; the Chalk Guy, creating his
artwork on WOEA day for Fairborn teachers.
Mr. Glenn’s motivational speech was uplift-
ing for the entire Fairborn staff.

           The 2007 yearbooks have arrived.              Market Day pick up dates:
         Yearbooks may be picked up anytime from              Pick-ups will be in the
             8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. in room 111.          5th grade cafeteria from 5-6pm

                        PTO meetings                   Wednesday, October 3
           (dates and times are subject to change):    Wednesday, October 31
                                                       Wednesday, December 5
             Thursday, November 15 at 6:30 pm
                                                       Wednesday, January 16
             in the Multi-Purpose Room
                                                       Wednesday, February 13
             Thursday, January 17 at 6:30 pm
                                                       Wednesday, March 12
             in the Multi-Purpose Room
                                                       Wednesday, April 16
             Thursday, March 6 at 6:30 pm
                                                       Wednesday, May 14
             in the Multi-Purpose Room
                                                       Wednesday, June 11
             PTO Officer Nominations
             Thursday, May 15 at 6:30 pm
             in the Multi-Purpose Room                Cookie Dough delivery will be on:
             PTO Officer Elections                           Thursday, October 11

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