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Tablet PC User Group
Why Tablet PCs?
What is a Tablet PC?
 A Tablet PC is device which runs a superset of
  the Windows XP Pro OS
    Allows pen input via TIP
 Variety of form factors and specifications
 Two broad categories
    Convertible
    Slate
Tablet Value Add
Improve Productivity
 Prevent double entry of notes
 Assign actions, create tasks on the fly
 Reduce time required to find notes
   Single location for handwritten notes
   Full Text Search of Digital Ink
 Make use of downtime
 Collaboration reducing iterations
Reduce Business Risk
 No lost notes
 Ability to record audio with notes
 Contextual information can be reviewed
 ‘Good Habits’ reduce risk of actions not
  being assigned
Improve Quality of Output
 Flow on effect from productivity & reduced
 Customer perception of quality
 Ink sometimes conveys a message better
  than text
Tablet Tradeoffs
Form Factor Restrictions
 Resolution
 Screen size
 Optical Drive
 Keyboard
 Weight
The Business Case
Determine Requirements
 Job Description
 KPIs
 Quantify common tasks
   E.g. 20% time in meetings
 Define work patterns
   Mobility requirements
How Does a Tablet Add Value – For
 Identify specific aspects that will add value
   Record handwritten notes in meetings
 Define how it will add value
   Improve productivity by X
   Reduce risk by Y
   Improve quality by Z
 Associate each of these with key aspects
  of your role
Identify Devices
 Determine minimums and must haves
 ID Laptops and Tablets
 Use existing corporate standards if suitable
 Compare like with like
Determine Price Differential

Differential = TabletPrice – LaptopPrice

Daily Dif. =    Differential
                WDY x RR
Estimate Value Added by Tablet
 Add X minutes of productive time per day
  (how much is your productive time worth)
 Cost of risk x likelihood = Value of Risk
   E.g. $20,000 x 0.5     = $10,000
   E.g. $20,000 x 0.25    = $5,000
 Increase quality
   Harder to quantify
   Often very intuitive
Mind Manager on a TabletPC
What is Mind Mapping?
 Graphical note taking
   Central Topic
   Branches of Subtopics
   Relationships
 Created by Tony Buzan in the '60s
 Traditionally paper-based
 Google it
What is MindManager?
 Application for creating Mind Maps
 Integrates with other applications
 Multi-layered Maps
 Modes
 Not only for Tablets
   Majority of 500,000+ users are on laptop or
 Tablet aware interface
Tablet Tricks

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