Tablet PC Users Meeting

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					Tablet PC Users Meeting
Present      Choinski, Dooley, Ewert-Meyers, Gomez-Huff, Hamilton, Jones, Lee,
             MacLachlan, Manners, McCaffrey, Parks, Pastrone, Peters, Povilus, Rossi,
             Rumbell, Shelden, Smith, Vandenheede

Joyce Lee – dual display – must be hooked up to an LCD projector, monitor, etc. – 2
desktops – Dino has directions written up about this. See below.

Dino Vandenheede - There is also a cheat sheet for the personally assigned LCD
projectors. Look for it when you check out one of the personally assigned projectors.

Mary Rumbell – going paperless – students e-mail assignments - pull Word document to
desktop – double click on document – ink document – save it – open e-mail (not web-
based version) – drag Word document back to attachment area

(Dino, Mark, & Judy Milosic – working on getting new access points)

Eleanor Jones – question about paperless…no proof of work – consensus of group –
make a folder to keep papers

Cam MacCaffrey – dice activity – recording possibilities – students engaged

Dino Vandenheede – demonstrated how to connect wirelessly

Eleanor Jones – anticipating is the greatest struggle

Stephanie Hamilton – the more you use the tablet the more you think to use the tablet for

Steve Parks – involve students in the inking – spelling words, D.O.L. on the screen

Stephanie Hamilton – scanned an entire book – PPT of book in student folders – using
Sophie cart – students completed an assignment - used inking abilities without having a
Tablet in PowerPoint.

Cheryl Choinski – wrote a recipe and e-mailed to son – he was not able to read the recipe,
he needed to have the same program to see it – Solution: make the file a PDF or turn it
into a picture, etc.

Dino Vandenheede – shared snipping tool – shared this during summer sharing session;
Suggestion: use the “gear icon” and make save as a jpeg the default – can also snip a
rectangle, whole page, or a dialogue box.

Chaise Ewert-Meyer – demonstrated how to use snipping tool on a map…inked directions.
To make a picture float in a Word document, double click on the picture and select the
“Layout” tab. Then, click the “In Front of Text” box. The image will now float on the page.
You can position it anywhere you want.

Dino Vandenheede – can download Screen Hunter from Faculty PD page for someone
that does not have a Tablet PC – downloads

Dino Vandenheede – 2 features to tweak machine –
      Press the Q button on the tablet.
      Select Power Options.
      Select Advanced tab.

      You may uncheck “prompt for password when computer resumes from standby”
      You may also select “Do nothing” from the “When I press the power button on my
      computer” pull down.

      Make sure that you shut the computer down or on standby before putting it away or
      the tablet will over heat in the carrying bag.
Using Dual Displays with PowerPoint Presentations

1. Connect to the LCD projector.
2. What type of computer are you using?
   a) If using a Tablet PC, press the Presentation Mode
   Button (shown right). Then press the Dual Display

  b) If using a Dell Laptop, right mouse button click on an empty part of the
  desktop and select “properties.” Then pick “Settings” tab. Select the “2.
  Plug and Play…” display and check “Extend my Windows desktop onto
  this monitor.” Press Apply.
3. In PowerPoint, select Slide Show Set Up Show. Then select, “Monitor
   2…” in the pull down for “Display slide show on.” Checking “Show
   Presenter View” will give you many nice features such as being able to
   read the note section of your presentation. Finally click, “Apply.”

4. When you are done, you can undo step 2 to return your display back to