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					X210L – Tablet PC
One Integrated Lighter, Faster, Longer Lasting Solution
Key Features
• Built on the NEW Intel Atom Processor
• 10.2" Wide screen XGA - Toughened glass option
• Slim and lightweight design
• Semi rugged – commercial bezel options for dust and water resistance
• Support for Windows® Vista, XPe
• WLAN, built-in Bluetooth, connectivity
• Extended operation through enhanced battery options

The X210L compact tablet has been developed to meet the highly demanding market for commercially deployable
tablet PC’s with functionality appropriate for high demand volume user, with options for extended battery
performance to 8hrs, limited or custom button or I/O port options. The device is designed to ensure easy
handling and low failure rate in the hands of corporate staff, the general user and public access locations, with a
competitive pricing structure, based on the latest in Intel technology.

The X210L handheld terminal is ideal for many commercial applications, such as:
    •   Retail                                  •   Warehouse                              •       Logistics
    •   Education                               •   Manufacturing                          •       Inventory management
    •   Healthcare                              •   Hospitality                            •       Home automation

    •   Rugged case solutions, with integrated USB 3G/GPRS.

    •   Toughened glass screen

    •   Semi rugged splash proof front bezel

    •   Rubber grips

    •   Carry handle

    •   Integrated desk stand

    •   Spare Batteries                                   •       Multi device charging stations

    •   Battery chargers                                  •       VESA wall mounting kit

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CPU:          Atom N270 Diamondville                I/O Devices:             Wireless 3945 B/G Network
                                                                             Connection (Mini-PCle)
              “533 MHz FSB, 512KB L2 Cache N270
              (1.6G)”                                                        10/100 Fast-Ethernet (RJ45)
Major chipsets: Core Logic:945GSE+ICH7-M            I/O Ports:               1*DC-IN Jack
              VGA GSE 945 Integrated                                         1*Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Audio:        High Definition Audio                                          1*Stereo Mic Jack
Memory:       1*SODIMM Slot, Double channel                                  3*4-pin USB 2.0 Port
              DDR2 667                                                       1*Cardbus PC Card or new card
              2GB Maximum(512MB default
                                                                             1*D-Sub 15 Monitor out
Battery:      Re-chargeable Lithium Ion Battery
              Pack (Prismatic Cell)                                          1*LAN RJ45
              32.56W (at least 2.5 -3 hr)           Colour:                  White or Black
              75W (at least 6.5hr Option)                                    Volume custom option
Storage:      80GB 2.5” “9.5mm height 5400 RPM      Dimensions:              252(L) x 192(W) x 28(H-min.) 35(H-
              SATA Ultra DMA                                                 max.) standard battery
Video:        945GSE (Simultaneous and multi-       Weight:                  2.6Lbs---1.18kg
                                                    Regulatory:              FCC Class B, CE, UL, C-tick, RoHS
Screen:       10.2” XGA TFT (1024*600) Touch                                 compliant
              Toughened Glass screen option
                                                    Operating Temperature:                            0C - 40C
Camera:       1.3M USB Camera
                                                    Humidity:                                         0% - 90% non-
Audio:        Built in Stereo Speaker*2(High                                                          condensing
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