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This is a Template suggestion for a letter to by robpearson


									This is a Template suggestion for a letter to be sent to the specialists rooms, in case of repetitive occurrences of referral letters
fax requests. (Westgate Division Of General Practice )

                                     (Insert Clinic Logo and Contact details)

Dear Specialist

It has come to our attention that many patients attend specialists’ appointments
without taking their referral document to the initial consultation. This is generating a
lot of wasted valuable time, requiring specialists’ staff to call GP practices, requesting
a faxed copy of the referral, as well as GP staff retrieving the referral copy, getting the
GP approval and faxing the document.

In order to coordinate our efforts to reduce the number of these occurrences, we
would like to suggest the following:

          Our GPs and staff will inform the patient to take the referral letter to the
           appointment as a requirement, when issuing the referral
          If the appointment is made from the GP practice, our staff will write the
           appointment time and date on the actual referral letter envelope in order to
           prompt the patient to take it to the appointment.
          When a specialist receptionist makes or confirms an appointment with a
           patient, it is important that the patient is reminded to bring the referral letter to
           the appointment, since this is usually the last contact with the patient before
           the appointment time
          It is acknowledged that most receptionists in GP rooms and specialists rooms
           are already implementing these suggestions, however it may be of benefit to
           monitor newly recruited staff, and all staff performance during extremely busy
           periods in both the GP and specialist practices. A reminder during staff
           meeting may also be a helpful suggestion

We would also appreciate any feedback or any other suggestions that you would like
to communicate to us through our Practice Manager

Best Regards

The Clinic

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