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Report to leadership

To:    Leadership team

From: Coordinator, [name of culture of health effort]

cc:    Employee advisory committee members

Re:    Annual report on employee health improvement

      The employee health improvement priorities this past year have been to reduce employee
      tobacco use and to increase the availability of fresh fruit in our vending machines.

Key Strategies and Outcomes:
     Reduce tobacco use:
     In May we implemented our tobacco-free campus policy and we have been strongly
     promoting the availability of the stop-smoking program to employees. As a result, 87
     employees and 21 dependents enrolled in the stop-smoking program in 2007, up
     significantly from the 24 employees and 2 dependents who enrolled in 2006.

      Increase availability of fresh fruit:
      We have re-negotiated the contract with Vendco, and they will be doubling the quantity of
      fruit available in the vending machines beginning in January of 2008. Thanks to an
      approved budget, we will be subsidizing the cost of fruit: It will be offered to employees
      for 25 cents a piece. We expect that the availability and decreased price will result in
      increased employee consumption of fruit vs. less healthy snacks. Vendco will help us
      collect data on sales during the upcoming year.

      Obtaining data for future assessment and measurement:
      We will be offering employees an incentive to complete a Health Risk Assessment via our
      health plan next fall and will be able to compare those new HRA data to previous
      measures of employee health behaviors.

Additional data and details of our 2007-2008 plan are attached. Please contact me with any
questions or suggestions.

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