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					                             SAMPLE LETTER

Honorable___The Name of your Congressman and Senator______________

United States Senate or House of Representatives______________________

Washington, D.C. 20510 (Senate) 20515 (House)______________________

Dear Congressman/Senator______Doe:______________________________

       Recently I have been notified that the Weather Observation facility located at
____City and State_______________________ is being transitioned to an automated
system known as “Automated Surface Observing System” (ASOS). This transition
comes on the heels of a moratorium on the implementation of the system, because of its
inability in reporting accurate weather information, i.e.,ceiling, visibility, wind direction
and speed, temperature, dew point, pressure etc. While the FAA is indicating that these
problems no longer exist, on the contrary as a certified weather observer (and/or
meteorologist) or Air Traffic Controllers I can state that is not the case.

       The fact of the matter is there has been no improvement in regard to the consistent
reliability and/or accuracy of the ASOS reporting. It appears that once again the FAA
and the NWS are placing priority on economics rather than the safety of the flying public
and others it is responsible to serve.

       I respectfully request that you demand hearings be held on the subject and further
propose that no transition take place until there is clear and convincing evidence with
respect to the accuracy and reliability of this equipment. There is no justification to
substitute trial and error for the human mind and at the expense of human life.

       Please feel free to call so we may further discuss this urgent matter.