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									Common Questions                                   Contact Information
Q. How can I get more information on               Apprenticeship Division
   apprenticeship opportunities?                   Louisiana Workforce Commission
A. To find out more about the apprenticeship        P. O. Box 
   program call -- or visit the

                                                                                                                            EARN as
                                                   Baton Rouge, LA -
   Louisiana Workforce Commission Web
   site at www.LAWORKS.net.
                                                   -- phone
Q. Are apprentices actually employed?
A. Yes, apprentices are full-time employees of
   the company to which they are apprenticed.
                                                   www.LAWORKS.net                                                           you LEARN
Q. What are the minimum qualifications?
A. Individuals seeking an apprenticeship
   must be at least  years of age; have a high
   school diploma or GED; and be capable of
   performing job-related skills tests to
   validate an ability to do the work.

Q. What rate of pay can
   apprentices receive?
A. Average starting
   wage is about 
   –  per hour
   with increases upon
   satisfactory completion
   of work assignments
   and training. When you
   complete the program, you
   will be earning a full wage.

                                                   An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program
                                                   Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to
                                                   individuals with disabilities • TDD --
                                                                                                                            Apprenticeship Division
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ap•pren•tice                                 How does Apprenticeship Work?                                          Benefits of Apprenticeship
                                                Apprenticeship is a training system, based                          • Nationally-recognized Certificate of
  A qualified person of legal working age
                                             on a written agreement with an employer,                                 Completion of Apprenticeship
  who enters into a written agreement with   through which a skilled craft or trade can be
  an employer to learn a skilled trade.      learned on the job.                                                    • Increase marketability and job security.
                                                                                                                    • High-wage opportunities that meet or
                                                 Related training,                                                    exceed those of college graduates.
ap•pren•tice•ship                            a required part of the
                                             appretniceship program,                                                • No tuition costs or student loans
  A system of on-the-job training            is the classroom                                                       • Challenging and interesting work in a
  and related instruction to acquire         element. It includes                                                     wide range of occupations
  occupational skills and knowledge.         theory, principles and                                                 • Comprehensive career training combining
                                             technical knowledge                                                      on-the-job training with classroom
                                             required for the job.                                                    instructions

  Apprenticeable Occupation                  Benefits of Apprenticeship                                              Finding the Right Job
    Nationally, there are more than             Apprenticeship is a proven training                                    If you want an opportunity to earn while
     recognized occupations.              strategy that improves the skills of the                               you learn, and gain the qualifications that
                                             Louisiana workforce.                                                   could lead to a career, then you may be
    An apprenticeable occupation
                                                                                                                    interested in apprenticeship.
    is learned through a                        Becoming an apprentice offers the
    structured program                       opportunity to build a career and find                                    Apprenticeship combines practical
                                             high-quality employment                                                work with structured training to give you
    of supervised on-the-
                                             in occupations that are in                                             nationally recognized qualifications and
    job training; is clearly                 demand.                                                                experience you need for a quality career.
    identified and commonly
                                                Take the first step to a
    accepted throughout the
                                             higher paying job and a better
    industry; requires ,                 quality of life—call us or visit
    hours of work experience                 our Web site today at www.
    to learn; requires related               LAWORKS.net.
    supplemental instruction;
    and involves the
    development of manual,                      Occupations
    mechanical and technical                       To find out what businesses are accepting applications, visit www.LAWORKS.net.
    skills, broad enough
    to be applicable in like                       Some of the many training opportunities available include:
                                                   A/C Refrigeration, Barber, Carpenter, Culinary Arts/Cook, Electrician, Elevator Constructor, Instrument
    occupations in                                 Technician, Ironworker, Marine Electrician, Millwright, Operating Engineer, Painter, Piledriver, Plumber, Roofer,
    an industry.                                   Telecommunications Technician, Tool Maker, Truck & Trailer Repairer, Welder/Pipefitter

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