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Background on Ethical Decision Making in a Disaster 102707 by kwt12236


									Background on Ethical Decision Making in a Disaster 10/27/07

The State Expert Panel on Disaster Ethics is pleased to present to you for your review and
comment the document, "Ethical Decision Making in a Disaster". This is a draft that is intended
to be reviewed over the next few months by healthcare professionals before it is distributed
more widely. Eventually key messages from this document will be made available to the general

Please distribute this document widely within your organization, including
Administration, Department Directors and Managers, Medical Staff, your hospital
Ethics Committee and to all employees, who may have an interest in these ethical

This document is not yet intended for the general public. The State Expert Panel desires to
receive comments from healthcare professionals before key messages from this document are
shared with the general public.

Please note that there are two attachments - the ethics document itself and a worksheet with
instructions on how to offer your comments.

Dennis J. Tomczyk
Director, Hospital Emergency Preparedness
Wisconsin Division of Public Health
1 West Wilson Street, Room 250
PO Box 2659
Madison, WI 53701-2659
608-266-3128 (office)
608-220-6503 (cell)
608-267-2832 (FAX)

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