Anyone for the Christian Conservative Party

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					The Conservative Christian Party
Ok I think we've had enough. Let's start our OWN PARTY:

The Christian Conservative Party (or would that be the Conservative Christian Party?)
Any takers??
Let's hash out the tenets... here are some of my ideas...


1. ONLY JESUS SAVES. This is unequivocal.
2. Christians MUST impact our nation for good in enacting Godly legislation.
3. Christians must be advocating and electing Biblical candidates in every area of
4. Must stand for life from the womb to the tomb.

Definition of what is a Biblical Candidate:
1. Must stand firmly on the tenets. NO WAFFLING.
2. Must stand firmly on the Bible (WEB/NASB/ASV/KJV)
3. Must hold firmly to what sin is as defined in the Ten Commandments.
4. Must be absolutely and clearly identified as a Christian, as defined in the Westminster
Larger Catechism []
5. Must hold to the Godly standard of leadership as defined in scripture for a Bishop as
listed in …

What else? Give me your ideas...

Patrick J Burwell /