February                                                                         THE. CHRISTIAN                        CONSERVATOR.
Ie train.          On           to the aDnual cODfereDces. We· are further of the         ever, and June 22nd, iu the Church of Santa                 A telegram received at Shangha
      tl,re need~d.             opinion that some provision should be made for            Maria, in Rome, he read his recantation in these          ICilsng. announces that Chinese in
cburch is set                   at least a small amouDt of fUDds to pay the Deces­        words: "I, Galileo, OD' my heDded knees before            tured the city of Chang Lo, Janu
                                                                                                                                                    1899. They murdered the district
vbicb we will                   aary expeDses of its operatioD. The lessoDs ap­           your Eminences, in the seventieth year of my              otber officials, put to death severa
 in the Cily of                 pear to be good ... prepared and puhlished, and            age, having before my eyes and touchiDg with             aDd killed many Dative Christians
I  puwer frum                   Ibould bear fruit to edificatioD and aalvatioD.            my bands the Holy Gospels, do curse and detest
                                                                                          .the heresy of the earth's movemeDtI" He rose to
 ceive power,                                                                              his feet, aDd UDder tbe weight of aD eDlightened            The Chicago Record aDDOUDC·
Jon you."           1            Near tbe close of last year, Bishop Wright com­          conscience, he exclaimed, -.' It 'fflQ/Jt3/" In two       teorlaDce at tbe Odd Fellows lod
'y preaching                    mUDicated lome facts, takeD from the old IndiaDa          words he renounced bis" recantation. Rome is in­          isfactory. and that in some loc~J
                                conference journal, concerning the ministry of            tolerant, and in matters of reHgioD are in great          bership i. declining. Tbe Odd Fe
<)wisdom, but.
                                Rev. Aaron Farmer, to his danghter, Mrs. Sarah            error, as they were as to the eartb..                      a Dursery in ajuvenile lodge to
·f power, thaI.                                                                                                                                     tbeir prestige and lost fortuoes.
.e wisdom of                    Ann Smith, of Biggs, California. Acknowledg­
                                iDg its receipt, she wrote him, J aDuary 20th, as            Our hrethren have triumpbed in tbeir property
  is r,herefore                                                                           rights at Harmony OD KeDton missio"D, Auglaize
ost is needed,                  follows:                                    .'            coDference. The Liberals tried to remove tbe
t how is tbis                      "Your letter is received, aDd I am very glad to        fur-Diture of die church. Tbey put an iDjuDctioD
                                                                                          on it forbiddiDg our b,rethren to use the church;           Rev. A. J. Stemen i. engaged in
: be emptied                    get it. I had read the meDtion made of my                                                                           Elida, Ohio.
                                                                                          they locked it aDd advertised it for sale. It was
·m fur It. A                    father, in the Church History, hut was glad to            supposed to be sold, aDd tbey were about to move            Dr. Flickinger returned to H
1 from secret                   get those additioual items. concerning his min­           it away. Brother MOOD, on wbose grouDd the                Saturday iD I(ood health and spirit
ity before the                  istry, wbich you have copied from the cODference          bouse was built, brought suit and secured the
                                                                                          property, and has gi\'.en us a lease of ninety· nine        Our brethren are building a cb
 be filled with                 jourDai. I am still living close to Jesus, and en­                                                                  Gilson circuit in Rock River confer
                                joy his preseDce daily. My health is poor. The            years OD it. The Liberals do not always succeed
   Dvt" answer.                                                                           in robbing us of our property.                               M. Faure. the President of Fra
  an agoDY he                   sixty-seven years that I have lived are heavy on                                                                    week and M. Loubet was elected
I liThe effect­                  me DOW. A serious spell of 111. grippe left ail­
                                                                                            The heavenly state of felicity is beyond all               Rev. C. Weimer held quarterly
DaD   availeth                   ments which I sha1l not lay by until I layoff this       human estimate, of the most far-reacl~ing, intelli·       Etna Avenue U. B. Church last S
rbe ,upplic~.                   !lIortal, and put on immortality. '-rhen I shall be       gent mind.       No represeDtatioD by Milton;       or    city.
much in its                      young agaiD, and shall meet the loved ODes­              comparison to earth's most      favcr~d   scenery can        Mrs. B. C~ Sholl, of Banner City
                                                                                          adequately adumbrate the City of God, the better          for which she is thankful. The ch
:evailed On to                   father and all-iD the world where there is no
                                                                                          land. We mnst pass the portal to know the place;          been revived.
~arn~t hea.rt                   weariness.                                                we must partake of its bilss by actual experieDce
 delermine to                     "My husband was not a Christian when you                to know it. When our enraptured eyes shall see               Rev. U. Miller has succeeded wc
                                were here; but in 1890 he sought 'and found the           the place, our feet walk on its streets, we breathe       at Stringtown,      Auglaize confer
 elped spirit,,­                                                                                                                                    were coDverted and eil(hteen ioiDed
                                Savior, and is DOW a bright Cbristian. He is              its air, and realize what it is to be forever with
 id. P,alw 5l.                                                                            God, p~vil!ioned in heaven, we will rejoice with
                                now seveDty years old, and is liviog for the h9ur                                                                     Rev. C. B. McDaniel, of G'erman
 ine iniquity,                                                                            exceedlOg JOY.                                            ports that his wife. who has been
I P.alm 51: 7­                  when the Master ahall call him home. I bave                                                                         weeks, is now recov"riDg aDd likel
 all be clean;                  lost ODe boy siDce you were here. He died iIi                As the locomotive cannot run without steam
                                                                                          power, the clock without its mainspring, so the             Rev. J. T. Holmes, of Hartford
      snowj ma"ke               peace. The other boys are at home. Ooe ha.                                                                          has beeD eDgaged in a successful
                                been crippled for some time.                              church caunot rUD without the Holy Spirit.
e hones which                                                                             Electric currents OD the muscles of the dead frog         eral were converted and eight join
.ide thy face                     "The weather has been rainy of late-just what           ma.y produce motion where there is no life, 80              We learn through Professor A
 ne iniquitiel:i.               we needed-and the farmers are in good cheer.              some churches may work up a kiud of motion                that his fatber, Bishop Barnahy, w
     and renew a                  "May God pour out abuDdant showers of grace              without life, but it is a u-eless expenditure of an      a time duriDg.the winter with la g
                                OD his people. May he bless you in your great              artificial force. Real spiritual life is quite a dif­    recovered.
 way from thy                                                                              fereut thiDg. Life from regeneration aDd power
                                work.   Please write me again when you can, for                                                                          Rev. G. Wil!On has assisted Rev
 irit frolD me.                                                                            from the Spirit is real chnrch life.                     in   8   meeting on Hartford circuit
 salvation and                  your letter bas cheered me mucb."                                                                                   conference.     He preached the Wo
 I   will I teach                                                                            Dr. Chiniquy, the reformed priest who died re­         and souls were eaved.
   shall be con-                   Rev. DaDiel Steel, D. D., of Milton, Mass., is          ceDtly in MODtreal, refused to be visited by Arch­          Charles Sever's wife died rec,n
  Ie empty out                   known··... a most earnest, eDlighte~ed ChristiaD.         bishop Bronchesi, when he was near unto d\:ath.          more, Ohio. She was tbe daugh
                                                                                           Some have criticised him for this refusal, but he        friend, Tazwell Hizey. Rev. C. .Il
 .thfully, pray                  He is a .burDing aDd a ahiniDg light. He gives            deserves commendation for it. If he had ad­              called OD to preach the funeral.
   of the world,                 the followiDg testimoDY as to the lodge: "The case        mitted him the Romao church would have re­
 ilb the Holy                    o!'the great .oath·bound secret orgaDizatioD.8 is         ported that he recante'd, aud turued from Protes·        . Timothy Wilfong, of KaDsa_, w
                                                                                           taDtism. He' showed hi. siDcerity and good               iDterested in securiog the paymen
 :11. pentecostal                mO're serious.   The solemn promise of secrecy                                                                     the Publishing House, and will
                                                                                           judgment by his conduct.
 'd and' souJ.                   may become a SDare difficult to break when some                                                                    much afllicled, but loves tbe CoN
                                 criIl'e has been committed which the lodge con­                                                                    the Church.
                                                                                             Judge Williams of the Snpreme court of PeDD­
                                 dones aDd voles to conceal. Another more subtle           sylvanis, died JaDuary the 29,b, 1899, at the               Dr. .T. K: Alwood preached t
                                 snare is in the religious forms which may be              CODtiDental Hotel in Philadelphia. He was one            Josiah O.good, about the last of
 .ssociation.                                                                                                                                       Brother Osgood w&s a most fa
                                 easily mistaken· for vital ChristiaDity. MaDyare          of the judges who decided agaiDst ns. Tbe papers
                                                                                           say of bim: "Judge Williams was prominent in             member of the clJurch on Morenci
     'to tbe YOUDg               trusting in MasoDry, Oddfellowship, or some other                                                                  Ohio conference.
                                                                                           the Masonic frsternity and was recently elected
 ider      SOIDe   ern·          like society, for salvation. The prayer meetiog           Right Worsbipful Grand Master of tbe GraDd                  Rev. J. W. Gossett, of tbe Oreg
                                                                                                                                                     has been baving a good ~eeting n

 vhich we pub­                   is neglected to attend the lodge, and thus 'the           Lodge of PeDnsylvania!'
                                ·love of m1t.ny waxes cold.'   To draw church mem­                                                                   in Wtl8bin~ton. Several were s
  cOq:Iwittee is                                                                                                                                     member thi's brother kiDdly, and
 )&y postage h.                  bers into tbe lodge, tbe fee of the pastor is omitted,      ID the testimoDY of W. J. Shuey in the Michi­          geniously we took t1im into Lhe co
 The people do                   and he is admitted scotlree, as a stool·pilleon.· I       Kftn case, he was asked as to the circulation of the
                                                                                                                                                         Rev. W. W. KDipple, ti,e Pres
 d by-laws can                   bave met maDY of these, but I bave Dever heard            Religirrus Tel..cupe from 1886 to 1888. .He aD­           East Illinois conference, has see
                                 one of them testify that he h ad found the lodge a        swered from 8,000 to 11,000 and 12,000. Before            under the sun. The Elder and h
 lle zeal in or­                                                                           the commission plan originated at Fostoria in
      cowmiLtee of               meaDS of groace.   Some of them have ceased to                                                                      each a handsome present, donated
                                                                                           1885' the circulation of t.he Telw:upe was 12,000.        cuit. WhX not make donation
     ey t)eeID to     be.        atteDd because the atmosphere was too chilly for          When it fan down to 8,000 under commission                Elders? Even the editor of the Co
      society in tue             tbeir spiritual life. With tears coursiDg down            pre,ssure they' lost one-third of their subscribers.
                                                                                                                                                     ceived a present of a beautiful, su
     , ale read by               his cheeks, ODe preacher \Old me that he ODce                                                                       coat from our good b'ethren in B
     ,11. like to help          .enjoyed perfect love. aDd that he knew the hour             The question of the expansion of our territorial        whicb is much appreciated.
                                 wben he lost thi! pearl of great price. It was            domain is before Congress and a vote has been               Rev. J. H. Grim, the faithful
     ut one particle                                                                       taken on it.. Some favor it, some are opposed.
                                 wbeu he was initiated into an oath-bouu'd society                                                                   in Rock River conference, wriles u
      e. No means                                                                          The questioD of the expaDsioD of the church               is goiDg forward in Rock River co
     )uld fiDd faul t            of very high staDdiDg. 'TheD,' said he, 'the              should be coDsidered. Ou tbis there can be but            of lhe brethren have beeD hiDder
       some one had              abiding Comforter left me.' I caDDot assert that          one opinion.     Neglected cities and rural districts,    iD holdinl( their meelings. But
                                 h would be a siD for anybody else, but with such          and heathen Dations should be evaDgelized, ane.           hormony and co-operation betwee
     of the c"mmit­                                                                        brought to. Christ.
                                 light'as I have, it would be a siD for me to be in­                                                                 aDd members throughout the cO
     ~r:sburg, Penn­
                                                                                                                                                     fiDaDces are better tbaD last
     ~a, MichiRan,               itiated into an oath-bouDd secret order."                                                                           Grimm is. strongly urgiDg our p
                                                                                              Tbe Odd Fellows have their griefs witb other
      icbigaD. CaD­                                                                        classes of mankind. They erecled a mamm9th                Rllccess depends on our 8piritualit
     ittle, a~d show               When Gaiileo proclaimed that the earth re­              temple aL Broad and Cherry streets, Philadelphi~,         ity to lhe diviDe will.
     societies oper­             volves, tbe Church of ~me, which is generally             Pa. Many of the lodges oi the slate invested as              Rev. Robert Harlow is succ
                                 on the wrong side of moral and scieDtific quo.­           loaDS surplus mODey. The temple did DOt             Warrington Missiou, White Riv
        of the above                                                                       pay, and was sold for debt, aDd the partiea and
                                 tions, demanded that he recant and renounce his                                                                    .At ODe place several Liberal U
        is running, or                                                                     lodges that made loaDS to it lost their money.            were con vened. A t another plJ
        it, for it. seems        theory. No plea of Galileo' would satisfy the                                                                       twenty persons into the church, si
      ~ more enoour·             Pope. OD June 21st, 1632, he was brought to                 The Hull army reor/(anizatiou bill has passed           to us from the Liberal church.
      Properly regu­             face the implements of torture and death. These           the lower House of Conl(I'ess, abolishiDg th..            are riot dead and lodged, or can
                                 he must- endure or recant.       He was a man of          army canteen, aDIl has gone to the Seuate. It is          iDto life, aDd will obey 2 ('",rinth
       good could be                                                                                                                                 take them intQ the old church, w
                                 seventy years; be felt be could DOt eDdure torture        reported tbat the Senate committee will report
      y. We are of                                                                         agoinst its 'pMs8/(e by the Seriate. The liq uor          adjust to tbe chaDges of the world
        be recognized            anct cruel death, and therelore said, I recant/"
                                                                                           power bas labored with th.em. We will see what            tbe Scripture plan of separation, a
     :d be reported              Hia verbal re.caDtation would not answer, how-            the Senate will do.                                       tion.

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