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					insert date

Mr. Dave Cox
Division Administrator
Federal Highway Administration
530 Center Street N.E.
Salem, OR 97301


                Hwy         at MP
                        County, Oregon
                Key #

Dear Mr. Cox,

Enclosed is a draft cover letter and Biological Assessment (BA) to initiate formal consultation under
section 7(a)(4) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

After evaluating the potential effects, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Environmental
Services, concluded that the proposed action described herein would result in more than a negligible
probability of adverse effects to the insert ESU name and insert secondary ESU name if appropriate
Evalutionarily Significant Unit (ESUs). Therefore, we have made a determination of may affect, likely
to adversely affect for this ESU.

ODOT has provided a draft cover letter to FHWA to accompany the BA for the proposed action. The
cover letter and BA need to be submitted to NMFS or USFWS requesting formal consultation.

Please send the enclosed cover letter and BA to NMFS or USFWS as soon as possible. ODOT needs
regulatory concurrence by insert advanced plans date in order to let the contract. If you need further
assistance or additional information, please contact Adam Roberts of my staff at (503) 986-2652 or by
email at


(insert Technical Center Environmental Manager’s name)
Regin X Tech Center Environmental Manager

Attachment:             Biological Assessment for
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Copies with attachment:

Adam Roberts, Region Biologist, ODOT Environmental Services
Michelle Eraut, Environmental Engineer, FHWA
      , Region Tech Center Manager’s Name
      , Construction Project Manager, ODOT
      , Project Leader, ODOT
      , Region Permit Specialist, ODOT
      , Region Environmental Coordinator, ODOT
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