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									                                                       CompTIA A+ Certification
                                                         Information Sheet

                                           The CompTIA A+ Certification validates that the successful candidate has
                                           the important knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure,
                                           network, and troubleshoot personal computer systems in a professional
Program Highlights
                                           Career Opportunities
                                           The CompTIA® A+ certification is the industry standard validating the
Aspiring individuals who are looking
for a starting point to a career path in   vendor-neutral skills expected of an entry-level computer technician.
the IT industry.

PREREQUISITES:                             Humber Certificate
                                           A Humber Certificate is granted to students who successfully complete
Start Date: May 6/2008                     the CompTIA A+ program with an overall average of 60% or greater.
    Times: Tues. & Thurs.
            6:30-10 p.m.
    Hours: 80                              Humber Learning Process
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                                           Humber is dedicated to delivering high quality certification programs with
For course descriptions browse to:         the main goal of helping students get the most from their training in order
.ca/it/.                                   to help prepare them for successful careers or job advancements. Our

                                           stimulating classroom environment is led by highly qualified instructors
  • Online course materials                with years of industry experience. Instructors deliver the course material
  • Tool kit
Fee does not include exam vouchers.        using CompTIA certified curriculum and bring real-world problems into the
MORE INFORMATION:                          course to help apply the technology covered. Instructor-led training is

Web Access                                 augmented by software tools which assist the students in achieving their
                                           goals and to help prepare for CompTIA certification exams. Separate
By Phone
Paul MacDonell
                                           benches are provided so that students are free to assemble and
416-675-6622 ext. 5614
                                           disassemble the equipment in a truly hands-on lab environment.

                                                     CompTIA A+ Certification
                                                          Track Sheet
CompTIA A+ candidates are required to pass two exams; a CompTIA A+ Essentials exam and a CompTIA A+ IT
Technician exam. Training for both exams is covered in course ITCE 100 as shown below. For more information on
exam centers, fees, and schedules, visit

                                      TRAINING:                                                                EXAMS:
    STEP ONE   ►                      ITCE 100: CompTIA A+ Essentials                                          220-601: CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam
    CompTIA A+ Essentials
                                      Topic Summary:
                                      Cables, Connectors & Technologies                                         Exam Content Breakdown:
                                      Cases, Keyboards and pointing devices                                     Personal Computer Components                    21%
                                      Power Supplies & System boards                                            Laptop and Portable Devices                     11%
                                      BIOS, Processor & Memory                                                  Operating Systems                               21%
                                      Hard drives, Floppy drives and other devices                              Printers and Scanners                            9%
                                      SCSI, Video & Modems                                                      Networks                                        12%
                                      Troubleshooting & Preventative Maintenance                                Security                                        11%
                                      Printers and Scanners                                                     Safety and Environmental Issues                 10%
                                      Networking Basics                                                         Communication and Professionalism                 5%
                                      Communication and Professionalism
                                                                  AND                                                                          AND
    STEP TWO    ►                     ITCE 100: CompTIA A+ IT Technician                                        220-602: CompTIA A+ IT Technician Exam
    CompTIA A+ IT
    Technician                        Topic Summary:
                                      O/S Basics                                                                Exam Content Breakdown:
                                      Windows XP/2000 Structure                                                 Personal Computer Components                    18%
                                      File Systems                                                              Laptop and Portable Devices                       9%
                                      Installations & Upgrades                                                  Operating Systems                               20%
                                      Boot Environment                                                          Printers and Scanners                           14%
                                      Drivers, Applications & Printers                                          Networks                                        11%
                                      Troubleshooting & Viruses                                                 Security                                          8%
                                      Networking and Communication                                              Safety and Environmental Issues                   5%
                                      Safety and Environmentalism                                               Communication and Professionalism                15%


Below is a summary of when the CompTIA A+ course is being offered and at what cost.

    Course                                   Course Name                                        Spring 2008               Fall 2008           Winter 2008                Fees
    ITCE 100       CompTIA A+ Certification                                                              X                      X                      X              $1359.75

        Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning reserves the right to modify or cancel any course, program option, fee, timetable or campus location at any time.

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