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					                                               Pennsylvania College of Technology impacts lives across the commonwealth
                                               and the nation.
                                                  The Pennsylvania State University president’s declaration to state lawmakers in
                                               2006 confirmed Penn College’s place in Penn State and Pennsylvania history. It put
                                               our efforts into perspective. A commitment to excellence and persistence in achieving
                                                 our mission is making a difference.
                                                       In 2005-06, one example stands out among many that give evidence of that

“It may be the single                               difference. Penn College assumed the overall management and administration of
                                                      the state’s largest worker-training program and opened a Harrisburg location to

greatest success story
                                                       administer the program.
                                                          After serving for six years as one of 33 higher-education workforce-
                                                        development organizations in the Workforce & Economic Development

   at Penn State in                                     Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA), Penn College was selected to manage
                                                       the nationally-recognized Guaranteed Free Training Program – a major

  modern history.”
                                                       component of Gov. Edward G. Rendell’s overall workforce-development
                                                     investment package.
                                                        Funded by the Department of Community and Economic Development,
   Penn State President Graham B. Spanier,        WEDnetPA – now under the management of Penn College Workforce Development
    speaking about Penn College before the      & Continuing Education – administers $18 million to $20 million annually to 2,000
                   state Legislature in 2006   Pennsylvania companies that provide free training to their 100,000 employees.
                                                  For Penn College to become the recognized leader in this important effort for the
                                               future of Pennsylvania is a milestone in our history. We have gained recognition as the
                                               state’s premier technical college.

                                               To find out if your company is eligible for WEDnet PA funding, visit or

 “ hetrainingprovidedthroughthisinitiativehelpskeep
   Pennsylvania’sbusinessescompetitiveintoday’sglobaleconomy.”                                                    Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour
    Developing the Local Economy
    Locally, Penn College – the third-largest employer in Lycoming County,
    according to the state Center for Workforce Information and Analysis – is a partner
    in economic development as a sponsor of the Williamsport/Lycoming Keystone
    Innovation Zone.
       Funded across the state by the Department of Community and Economic
    Development, KIZs support the efforts of individuals and businesses with inventions,
    new products, and/or innovative ideas for transferring technology into work
    processes and products.
       The local KIZ acts as an incubator, bringing new opportunities to the forefront
    in Lycoming County through a partnership with the city of Williamsport, the
    Industrial Modernization Center, the West Branch Manufacturers Association,
    the Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, Lycoming College and Penn

                                                                                                                       “ elpingtostemtheflowof
    Contracts were awarded in May for construction of a $4.87 million Center for Business                               braindrain...isoneofthe
    & Workforce Development, to house offices for Penn College Workforce Development
    & Continuing Education, as well as the Penn State Center for Continuing & Distance                                  majorgoals”oftheKIZs.
    Education at Penn College, the Williamsport/Lycoming KIZ, and the Industrial                                                                        Vincent J. Matteo,
    Modernization Center.*                                                                                                                         executive director of the
                                                                                                                              Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce
    Robert Feaster Corp., Northumberland, with a bid of $3.3 million, was named general
    contractor for the new center. Other contracts were awarded to R&J Ertel Inc.,
    Williamsport, plumbing, $208,000; Spencer Mechanical Inc., Williamsport, heating,
    ventilation and air conditioning, $598,000; TRA Electric Inc., Watsontown, electrical,
    $599,000; and Johnson Controls Inc., Camp Hill, facility management, $166,000.
                                                                                                                        Brain drain:
    Murray Associates Architects of Harrisburg designed the facility, which also includes                               thedepartureofeducatedorprofessionalpeople
    laboratories and faculty offices for the college’s electronics program.                                             fromonecountry,economicsector,orfieldfor
    Opening is expected in Summer 2007.                                                                                                      Source: Merriam-Webster Online

       *Beginning in January, Penn College will provide administrative services for the IMC, a nonprofit agency that
        serves small- and medium-sized manufacturers in 12 counties. The college will receive a management fee and
        reimbursement for salaries and benefits for 16 IMC employees, who will join the college staff.

       A $250,000 state grant promoted new business opportunities for students and
    entrepreneurs through business-plan contests in 2005-06. In the first Quad College
    and University Business Plan Challenge, sponsored by Williamsport/Lycoming
    KIZ and Ben Franklin Venture Investment Forum, Penn College student Bill Davis
    earned $5,000 for his plan to design magnetic mold closures. Davis got the idea to
    use magnets to improve efficiency and reduce cycle time while working at a local
    plastics company.
       For more information on plastics manufacturing and the importance of the plastics industry in
       Pennsylvania, see page 3.

        In addition to project management and access to its partners, the local KIZ has
    funding available to support projects and internships for qualified clients. In its
    first year, it supported 15 new product concepts/ideas, 10 potential business start-
    ups, and 15 additional concepts under evaluation. More than $61,000 in grant
    funds was allocated for projects and internships, and 20 referrals were made to KIZ

	        Fall 2006	   1
    Enrollment Grows
    When Penn State’s president spoke                                In Fall 2005, with a total credit enrollment of 6,537, Penn College had the
    during the House Appropriations Committee                     second-highest enrollment in the Penn State system, following University Park
    hearings on the 2006 budget, he recognized                    at 40,709 and ahead of the Harrisburg campus with 3,736.
    Penn College’s successes and its challenges in
    meeting financial needs.                                         In-state students (91.6-percent of enrolled students) paid an average of
       “It’s been the most rapidly growing part                   $10,080 in tuition and fees (excluding housing, living expenses, books, tools,
    of Penn State. And, no, it has not been a drain               etc.) for two semesters of 15 credits each in 2005-06. Out-of-state residents
    on us financially … Penn College has operated                 paid an average of $12,660.
    as a separate cost center independently. And
                                                                      “The full-time student enrollment at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in the
    they are also very tuition-driven, even more so
                                                                  fall of 1989* was 3,500. For the coming year, that full-time enrollment will be 6,300.
    than the rest of the university. They have made               That’s a tribute to the college’s excellence and the vision of its leadership in making
    great things there happen on their own with                   the school’s educational offerings relevant to people seeking an education that prepares
    just a modest bit of encouragement from us.                   them for employment.” – from a Williamsport Sun-Gazette editorial, July 2005
    And I am very, very proud of what they
                                                                  * 1989 was the year the college became an affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University
    have done.”
                                                                     Citing faculty’s “fundamental role in fulfilling the institution’s mission,”
                                                                  the college extended a contract with the Penn College Education Association
                                                                  through 2008-09. It was the third extension of a contract approved in 2000.

                                                                  Contributions Make a Difference
                                                                  Penn College has a great deal to offer to the people of Pennsylvania.
                                                                  As we look to the future, we hope to encourage continued support from Penn
                                                                  State and the commonwealth, as well as business and industry leaders, and the
                                                                  nearly 29,500 registered alumni of Penn College and its forerunners (Williamsport
                                                                  Area Community College and Williamsport Technical Institute) who reside in
                                                                     “Every contribution makes a difference,” Gilmour said. “There is a great
                                                                  demand for every dollar. We are challenged by rising fuel, utility and insurance
                                                                  costs, as we must meet basic needs. At the same time, to remain a crucial asset
                                                                  for the state in terms of technology transfer, we must ensure that our instructional
                                                                  facilities and our faculty stay current with emerging technologies and industry
                                                                  standards. We also are committed to helping our students meet rising costs.
                                                                  Contributions to our scholarship funds, donations of equipment and training from
                                                                  manufacturers and distributors, and gifts of cash and in-kind services are crucial to
                                                                  our operations and to our students’ success. Each donor plays a key role in making
If you would like to make a contribution to Penn College, you
may use the envelope provided in this Annual Report, or contact   Pennsylvania stronger and better prepared for the future.”
the Institutional Advancement Office for more information.

                                                                                                                                                     	 	    One College Avenue
    Pennsylvania Plastics Initiative
“Plastics is one of the state’s most             Penn College’s Plastics Manufacturing Center
competitive, advanced manufacturing              is a leading North American rotational-molding
industries,” the governor said in April when     research center. Rotational molding is used to
he announced a plan to make $2,500               produce hollow products such as tanks, toys and
scholarships available to 100 state residents    playground equipment.
who enroll in plastics majors at Penn College    In 2005, the PMC introduced its first new,
and Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.        commercially available material. In partnership
    Calling it “one of many steps we’re          with a Kentucky firm, Custom Resins, the center
taking toward our goal of building the           and director C. Hank White developed a nylon
nation’s finest workforce,” Rendell said         variant, Nylene 494, one of two nylon-based
the scholarships “will provide exactly the       plastics on the market for rotational molding.
kind of technology savvy, skilled workforce      Penn College students served on the team that
employers need.”                                 developed the new product. Their experience in
    The state has made plastics a priority       working with industry professionals on advanced
in its efforts to increase business retention    technology products and systems is a hallmark
and industry growth. In June 2005,               of a Penn College education – and a key to
                                                 graduates’ success.
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao
announced that a collaboration of Penn
State, Penn College and Penn State Erie                                                                    Plastics students also recruit future students.
with the Pennsylvania State Workforce                                                                      With support from their dean and faculty, and
                                                      “There are about 1,500 plastics                      industry donations, they travel the state with
Investment Board would receive a $3.75
                                                 manufacturers in Pennsylvania, but they                   a mobile poly lab, which shows the primary
million Department of Labor grant to
                                                 have an acute shortage of qualified                       processes used to manufacture plastic parts.
develop a statewide network to support the
                                                 personnel,” said Lawrence J. Fryda, professor
development of the plastics industry.                                                                      The student-assembled lab introduces the plastics
                                                 and dean of Penn College’s School of
    “The plastics industry in Pennsylvania                                                                 industry to high school students and faculty, who
                                                 Industrial and Engineering Technologies.                  may attend summer training on campus to learn
already has a competitive advantage,”
                                                 “There’s a need for people with high-tech                 to use the lab in their classrooms.
said Sandi Vito, state deputy secretary for
                                                 skills, those who have at least a two-year
workforce development. “The partners                                                                       In addition to visiting schools across the
                                                 degree in the field.”
we’ve assembled and this funding will help                                                                 state, the mobile poly lab was featured during
                                                     Skilled graduates with an associate’s
ensure that workers in the plastics industry                                                               Career and Technical Education Week opening
                                                 degree can earn average starting salaries                 ceremonies in the State Capitol – in an event
across the state have the skills and education
                                                 around $41,000; those with a four-year                    televised and webcast by the state Department of
required for this evolving industry.”
                                                 degree can attract even higher salaries,                  Education.
    Penn College is well-positioned to train
                                                 Fryda said.
workers for the growing industry. When
                                                     Penn College’s plastics program – with
the federal program was announced, Penn                                                                    Assistant professor of plastics and polymer
                                                 two- and four-year study options – is one
College had already awarded 270 associate                                                                  technology Timothy E. Weston received the 2006
                                                 of six in the nation recognized by the
and bachelor’s degrees in plastics-related                                                                 International Education Award from the Society
                                                 Accreditation Board for Engineering and
majors and had for 14 years operated the                                                                   of Plastics Engineers and was selected chair of
nationally recognized Plastics Manufacturing                                                               the group’s national student affairs committee.
                                                     There is room for significant enrollment
                                                 growth in the Penn College program. With
    In plastics, like many manufacturing
                                                 space for 35 incoming freshmen per year,
industries, skilled positions often go
                                                 the program now enrolls 60 students.
unfilled because of a lack of trained men
                                                     The three-year, $4.8 million Pennsylvania
and women. Penn College graduates have
                                                 Plastics Initiative – $3.7 million in federal
excellent employment opportunities.
                                                 funds and $1.1 million in state dollars –                   …
                                                                                                            “ oneofmanystepswe’re
                                                 brings new opportunities for future students.               takingtowardourgoalof
                                                                          To learn more about plastics,      buildingthenation’sfinest
                                                                                                                                     Gov. Edward G. Rendell

	          Fall 2006	   
     Are Most Teenagers Prepared to Select Their Career or
                                                                                                    “ wenotonlycanhelpthe
     College Major Before They Graduate From High School?
     The college’s hands-on curriculum places a majority of its freshman                             wealsocanhelpsupportthe
     students into classes directly related to their career choice in the first semester.
     But this immediate immersion into career-directed classes presented a special
     challenge for those not prepared to make a career choice when they apply for                    needqualifiedworkers.”
                                                                                                                                 Chester D. Shuman,
        For the first time in its history, Penn College began accepting applications                                           Director of Admissions
     from individuals who were “undecided” about their choice of major.
        The “undecided” applicants attracted special attention from admissions, and
     academic and career counselors, who worked with them to match their interests
     and abilities with a career area and college major. Of the 353 individuals who
     applied for Fall 2006 as “undecided,” 199 enrolled and were able to make a
     choice of major before they made their first-semester schedule; three began the
     semester still “undecided” and will complete additional career counseling to help
     them make a final choice before completing their first year of study.
        Admissions director Chester D. Schuman said the program also gave the
     ”undecided” applicants an opportunity to learn about career fields they might
     not have previously considered.
        “Fields like electric power generation, health information technology, plastics,
     electronics, graphic communications and others are begging for more graduates
     to fill their workplace needs,” Schuman said. “By making more ‘undecided’
     students aware of these opportunities, we not only can help the student find
     a great career, we also can help support the industries that desperately need
     qualified workers.”

                                                           Building Opportunities for People and Organizations
                                                           Lizabeth Self Mullens, director of the Women’s Leadership Initiative
                                                           at Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development since 2003, was
                                                           named vice president for academic affairs/provost.
                                                               As chief academic officer, she leads eight academic schools, with more than
                                                           6,500 students and nearly 300 faculty. She oversees academic-related services
                                                           and Workforce Development & Continuing Education, which serves more than
                                                           2,000 corporate and community clients, and administers statewide, grant-
                                                           funded training initiatives.
                                                               “My passion is to create the environments and opportunities that empower
                                                           others to discover their strengths and move forward with confidence to
                                                           accomplish goals,” Mullens said. “I look forward to being a part of an effective
      Muzic                      Mullens
                                                           leadership team to build opportunity for people and organizations.”
                                                               Veronica M. Muzic, who retired as vice president/provost position after
                                                           more than 30 years of teaching and administrative leadership at the college,
                                                           aided in Mullens’ transition.
                                                               The college president said: “I would never say that it’s the end of an era,
                                                           because Veronica Muzic’s influence on this college and this community will
                                                           never end. She is an extraordinary teacher and administrator. She is a role
                                                           model for students, alumni and colleagues who have the highest respect,
“ eronica’sinfluenceisintheair                      admiration and love for her. She is a community leader who devotes her life to
 webreatheonthiscampus”                                expressing her passion for education, culture and the arts. Veronica’s influence
                                                           is in the air we breathe on this campus; that will never change. Fortunately,
                          Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour,          we have found in Lizabeth Mullens a leader who we expect will carry the torch
                                                           with equal passion and commitment.”

                                                                                                                        	 4	   One College Avenue
        2006MasterTeacherAward, the highest level of recognition                  2006ExcellenceinTeachingAwards were presented to Diana L.
        given to a Penn College faculty member, was presented by                     Kuhns, assistant professor of mathematics, (below right) and Jo Ann
        Dr. Gilmour (below) to Jeffrey B. Weaver, assistant professor of             Stephens, associate professor of civil engineering technology (below
        electronics. Before joining the college as an instructor in 1987,            left). Kuhns joined the college (then Williamsport Area Community
        Weaver was employed in the electronics industry for 11 years.                College) in 1976 as a developmental studies laboratory supervisor.
        He earned a bachelor’s degree in management of technology from               She served later as professional tutor for English and mathematics,
        Lock Haven University and an associate degree in engineering                 instructor of certificate and developmental mathematics, coordinator
                                                 technology from Penn                of tutoring, acting director of developmental studies, assistant director
                                                    State. He was promoted           of integrated studies, division director of integrated studies, acting
                                                     to assistant professor          assistant dean for integrated studies and acting dean for integrated
                                                     in 1995 and earned              studies. She worked previously as a high-school substitute teacher
                                                     Excellence in                   and copywriter. She received her master’s degree from Bloomsburg
                                                     Teaching Awards in              University and bachelor’s degree from Penn State. Stephens joined the
                                                     1993 and 2000.                  college in 1998 as associate professor of civil engineering technology.
                                                                                     She previously worked at Penn State as director and instructor in
                                                                                     engineering design and graphics, and as an instructor at Community
                                                                                     College of Allegheny County. She also was an engineer in private
                                                                                     industry and with the Army Corps of Engineers. She holds a Ph.D.
                                                                                     from Penn State, a master’s degree from Carnegie-Mellon University
                                                                                     and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine.

2006DistinguishedAlumnus               2005AlumniCitizenship/                 2006AlumnusAchievement                  2005MentorshipAward,
Award, in recognition of personal         HumanitarianAward was                   Award, presented to a graduate             which recognizes alumni and
and professional accomplishments,         presented to William P. “Scott” Welch,   from the past 10 years to recognize        businesses that have made significant,
contributions toward furthering the       diesel equipment technology instructor   noteworthy career accomplishments          ongoing contributions to the education
efforts of the college, and high regard   and co-founder of His Wings Ministry,    and continued support for the mission      and development of Penn College
in the community, was presented           a nonprofit organization that has        of the college, was awarded to             students, was presented to American
to D.E. Rightmire. He attended            provided free air transportation for     James A. Asbury. Owner-operator of         Infrastructure. The company, which
the former Williamsport Technical         medical or humanitarian reasons to       Mountaineer Stone, Asbury earned           consistently ranks in the top half
Institute through the National Youth      more than 1,000 people (including        an associate’s degree in business          of Engineering News Record’s
Administration Program and later          victims of Hurricane Katrina),           management in 2002. His company            annual Top 400 U.S. Contractors
served in the Air Force in World          never charging a fee to patients or      has customers across the nation,           as well as the Top 50 Heavy and
War II, earned a bachelor’s degree in     health-care providers. Welch earned      including owners of Fortune 500            Highway Contractors and the Top
mechanical engineering from               a certificate in diesel mechanics        companies. With the assistance of          200 Environmental Engineering
Syracuse University, and worked in        from Williamsport Area Community         landscaping and masonry students,          and Construction Companies
Bell Aircraft’s engineering department    College in 1985 and an associate’s       he constructed a dry-stone loop as         nationwide, began its relationship
and for General Motors, where he          degree in diesel technology 10 years     a “Tribute to Knowledge” at the            with the college in 1985. In addition
retired in 1980 as a senior divisional    later from Penn College.                 Schneebeli Earth Science Center            to providing student-forgiveness
buyer in product engineering.                                                      entrance.                                  loans worth in excess of $60,000,
                                                                                                                              funding scholarships, and donating an
                                                                                                                              advanced Global Positioning System
                                                                                                                              and other equipment to the college,
                                                                                                                              the company now employs more than
                                                                                                                              70 Penn College graduates. Gordon
                                                                                                                              Bryan, vice president of career
                                                                                                                              development, accepted the award.
               Fall 2006   5
Accreditations awarded in 2005-06
Accounting and Business Administration (two- and four-year programs)
Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs’
Baccalaureate-Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners
one of only seven colleges in the nation to achieve both ACBSP and International Assembly for
Collegiate Business Education accreditation

Automotive Technology Management (four-year program)
National Association of Industrial Technology
one of only three NAIT-accredited baccalaureate automotive programs in the nation

Surgical Technology (two-year program)
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

Human Services (two- and four-year programs)
Council for Standards in Human Service Education

                                              New in 2005-06
                                              Penn College became a partner in American Honda Motor Co. Inc.
                                              Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) program, to prepare
                                              certified automotive-service technicians for Honda-Acura dealerships. A
                                              ceremonial kickoff was held in November; the first courses were offered
                                              in Spring 2006.

                                              A new associate of arts degree in studio arts, focused on hand skills,
                                              creativity and knowledge of cultural-historical art traditions, was
                                              introduced to complement the college’s commercial art majors. The
                                              new major joins advertising art and graphic design in the School of
                                              Integrated Studies.

                                              A one-year certificate in paramedic technology was approved to
                                              begin in Fall 2006 to provide opportunities for students to meet the
                                              qualifications for the national certification examination; it joins an
                                              associate-degree option, renamed emergency medical services, in the
                                              School of Health Sciences.

                                              The traditional bachelor of science degree in nursing received state
                                              Board of Nursing approval and admitted its first class of 19 students in
                                              Spring 2006.

                                              PPL Electric Utilities Corp. employees completing PPL lineman technical
                                              training gained the opportunity to earn a specialized associate’s degree
                                              in transmission and distribution technology.

                                              The School of Hospitality offered graduates of a two-year culinary
                                              program at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
                                              (Humber College) in Toronto, Canada, the opportunity to enroll in the
                                              culinary arts and systems B.S. major with junior status. Culinary B.S.
                                              degrees are not offered in Canada.

                                                                                                            	 	   One College Avenue
     Penn College became one of the state’s first institutions approved to
     offer a nine-credit early childhood director competency credential to
     help meet workforce needs. Completion of the course and a minimum
     of three to four years of documented work experience in the field
     provide eligibility to apply to Pennsylvania Pathways child-care training
     system to earn a director core certificate.

     The North Campus practical nursing program gained full-approval
     status from the state Board of Nursing. The board allowed the addition
     of a class in the Potter County region in Fall 2006. Completion of the
     noncredit certification program allows individuals to take the Practical
     Nursing National Council Licensure Exam.

     Workforce Development and Continuing Education began an online
     testing center for PPG Industries and Nexa Autocolor certified
     distributor technical representatives and PPG-certified technicians. The
     national industry certification tests knowledge of automotive refinish
     technologies for nearly 3,000 technicians annually.

     Outreach for K-12 implemented Penn College NOW, a dual
     enrollment program in eight local school districts. Students in the
     districts were taught in their schools by high school teachers trained
     and approved by Penn College.

     Ninety-nine high school students enrolled in Penn College’s electronics
     and information technology courses as part of the college’s NanoTrek
     2+2+2 program.

     Outreach for K-12 implemented academic dual enrollment as part of
     the commonwealth’s Project 720, funding high school reform efforts.
     Five students from two high schools attended academic courses on the
     Penn College campus.

     Connections, a two-day orientation experience for new students and
     families, was introduced, replacing a previous one-day orientation just
     prior to the start of classes. More than 100 staff members and student-
     staff known as “Links” were involved in the new program.

     Smarthinking, an online, round-the-clock tutoring program, was used
     for 1,057 tutoring sessions in its first full academic year. In addition
     to the new “high-tech” approach, the Tutoring Center continued to
     experience high demand for traditional, in-person services; nearly
     9,000 student visits (13,395 hours) were logged in 2005-06.

     Two pilot sections of Freshman Year Experience helped new students
     transition to college; participants recorded higher grade-point averages
     in their first two semesters and reported higher levels of knowledge
     about Penn College than their freshman classmates.

     The professional development employee benefit of a mandatory
     eight hours (minimum) per year was put into effect for all classified and
     administrative, professional and technical staff.

	   Fall 2006	   
“ ogerandPeggyMadigan–
 R                                                    Madigan Library Countdown to Completion
 forwhomourlibraryisnamed                       On Sept. 14, 2005, the college celebrated the approaching completion
                                                      date of the new Roger and Peggy Madigan Library. The price of
 –committedtheirlivestopublic                   admission for the 365-day kickoff event – marking one year before
                                                      the intended dedication date – was the donation of a new children’s
 service...wewanttoensure                      book. Hundreds of books were collected and donated to local nonprofit
 thattheMadiganLibraryis                         organizations.

 committedtoservice,aswell.”                      “Roger and Peggy Madigan – for whom our library is named –
                                                      committed their lives to public service,” Gilmour said during the kickoff
                            Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour,   event. “We want to ensure that the Madigan Library is committed to
                                                      service, as well.”

                                                      Board of Directors Chairman Robert E. Dunham told students,
                                                      employees and supporters, “The Roger and Peggy Madigan Library will
                                                      be worth the wait.”

                                                      A unique raffle event supported by Penn College employees and
                                                      student groups earned $4,858 for the Madigan Library. “Stories in
                                                      a Basket,” featuring donated items chosen by the employees and
                                                      students to represent their favorite books, were raffled during a public
                                                      fund-raising event.

                                                      Construction of the 1,000-seat, $17 million library began in January
                                                      2005. Dedication was held Sept. 14, 2006. The library fund-raising
                                                      campaign attracted 429 gifts or pledges totaling $1,457,256.

  Editor’s Note: The Roger and Peggy
  Madigan Library will be the exclusive
  focus of the next issue of One College
  Avenue, to be published in February.
  Please see our next issue for the full story
  and photographs of the new library.

                                                                                                                    	 	   One College Avenue
     College Town: Our Town Is Your Town
     With strong support from student governments at Penn College
     and Lycoming College, Williamsport City Council approved a rental-
     inspection ordinance that would require that all rental properties in
     the city be inspected at least once every four years.

     The ordinance, proposed by Mayor Mary B. Wolf, passed in April,
     following city incidents including an arson fire that left 14 Penn
     College students homeless on a cold February morning. The citywide
     inspections, which began in July, focus on specific issues, including
     smoke-alarm systems and occupant capacity.

     Student Government Association President Sabrena A. O’Keefe was
     among those who spoke before City Council in favor of the rental
     inspection ordinance. Councilman J. Michael Wiley, a member of the
     College Town committee, called the ordinance “life-safety oriented”
     and said it would be “easy to use” and “fair in its application.”

     The college hosted a Fire Safety Summit of landlords, city officials,
     college officials and student leaders to enhance safety through
     measurable outcomes.

     Penn College Police continued to make a positive impact in
     surrounding neighborhoods, as well as on campus. Major crime within
     the campus police jurisdiction dropped 23 percent over the year,
     following a 42-percent decrease the previous year. All Penn College
     officers are trained in weapons, automated external defibrillators
     and CPR, and they receive legal updates. A number of officers also       President Davie Jane Gilmour was joined by
     are trained in specialized weapons certification, hostage negotiation,   J. Elliott Strickland, special assistant to the vice
     gangs, sexual assault, terrorism, computer, mental health and DNA.       president for student affairs, and Penn College
                                                                              Police Chief Chris Miller during an SGA meeting
     College Town hosted the city’s first Open Mic Night, featuring           to address safety issues for students.
     performers from Penn College, Lycoming College and Newport
     Business Institute, attracting an audience of hundreds to the
     Community Arts Center in April. Penn College business administration
     student Angela D. Rymer organized the free event while completing
     her marketing internship with the college and the College Town

     In the city’s annual Mardi Gras parade in February, first prize went
     to Penn College’s homecoming court float with king and queen
     Kirk M. Allen and Angela D. Rymer.

	   Fall 2006	   
Community Service
School of Hospitality raised $1,500 to benefit victims of Hurricane
Katrina through a “Gumbo for a Cause” sale. Volunteer students and
faculty sold 150 quarts of Louisiana-style chicken, sausage, shrimp and
oyster gumbo, and donated the proceeds to the American Red Cross
hurricane relief fund.

Community service and values-based programs took on a new
significance in student life. Forty-one students in Summer PLUS,
Academic Support Services’ transition and remediation program,                   During an “Alternative Spring Break,”
entertained residents and completed work projects at a local                     18 Penn College students and two staff
assisted-living facility. The annual Volunteer Fair coordinated through          chaperones joined others from around the
Counseling, Career and Disability Services, connected 22 local                   nation who worked to rebuild the Gulf
community agencies seeking to fill volunteer positions with 100                  Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
interested students who wanted to give back to the community.                    The students, who traveled to Long Beach,
Student Activities offered “Civility Saturdays,” and students came out           Miss., were so moved by their experiences
in force to assist community agencies, such as the West End Christian            that they began developing a new student
Community Center, the Williamsport YWCA and Special Olympics.                    organization dedicated to community service.

                                         Penn College and the Friends of the James. V. Brown Library
                                         collected an estimated 80,000 books and experienced the largest sale
                                         ever, raising more than $6,300 at the annual fall book sale, held for the
                                         first time on campus.

                                         The campus hosted the third annual Trash to Treasure sale,
                                         co-sponsored by Penn College and Lycoming College, to support the
                                         Lycoming County United Way. The event raised more than $2,500
                                         for the United Way (an 80-percent increase over the previous year) and
                                         collected 600 pounds of food for the American Rescue Workers.

                                         With a $2,000 grant from SEDA-Council of Governments’ “Promoting
                                         Technology Adoption for Progress” program, students in the
                                         multimedia fundamentals class with Patricia Coulter, assistant professor
                                         of computer science, developed multimedia Web sites for local
                                         nonprofit organizations.

                                         Mass media students produced public-service announcements, which
                                         aired on local cable television, for nine area nonprofit organizations.

                                                                                                       	 10	   One College Avenue
     Human Services students staged a 24-hour demonstration against
     homelessness in below-freezing temperatures at a community park in
     downtown Williamsport and collected winter-clothing donations for
     local charities.

     Advertising art student Kevin Briosius designed a logo for Our
     Neighborhoods, a nonprofit organization that is part of the Lycoming
     Housing Authority.

     Graphic design student Ashley L. Yaple designed a Community Arts
     Center logo (see below).

     Dental Hygiene students provided services valued at $16,000 to 118
     children on Sealant Saturday in the campus clinic. A similar event
     provided services valued at $9,510 to 32 children from Sullivan County.

     School of Health Sciences students participated in flu vaccine clinics
     for elderly, “at risk,” rural citizens of Pennsylvania in November and
     December and provided medical services during the Little League
     Baseball World Series.

     Students in the School of Transportation Technology assisted in hosting    With a goal of “putting the community back
     the first Williamsport Regional Airport Balloon Fest.                      in the Community Arts Center,” new director
                                                                                Rob Steele (below) took the helm of the
     The Earth Smart Club and the Horticulture Technicians Association
                                                                                college’s downtown performing-arts theatre
     helped beautify area highways, providing litter clean-up and planting
                                                                                in December. In addition to hosting the
     daffodil bulbs at the Interstate 180/Maynard Street interchange.
                                                                                first College Town Open Mic Night, the Arts
     Occupational Therapy Assistant Club members and faculty helped build       Center welcomed the Williamsport Symphony
     a Habitat for Humanity home in Avis for an alumna of the program           Orchestra, which moved its offices to the third
     and her handicapped son.                                                   floor in February.

     Students from the School of Construction and Design Technologies
     provided renovation work at community locations including churches,
     recreational areas, camps, ballparks and children’s centers.

     Assistant professor of human services/social sciences Larue R. Reese
     earned a Daily Point of Light Award given during National Volunteer
     Week to individuals who exemplify the best of volunteerism. The award
     is given by the Points of Light Foundation, the Corporation for National
     and Community Service, and the Knights of Columbus.

     May 2005 human services B.S. graduate Sherry L. Heckman was one
     of three honored nationwide as Outstanding Human Service Students
     by the National Organization for Human Services for her work as a
     volunteer adviser for parents of children with selective mutism.

                       ARTS CENTER

	   Fall 2006	   11
          Around Campus

Nationally celebrated social critic and technologist Steven Johnson was the inaugural
speaker in the William C. Butler Lecture Series. Johnson, author of “Everything Bad is Good
for You: How Today’s Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter,” opened the series,
which is a tribute to the former dean of the School of Hospitality, who died in 2003. Other
speakers in the series were Donald D. Gehring, co-editor of “The College Student and
the Courts,” and founder of the Association for Student Judicial Affairs; and James Rhem,
award-winning writer and creator of The National Teaching and Learning Forum.

                                                                                                   NASA engineer Donner Grigsby
                                                                                                   spoke to Spring Visitation Day guests
                                                                                                   on the future of aviation. Grigsby is a
                                                                                                   certified information systems security
                                                                                                   professional at NASA’s Langley
                                                                                                   Research Center in Virginia and the
                                                                                                   agency’s 2004 “speaker of the year.”

                                                       2006 Distinguished Staff Awards were awarded to Mary Jane Baier, secretary
                                                       to the School of Business and Computer Technologies; Barry L. Loner,
                                                       custodian, first shift; and Jennifer L. Hammond, coordinator of tutoring.

Dr. Gilmour presents Arthur V. Campbell,
part-time instructor of business
administration, with the 2006 Part-Time
Teaching Excellence Award.

                                                                                                                 	 1	   One College Avenue
       The Children’s Learning Center received
       $200,000 in CCampis grant funding from
       the U.S. Department of Education to offer
       discounted child-care fees to students.
       The Center’s four-star rating (the highest
       awarded by the Pennsylvania Office of Child
       Development) also earned it $50,000 in
       Keystone Stars grants to fund equipment
       and staff development.
                                                                              World-renowned cake decorator Daniel Budiman,
       Kathryn P. Jerald, group leader of the                                 CEO of CalJava International, (shown with Katlyn
       toddler class, received the Terri Lynn Lokoff                          D. Stupar, grand prize winner) sponsored the first
       Child Care Foundation National Child Care                              “CalJava Wedding Cake Contest” at Penn College
       Teacher Award.                                                         in May.

                Student and
        Services Center was
     named a 2005 Project
            of Distinction by
      College Planning and
    Management magazine
        and was featured in
       its annual Education
          Design Showcase.

                                                       The New York Times included Penn College in an article featuring colleges
                                                       that feature local food products in their on-campus dining experience.

                                                             The School of Hospitality and Le Jeune Chef
                                                             Restaurant hosted visiting chefs Matthew
                                                             Pike, executive chef, Santa Anita Park, Santa
                                                             Anita, Calif., and Phillip Brown, personal chef,
                                                             Jacksonville, Fla., in November; in February, the
                                                             visiting chef was Walter Staib (shown at left), of
                                                             the City Tavern in Philadelphia and author of “City
                                                             Tavern Cookbook,” “The City Tavern Baking and
                                                             Dessert Cookbook,” and “My Black Forest”.

	           Fall 2006   1
Four Penn College students earned gold medals at the Pennsylvania
SkillsUSA Conference, qualifying them for national competition, where
three of the four earned top-10 finishes. First-place finishers in the state
were Matthew A. Lamberti, carpentry (fourth in nation); Thomas A.
Hendershot, internetworking (eighth in nation); Matthew A. Treaster,
technical drafting (sixth in nation); and Daniel D. Graybill, job skill

Six School of Business and Computer Technologies students earned
top-three placements in regional competition and the right to
compete nationally in Future Business Leaders of America/Phi Beta
Lambda competition. Garry L. Hurley, first, Java programming, and
third, C++ programming (seventh in nation in Java programming);
Angela D. Rymer, first, human resource management; Jason S. Aloise
and Aaron C. McCoppin, first, network design; McCoppin, first,
networking concepts (eighth in nation); and Matthew P. Bower, second,

                 The student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
                 Engineers took first place in the IEEE Region 2 (consisting of more than
                 60 student chapters in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, New
                 Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.) Web site

                 At the International Builders’ Show postsecondary construction
                 competition, the two-year Construction Technology team earned a
                 second-place finish; the four-year team finished in 14th place.

                 At the Associated Schools of Construction/Associated General
                 Contractors competition, the Construction Management team earned
                 third place in design/build category.

                 At the Associated Builders and Contractors’ Student Construction
                 Management Competition, Penn College placed fifth overall, second
                 in safety, third in estimating; faculty adviser Wayne R. Sheppard
                 received the association’s John Trimmer Excellence In Teaching Award.

                 Instrument Society of America student chapter (electronics and
                 computer engineering technology students) finished in a 2-2 tie in four-
                 round competition at District 2 Leadership Conference, competing
                 against industry professionals with 90 years of collective experience.

                 Welding and fabrication engineering student Dominick F. Newberry
                 was the winner in the district’s American Welding Society contest.

                 In the 2006 Wedding Cake Competition sponsored by “Here Comes
                 the Cake”/CalJava International, School of Hospitality student winners
                 were Katlyn D. Stupar (grand prize), Carrie L. Helminiak (first), Rachel
                 S. Hall (second) and Hannah P. Ten Eyck (third).

                                                                   	 14	   One College Avenue
                                                        Graphic Communication student Megan Kime earned first place in a
                                                        national contest to design a flexographic label for the Tag & Label
                                                        Manufacturers Institute.

                                                        Automotive technology management student Joshua M. Yost was
                                                        one of five students in the nation to receive a $5,000 Outstanding
                                                        Student Technician Scholarship from CCC Information Services Inc.,
                                                        a corporation that supplies software, communications, Internet and
                                                        wireless technology to the automotive and collision repair industry.

                                                        Associate professor of avionics Thomas D. Inman became one of
                                                        the first 30 individuals in the world certified as Aircraft Electronics
                                                        Technicians by the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training.
                                                        Penn College is one of a group of five colleges that earned a 2005
                                                        National Science Foundation grant to establish a National Center for
                                                        Aircraft Technician Training.

                                                        The collision repair department provided facilities for the Toyota East
                                                        Coast Collision Repair Training Program as the current facility in
                                                        West Caldwell, N.J. is being renovated; Alfred M. Thomas, associate
                                                        professor, was named a contributing editor at Automotive Body
                                                        Repair News.

    Terry A. Girdon, business administration professor and department
    head, was appointed vice-chair, Board of Commissioners of the
    International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, 2005-06.

    Computer science faculty, Sandra Gorka, assistant professor, and
    Jacob R. Miller, associate professor, worked with the national Special
    Interest Group for Information Technology Education to develop
    an IT curricula model and accreditation standards for IT undergraduate

    Chef/instructor Monica J. Lanczak was chosen as an apprentice for the
    annual Bread Bakers Guild, San Francisco.

    Associate professor of English Charles F. Kemnitz was named to the
    editorial advisory board for Mosaic, an international journal for
    interdisciplinary studies, and was nominated to attend the Oxford
    Round Table.

    Assistant professor of graphic design Brian A. Flynn earned honorable
    mention in a national art show in Baltimore with his wood sculpture
    titled “Figure 2005.”

    Assistant professor of occupational therapy assistant Patricia J. Martin
    was reappointed to the Accreditation Council of Occupational
    Therapy Education and elected council treasurer.

    Associate professor of nursing Jane J. Benedict was named to the
    National League of Nursing Accreditation Council Review Board.

    Retiring professor and 1986 Master Teacher, Richard J. Weilminster,
    earned the Frederick J. Mummert Distinguished Service Award for
    lifetime commitment from the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery

	   Fall 2006	   15
From the golf team’s third straight unbeaten season to the archery
team producing its 30th All-American, the Penn College Wildcats
completed a record-setting year. Competing for the first year in
the Penn State University Athletic Conference, teams won five
championships: golf, baseball, men’s soccer, men’s cross country, and
women’s basketball. The bowling team won the Pennsylvania Collegiate
Athletic Association men’s doubles and men’s team titles.

The archery team continued to polish a national reputation when
Michelle L. Wright, a junior from Kendall, N.Y., became the
college’s 30th All-American archer. Freshmen team members
Jessica R. Larson and Mark W. Lambert were named national
collegiate “Rookies of the Year.”

The Wildcat Power Team claimed victories in a series of competitions
at Bucknell University, Lock Haven University and New Castle. The
team competes in powerlifting and martial arts under the guidance
of William B. Urosevich, associate professor of anatomy and physiology.
Members won gold, silver and bronze medals in judo and powerlifting
at Pennsylvania Keystone State Games.

Student athletes carried a higher grade-point average than the student
body at large. Representing only 6 percent of total league participation,
Penn College athletes (91 students) made up 15 percent of the
Academic All Conference Team.

Penn College was named one of the top five higher education
institutions in Pennsylvania for providing athletic opportunities for
women. In “Colleges and Universities and How They Rank in Regard
to Title IX,” the Women’s Law Project in Philadelphia recognized
Penn College for its favorable rates of female participation in relation
to the overall gender ratio among the student body.

                                                            	 1	   One College Avenue

    2005-06 OPERATING BUDGET                                          AUXILIARY FUNDS

       $87,292,245                                                                                         Food Services     $4,016,567

       15.75% increase over the previous year                                             Children’s Learning Center         $ 397,963
       6.3% increase in tuition and fees for PA residents
                                                                                                            College Store    $4,933,000

                                                                                          Workforce Development &            $ 410,500
                                                                                              Continuing Education
                                                                                                      Student Activities     $1,226,818
                                                                                                                  Housing    $5,931,421
       includes debt service and special appropriation,
       a 2.61% increase over the previous year

                                                                      TUITION AND FEES
                                                                      PA   residents

                           Unrestricted scholarships    $ 241,625
                                                                                 Tuition per credit hour $286
                                Gifts and donations     $ 200,000

                                                                      Tuition and fees per credit hour $336
                            Use of college resources    $    25,000

                                Parking permit fund     $ 350,000               Annual tuition and fees $10,080
                                                                             (based on 15 credits per semester)

                           Renewal and replacement      $1,511,587
                                                                      Out-Of-stAte     residents

                                                                                 Tuition per credit hour $372

                                                                      Tuition and fees per credit hour $422
                              Grants, contracts and    $26,213,872
                               restricted donations
                                                                                Annual tuition and fees $12,660
                                                                             (based on 15 credits per semester)

                                                                                                Fees include $13 per-credit-hour computer fee
    DEBT SERVICE FUND                                                                                        $32 per-credit-hour capital fee
                                                                                                             $24 per-credit-hour laboratory
                                                                                                                 instruction fee
       Money received and expended for debt             $9,024,292
                                                                                                              $5 per-credit-hour student
       obligations for outstanding bond issues                                                                   activity fee

      Penn College awarded $561,904 in student scholarships             Grant funding supported 56 projects valued at $7 million
      in 2005-06, a $108,884 increase over the previous year.           in 2005-06, with another $2.1 million (30 projects) under
      About 10 percent of the total scholarship money came              development for 2006-07. These projects are in addition to the
      from participation in the State Work Study program, which         $22 million statewide WEDnetPA contract for 2005-06.
      generated $57,020 in 2005-06.

         Fall 2005	   1
  Gifts & Donations
                                                                                                  1941 Circle                                      Tom F.* & Mary D.* Gregory
                      Pennsylvania College         of TeChnology                                  This category recognizes gifts in the range of   Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
                                            and                                                   $2,500 – $4,999                                  Highway Equipment and Supply Co.
          Pennsylvania College           of TeChnology      foundaTion, inC.                      Altria Corporate Services, Inc.                  HRI, Inc.
                                                                                                  Builders Association of Central                  Mike & Barbara Hudock
      Gifts and Donations July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2006                                              Pennsylvania                                   Huffman’s Office Equipment Co., Inc.
                                                                                                  Cable Services Co., Inc.                         Janis E. Jacobs & D. Wayne Osgood
                                                                                                  Steve & Ronna Cassotis                           Jersey Shore Steel Company
                                  Building a Legacy
                                                                                                  Centex Homes                                     R. David* & Joann* Kay
                                                                                                  Central Susquehanna Builders                     L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.
          Pennsylvania College of Technology and the Penn College                                   Association                                    Legacy Bank
     Foundation extend sincere appreciation to the following individuals,                         Countrywide Financial #                          John C. & Linda S. D. Lundy
         businesses, and organizations for their generous contributions.                          Jean M. Cunningham                               Roger A. Madigan
      Large or small, all gifts make a significant impact in promoting the                        Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.                          Steven ’92 & Carrie Madigan
                                                                                                  Groff Tractor & Equipment, Inc.                  John C. McMurtrie
        vision of Penn College. Thanks to the generosity and support of
                                                                                                  The Hartman Agency, Inc.                         Dale ’62 & Sally Metzker
       these donors, qualified students receive scholarships, educational                         Jersey Shore State Bank                          Elizabeth L. Meyer*
        equipment is purchased and instructional delivery is enhanced –                           Steven P. & Mary Ann ’99 Johnson                 Michael* ’79 & Debra* Miller
              all for the benefit of our students and the community.                              Darla Brown Logue ’79                            Evelyn M. Miller
                                                                                                  M & T Bank                                       Jack ’74 & Valara Minnier
                                                           # Matching Gift Company                MacAllister Machinery                            The Muncy Bank and Trust
                                       * Penn College Employee (as of August 1, 2006)             Ray & Dorothy Marshalek / Fairfield                Company
                                              + Parent of current student or alumnus                Manufacturing Co., Inc.                        Mark D.* & Kathleen A. Noe
                                                                                                  William J.* & Carolyn G. Martin                  Lisette N. Ormsbee*
                                                                                                  Montour Oil Service Company                      Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry
                                                                                                  Physician Assistant Club - Penn                    Association
Heritage Circle                                  Suburban Contractors Association of                College                                        Plastics Development Company, Inc.
                                                   Pennsylvania, Inc.
This category recognizes gifts in the range of                                                    Jeffrey & Christine ’69 Rauff
                                                 Susquehanna Health System                                                                         Donald* & Kimberly Praster
$50,000 - $99,999
                                                                                                  James E. Temple*                                 Reynolds Construction Management,
                                                 George J. Tsunis
Williamsport-Lycoming Community                                                                   Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. #                  Inc.
  Foundation                                     West Branch Susquehanna Builders
                                                   Association                                    Russ Trapp Memorial Scholarship                  Bruce A. Richards
Frank D. & Jeanne O. Strayer                                                                        Golf Event                                     Roche Financial
                                                 Wheeland Lumber Co., Inc.
Anonymous (one gift)                                                                              William B. Urosevich*                            Schneider-Valley Farms, Inc.
                                                 Anonymous (one gift)
                                                                                                  Richard J. Weilminster*                          Robert & Marie Secor
Ambassador’s Circle                                                                               John & Sue Young                                 Harold Sinclair ’75
This category recognizes gifts in the range of
                                                 Chairman’s Circle                                                                                 Springs Window Fashions
                                                 This category recognizes gifts in the range of
$25,000 - $49,999
                                                 $5,000 – $9,999
                                                                                                  President’s Circle                               Jean & Marvin Staiman
American Infrastructure                                                                           This category recognizes gifts in the range of   David L. Stroehmann
                                                 Allyson Wilgar-Jones Memorial 5K
Arthur Brody and the Brodart                                                                      $1,000 – $2,499                                  Albert R. Styrcula
  Foundation                                                                                      Academic Finance Corporation                     TechniVate
                                                 John A. & Karen A. Blaschak / Fisher
Caterpillar Foundation                                                                            Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.                  Turner Construction Company
                                                   Mining Company
K Investments Limited                                                                             Allison Crane & Rigging                          Chalmer ’58 & Ruth Ann Van Horn
                                                 Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-
Margaret Waldron Memorial Trust                    Boyle*                                         Associated Builders & Contractors,               The Ward Foundation
  Fund                                                                                              Inc.- Central Pennsylvania Chapter
                                                 Brubacher Excavating, Inc.                                                                        Wayne Homes East Central
Murray Associates Architects, PC                 Central Atlantic Toyota Distributors,            The Bartlett Tree Foundation                     Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
                                                   Inc.                                           Beiter’s Home Center                               - Maynard Street
Founders Circle                                  Citizens & Northern Bank                         Gregory & Georgann Bernabeo                      West Branch Susquehanna Builders
                                                 C. E. Thomas & Barbara S. Cleveland              Blaise Alexander Chevrolet, Inc.                   Association Women’s Council
This category recognizes gifts in the range of
$10,000 - $24,999                                David ’65 & Judy Conklin / C & I                 Blue Cross of Northeastern                       Williamsport Sun-Gazette Company
                                                   Boiler Repair, Inc.                              Pennsylvania                                   Carl & Lois Wolgemuth
Alban Tractor Co., Inc.
                                                 Robert & Maureen Dunham                          Robert G.* & Nancy C.* ’81 Bowers                Wolyniec Construction, Inc.
Beckwith Machinery Company
                                                 Dwight Stoltzfus Memorial Trade                  Bracalente Manufacturing Co., Inc.               Woodlands Bank
Brodart Co.                                        Scholarship                                    John & Mary Anne Cahir                           WTI-WACC-PCT Retirees Association
Kenneth E. Carl                                  Jeffrey L. Erdly ’72 / Masonry                   Canteen Vending Co.                              Daniel W.* & Helen L.* Yoas
Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co.,                  Preservation Services, Inc.
  Inc.                                                                                            Kirk M. Cantor*                                  Anonymous (two gifts)
                                                 Fairfield Auto Group
Ford Motor Company                                                                                James D. & Maria C. Casale
                                                 Anita M. Gibbons / J. B. Gibbons
Thomas A. & Marilyn H. Frazier                     Construction, Inc.                             Nicholas ’68 & Carol Catino                      Premier Club
Davie Jane Gilmour*                              Frederick T. Gilmour ’66                         Central Pennsylvania Institute of                This category recognizes gifts in the range of
                                                                                                    Science & Technology
H. L. Wiker, Inc.                                The Hite Company                                                                                  $500 – $999
                                                                                                  Clark Construction Group, LLC
H.O. Penn Machinery Company, Inc.                George E. & Molly M. Logue                                                                        Alpha Chi PA Xi Chapter - Penn
                                                                                                  College Loan Corporation                           College
Larson Design Group, Inc.                        Omega Bank
                                                                                                  The College Store at Penn College                Frederick W. Becker*
McClarin Plastics, Inc.                          Pennsylvania Motor Truck
                                                   Association—North Central                      Raymond T. & Andrea S. Coward                    Bellefonte Family Dentistry
McNerney, Page, Vanderlin & Hall
                                                   Chapter                                        Vincent A. ’59 & Janet S. Cruse                  The Blessing Insurance Agency, Inc.
Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic
                                                 John A. & Carol A. Savoy / John                  Donald M. Cunningham, Jr.                        Borton-Lawson Engineering
Birch & Ann Marie Phillips / Phillips
  Supply House, Inc.                               Savoy and Son, Inc.                            Michael* ’95 & Marsha Cunningham                 Everett Brandt ’66
Primus Technologies Corp.                        Peter & Linda Schultz                            William D. & Joyce E. Davis                      Marc E. Bridgens*
Charline M. Pulizzi / Labels by                  Staiman Recycling Corporation                    Ronald L. & Diane ’75 Thompson                   Douglas & Cynthia Calem
  Pulizzi, Inc.                                  Barry* & Barb Stiger                             Double “H” Plastics, Inc.                        Cal-Java International, Inc.
Jorge A. & Janet R. Querimit                     Susquehanna Bank                                 Duboistown Garden Club                           Thomas J. Campana*
Ransome CAT                                      Turnkey Electric Inc.                            Fish GMAC Real Estate                            Michael & Connie Casale
Schramm, Inc.                                    West Pharmaceutical Services                     Marshal & Debra ’70 Frye                         Caterpillar, Inc.
Sovereign Bank                                   The Whiting-Turner Contracting                   Gilbane Building Company                         Citizens Bank

                                                                                                                                                                    	 1	   One College Avenue
                                                                                                                                          Gifts & Donations
    Al & Jane ’91 Clapps / Burger King/     Student Government Association
      AML Development Corp.                 Allan B. Stukel ’77
    Construction Management                 Texas Refinery Corporation
      Association - Penn College
                                            Charles G. Thomke ’95
    Construction Specifications Institute
                                            Eleanor A. Thompson
      - Northcentral Pennsylvania
      Chapter                               Torrioni General Contracting
    Dennis L.* & Verna J. Correll
                                            Nick J. Vitterite*
    Jim* ’96 & Wendy* ’03 Cunningham
                                            Volvo Construction Equipment North
    James & Barbara* Danko
                                              America, Inc.
    Asesh K. Das*
                                            Wachovia Bank
    The Davey Tree Expert Company
                                            Craig D. Weidemann
    Dick Construction Company
                                            Tom Adams, Jo Hunger, George
    Edamerica, Inc.                           LaMotte Scholarship Fund of York
    Emmaus Constructors, Inc.                 County Community Foundation                       AlumniofPennsylvaniaCollegeofTechnology,WilliamsportArea
    Robert G. Feaster ’73 / The Robert      Zartman Construction, Inc.                          CommunityCollege,andWilliamsportTechnicalInstitutenowuse
      Feaster Corporation                   Ken & Rita Zielonis
    Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher                                                                theonlinePennCollegeAlumniCommunitytonetworkwithfellow
                                            Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 & June
    Five Star International, LLC              Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71                             alumni,stayup-to-datewithnews,searchthedirectory,postnotes,
    Paul K. Fodness ’74                     Anonymous (one gift)                                andsharephotosande-mails.
    Jeannette L. Fraser*
    Bob & Julie Fredrickson                 Scholar’s Club
    H 4 Management Solutions                This category recognizes gifts in the range of   Joan L. McFadden*                        West Branch Valley Association of
    Edward A. Henninger*                    $250 - $499                                      Chris E. Miller*                          Realtors
    Allen K. Henry*                         Michelle E. Aunkst*                              Louis E. Myers*                          Wildcat Power Team - Penn College
    Carl M. Hillyard                        Craig L. Bardman ’78                             Nason Benner Caulking Specialist         Thomas W. Wilson*
    Indiana-Armstrong Builders              Tom O. Billingsley ’72                           Marilyn L. Palmer*+                      Curtis L. Wolfhope ’92
      Association                                                                                                                     Marguerite D. Wollet
                                            Tom & Jane Bixler                                Mark* & Donna* Paternostro
    The Instrumentation, Systems, and                                                                                                 Anonymous (one gift)
      Automation Society                    Stanley G. Boler*                                Edwin P. Payne ’63 & Karen Woland
                                            Brenneman Printing, Inc.                           Payne*
    Keystone Precision Instruments
                                            The Brickman Group, Ltd.                         Dave* ’93 & Gail Pentz                   Century Club
    Kenneth C.* ’79 & Diana L.* Kuhns
                                            Cartridge World                                  Phi Beta Lambda - Penn College           This category recognizes gifts in the range of
    Sandra G. Lakey*
                                            Nancy J. Cochran*                                David A. Potts                           $100 - $249
    Gregory T. Lawrence ’82
                                            Rod Fontanella ’65 / County Line                 Harry L. Rall*                           Accounting Faculty - Penn College
    Lobar, Inc.
                                              Hardware/Lumber                                Larue R. Reese*                          Chad J. Achenbach ’89
    Joseph Loehr*
                                            Rene A. Damin ’72 / Damin Printing               Ryan P. Rex ’01 / R. P. Rex Heating      Terri Savoy Adams
    Alexandra W. Logue                        Company                                          & Cooling
    Wayne R. Longbrake*                                                                                                               Alcoa Foundation #
                                            Dennis Robert Dorward*                           Jim & Kathy Ridella +
    Charles* & Bessie Lowry                                                                                                           Michael J. Allegrucci III
                                            Daniel J.* & Mary A. Doyle                       D. Ed Rightmire ’42
    Magee Rieter Automotive Systems                                                                                                   Christy S. Allen*
                                            Richard L. Druckenmiller*                        George I. Rodgers II / Wachovia
    Henryk R. Marcinkiewicz*                                                                   Securities                             Max E. Ameigh*
                                            Joann Eichenlaub* ’02
    James F. Bowes & Jennifer McLean*                                                        Robert M. Rohland ’56                    David L. Anderson ’66
                                            Larry* & Maggie Emery
    Bill & Carol Metzger, Sr.                                                                Pat Scheib*                              David J. Armstrong ’75
                                            Evangelical Community Hospital
    Ronald* ’89 & Christina* ’03 Miller                                                      Patricia L. Schrader*                    William & Valerie* ’87 Baier
                                            Donald ’70 & Lynette ’81 Fitzwater
    Monument Information Resource                                                            Paul ’77 & Shirley Schriner              Charles H. Bailey ’58
                                            Gary’s Furniture
    Dick & Linda* Morris                                                                     Patricia A. Scott* ’71                   Mark D. ’82 & Shari K. Bardo
                                            George E. & Patricia B. Girio
    New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co.,                                                         Sherri L. Sechrist ’04                   Linda M. Barnes*
                                            Joseph & Cheryl Girio
      Inc.                                                                                   Glenn ’88 & Myra* ’85 Shaffer            Eric ’85 & Judi* ’83 Barr
                                            Karl E. Gochnauer ’71
    Nittany Office Equipment                                                                 Janet A. Sherman*                        Beulah K. Baugher
                                            Daniel & Susan* Hartranft
    Stephen & Trudy Noe                                                                      Thomas C. Shoff*                         Gerald D. Baumgardner*
                                            Robert S. Heiser*
    NWD Construction                                                                         Doreen W. Shope                          Heather L. Beidler*
                                            Don Hendricks
    Walter D.* ’67 & Marion Nyman                                                            Edward J. Sickora ’58                    Penny L. Bender ’88
                                            Carol Herrmann
    OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc.                                                                      Nathan J. Snavely ’00 / Snavely          Donald B. Bergerstock
                                            Edgar A.* & Sandra L. ’01
    Ramon H. Palmer                           Hollingsworth                                    Insurance & Financial Agency           Samuel W. ’76 & Ann E. ’74
    Parente Randolph, LLC                                                                    Harry* & Cathy* Specht                     Berninger
                                            Information Technology Faculty -
    Penn College Construction                 Penn College                                   Student Affairs - Penn College           Berwick Offray LLC #
      Association                           William W. Johnson, Jr. ’77                      Student American Dental Hygienists’      Ed ’75 & Roxanna Bigelow +
    PennTerra Engineering, Inc.             Janice E. Jost*                                    Association - Penn College             Dale* & Shirley* Bittenbender
    Procter & Gamble Company                John J. Kehoe*                                   Student Wildcats of Robotic Design       Melinda R. Blanton ’83
    Patricia Shoff Rambo                                                                       - Penn College                         George & Karen* Bodine
                                            Allan R. Kehrer ’74 +
    Brett A.* ’85 & Karen S. ’85 Reasner                                                     Students in Free Enterprise - Penn       Marilyn G. Bodnar*
                                            Lenora Keiser
    William M. Reigle ’69                                                                      College                                Kimberly L. Bolig*
                                            Dianne S. Keister* ’93
    Constance A. Rice* ’03                                                                   Dana R. Suter* ’78                       Dorlan F.* & Deborah C.* Books
                                            Kimball Foods, LLC
    Paul H. & Tacie E. Rooney, Jr.                                                           Dick & Louise Sweeney                    Clyde L. Brass ’34
                                            Joseph & Pamela ’78 Kranz
    Red Wing Shoe Company Master                                                             Mary G. Trometter* ’84                   Jean M. Bremigen* ’02
                                            Chet & Mary Ann* Lampman
      Tradesman Scholarship Fund of                                                          Tulpehocken Garden Club                  James P. Bressler
      The Saint Paul Foundation             Monica J. Lanczak*
                                                                                             The UPS Foundation, Inc. #               Brian F. Brogan ’82
    John & Kathleen Savage                  Tom Livingstone*
                                                                                             Steven Uzupis                            Gary E. Brouse ’67
    Chet* & Pam Schuman                     Richard H. Lundy
                                                                                             Christopher H. Van Stavoren*             Wesley J. Brown
    Blair & Alice* ’84 Schuster             Paul E. Mach*
                                                                                             Robert M. Vaughn* ’83                    William W. Bubb ’61
    E. B. Schuster Contracting, Inc. #      Suzann L. Major* ’96
                                                                                             Elizabeth Verbos*                        John R. Busch
    Seewald Laboratories, Inc.              Tara R. Major ’03
                                                                                             Cletus Waldman, Jr.* ’99                 Business Management Faculty - Penn
    Wayne R. Sheppard* ’97                  Sandra L. Malinich ’01
                                                                                             Elery J. Walizer* & Charlinda A.           College
    Elliott* & Carolyn* Strickland          Patrick & Trisha Marty                             Collins                                Girard L. Calehuff ’43

	           Fall 2006	   1
  Gifts & Donations
Joseph J. Cammisa ’85                  Forestry Club - Penn College           Phillip D.* & Gail B.* Landers        Edward L. Roadarmel*
Gail A. Campbell* ’96                  Robert E. & Lana K. Forse              Robert Larson & Kathy Best            Douglas J. Roan ’77
Michael ’86 & Pennie Carnahan /        James W. Fox* ’88                      Ted & Jane Larson, Jr.                Gail M. Rollman ’95
  Carnahan Construction Co.            Frank Bryan, Inc.                      Joseph E. LeBlanc*                    Donald L. Romig ’79
Central Pennsylvania Health            Rick & Peg Gahr                        Denise S. Leete*                      Candace Rook*
  Information Management
                                       Harry R. Garvin                        Kathryn A. Lehman*                    Robert F. Rotiski ’57
                                       Pamela Gass & John Hamilton            C. V. ’45 & Ruth E. Leibensperger     Dustin M. Ruch ’02
Lindsay L. Chamberlain ’80
                                       Maryanne M. Gawrysiak                  Todd W. Leister*                      Leo & Susan Ryan
Clifton Clark ’97
                                       H. Wayne Gensimore ’75                 James* & Betty* Lentz                 Corey A. Sarver ’97
Tammy S. Clossen* ’96
                                       Terry A.* & Susan H. Girdon            Richard J. ’80 & Cristine A. ’02      Joan E. Schell*
Jack ’75 & Susan Coates, Jr.
                                       Girio Agency Inc.                        Littley                             Nancy J. Schick
Ned S. Coates & Gayle Peters-Coates
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Gleason, Sr. +    James G. & Karen A. Logue III         Kim J. Seeley
John & Lydia Comerford
                                       Garret L. Graff* ’93                   W. Bradford Longbrake                 Leonard F. Selingo ’50
John M. Confer ’75
                                       Timothy Gross ’93 & Robyn              Donald J. Luke*                       Service & Operation of Heavy
Construction Management Faculty
                                         Lampman Gross ’92                    Gerri F. Luke*                           Equipment Association - Penn
  - Penn College
                                       Kathleen K. Gudgel*                    Lycoming Engines / Textron Inc. #        College
Dawn M. Cool*
                                       Greg L. Gulich ’74                     Malishchak Brothers, Inc.             Becky J. Shaner* ’03
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Corter and
                                       Gloria J. Hackenburg*                  Michael C. Mann ’77                   Joseph G. Sick
  Sadie Braswell
                                       Stephen* ’99 & Calleen ’73 Haefner     Richard L. Manny*                     Carol T. Sims*
Stephen Cunningham ’82
                                       Robert L. Hamaker ’84                  Michael C. Marschewski ’90            Rodney L. Smeal ’77
Elizabeth A. Dahlgren*
                                       Jennifer Hammond* ’86                  F. David & Doris Martin               Steven M. Smith*
Dalrymple Companies
                                       Gene L. Haupt*                         Patricia Martin* ’89                  Jason R. Sodl ’04
William E. Davis ’71
                                       Joseph Hawaka ’56                      Dorothy M. Mathers*                   Carrie Spatzer* ’99
Marianne E. DePasqua*
                                       John & Sharon Hayes                    Vincent J. & Susan S. Matteo          Thomas* & Kimberly* ’96 Speicher
Laura M. Dickinson*
                                       Veronica L. Hemenway* ’93              Eugene Mattucci / Mattucci’s Willow   John E. Squeri ’96
Bill & Sandy Dietz +
                                       George K. Henger ’72                     Cafe and Restaurant                 Lawrence P.* & Shirley A. Stabler, Sr.
Daniel DiGiannantoni ’49
                                       Bradley D. Hengst ’67                  Judy F. McConnell*                    Michael J. Stanzione*
Michael* ’02 & Mary Ditchfield
                                       Philip ’82 & Josie Henning             Steve McCoy* ’84                      State Farm Companies Foundation #
James E. Doebler* ’66
                                       Harold & Joyce Hershberger             McElhinny Brothers, Inc.              Jo Ann Stephens*
John ’73 & Lynn ’74 Donches
                                       Carol A. Hill ’98                      Linda M. McFadden*                    Student Nurses Association of Penn
Adelle M. Dotzel*
                                                                              James C. & Ann T. ’01 McMahon            College
Deborah A. Dougherty*                  Daniel E. Hill
                                                                              Jerry W. McNett* ’75                  Karen L. Stugart* ’83
Leslie H. Dow, Jr. ’79                 Harry Hintz* ’81
                                                                              Crystal D. Michael* ’89               Glen H. Morse ’92 & Mary A.
Charles A.* ’78 & Linda K. ’83 Duda    Abram & Mildred Hodes
                                                                                                                       Sullivan* ’79
                                       Horticulture Technicians Association   Larry* & Ginni* Michael
Michael S. Duda                                                                                                     Beverly Messner Taber ’67
                                         - Penn College                       Joseph & Ann Miglio
Charles S. Duvel*                                                                                                   Bonnie R. Taylor*
                                       Timothy & Christine ’98 Hughes         Jon K. & Michelle J. Miles
James A. Eggleton ’79                                                                                               Richard C. Taylor*
                                       Beverly A. Hunsberger* ’92             Tarah S. Mileto* ’92
Electrical Faculty - Penn College                                                                                   Rick* & Michele Terry
                                       IBM Corporation #                      Emily B. Miller* ’02
Electronics and Computer                                                                                            Jocelyn Thomas* ’01
  Engineering Technology Faculty       Kevin L. Imes ’03                      Joseph S. Miller*
                                                                                                                    Aaron T. Trometter ’93
  - Penn College                       Thomas W. Isenberg ’77 / Iron          Marc A. Miller*
                                         Mountain Construction, Inc.                                                Francesca M. Troutman*
Robert B. Elion                                                               Shane M. Miller ’04
                                       Philip & Christine Johnson                                                   Mark A. Trueman*
Denise Emerick*                                                               Corbett J. & Patricia M. Monica
                                       Frederick J. Kaczor +                                                        David L. Turney* ’01
Barbara Emert-Baldwin* ’98                                                    Randall Monroe*
                                       Rae Ann Karichner*                                                           William E. & Thalia Twaddell
Bruce* ’92 & Cindy ’96 Emig                                                   Joseph Moriarity ’63
                                       Kirk & Michelle Kazarian                                                     Todd L. ’91 & Amy L.* ’91 Twist
Jon R. Engel ’60                                                              Mount Nittany Medical Center
                                       Troy B. ’85 & Kathleen A.* Kelsey                                            Michael Tyson & Marie Shollenberger
Keith English*                                                                N. D. Remy Associates
                                       Charles F.* & Susan E.* Kemnitz                                              Vassallo Engineering & Surveying,
Entergy Corporation #                                                         Michelle L. Nemec-Detweiler ’99
David L.* & Henriette K.* Evans        H. David Kepner* ’70                   The New Columbia Joist Company
                                                                                                                    Edward A. Vavra*
Ed & Michele Farver                    Dale J. Kissinger, Jr.* ’01            Office Information Technology
                                                                                                                    Sarah L. Verrastro* ’82
Leonard J. Fedorowicz ’43              Michael S. Klabunde ’00                  Faculty - Penn College
                                                                                                                    Steven H. Wallace*
David F. Fegley ’75                    Wanda G. Knapp ’05                     Stephanie A. O’Hargan* ’05
                                                                                                                    Daniel F. Warner* ’83
Jim* & Noreen ’82 Finkler              Jacob P. Kuchera ’74                   Stuart & Judith Olinsky
                                                                                                                    Sharon Waters*
Jack E. Fisher* ’94                    James D. Kustanbauter ’69              Panther Valley High School -
                                                                                Harmony Scholars                    Barbara Wayne-Mellott*
Rhonda A. Fisher*                      Janice A. Kuzio* ’72
                                                                              Angelo Patrinicola                    Ronald H. ’78 & Dalene M. ’79 Webb
Stephen W. Fisher                      Keith & Jennifer Kuzio
                                                                              Albert L. Pavis, Jr. ’98              Sharon M. Weiler* ’78
Adrianne M. Flynn ’79                  David J. Lach ’75
                                                                              John ’75 & Lenore* Penfield           Debra L. Welch* ’97
Brian A. Flynn*                        Lambert & Tyson Foundation, Inc.
                                                                              Warren A. Peter ’74 / Warren Peter    Welding Faculty - Penn College
Roy Fontaine*                          Albert E. & Elaine J.* ’79 Lambert
                                                                                Construction, Inc.                  Bernadine Welickovitch*
                                                                              James C. Pivirotto*                   Cathy M. Wetzel*
                                                                              Plastics Faculty - Penn College       J. Michael Wilkins ’80
                                                                              Bonnie Powell                         Williamsport Women’s Tennis
                                                                              Pearl J. Probst ’89                      League
                                                                              Eric D.* & Joanna K.* Pruden          Cherie M. Willits*
                                                                              Michael D. Reardon ’87                Michael D. & Mary B. Wolf
                                The20thAnnualSpringGolfClassic,         Kathryn M. Reed* ’00                  Honkay & Yeechong Wong +
                                hostedbythePennsylvaniaCollegeof        Glorya Reese +                        James & Anita* Wood
                                TechnologyFoundation,Inc.,featuredgolf   James G. Reigle                       Russell N. & Elsie P. Worobec
                                professionalJ.J.Henryandraisedmore     Rick Mason & Anne Rice                Michael R. York ’70 / Seneca Oil
                                than$35,000forthePennCollegeGolf       David S. Richards*
                                                                                                                    Michael & Kori Young
                                ClassicEndowedScholarshipFund.             Thomas F. Rider*
                                                                                                                    Anonymous (three gifts)
                                                                              Charles S. Riegel
                                                                              David Rife & Janice Yaw

                                                                                                                                  	 0	   One College Avenue
                                                                                                                                Gifts & Donations
    Associates Club                            Margaret Crabtree                       Paul K. Harper ’04
    This category recognizes gifts up to $99   Michael L. ’81 & Kelly G. ’87 Crist     Kathy A. Harris* ’00
                                               Beth L. Cummings ’03                    James L. Hassinger ’86
    A.W.S. Student Chapter
                                               Daniel J. Cunningham, Jr. ’90           David M. Heiney
    Eric Albert*
                                               Richard B. & Carmen C.                  Peter Hellermann*
    Betty Jean Allabough*
                                                 Cunningham                            Ross Hemmendinger ’04
    Erling J. Anderson ’70
                                               Gary M. Dahler, Jr. ’85                 Richard K. Hendricks* ’96
    Allison J. Andrews
                                               Curtis V. Dall ’85                      Katye M. Herr ’03
    Donald C. Andrews ’69
                                               Mark & Michele Daskivich                Elizabeth L. Herritt ’84
    Antiochian Village Heritage &
                                               Charles I. Dean ’66                     G. Frederick Hershey III ’70
      Learning Center
                                               Jason A. Deeb ’04                       Constance Hess ’58
    Toni L. Arbogast ’77
    Travis C. Arentz ’87
                                               Robbie E. Dell ’93 / Woodland           Kim L. Hoffer* ’97                    AlumniRelationsOffice
                                                 Gardens & Design
    Christine E. Atkins* ’97                                                           Richard Hoffner ’87                   partneredwithfour
                                               Tricia L. DeVine ’89
    Sharon G. Auker*                                                                   Julia C. Hoot ’85                     Pennsylvaniacollegestohosta
                                               Edward L. DeWeerdt ’43
    Dennis J. Ault ’67                                                                 James & Barbara Hurley
                                               David R. Dewire, Jr.* ’96                                                     NewYorkCityHarborcruise
    Aviation Faculty and Staff - Penn                                                  Joseph A. Ida ’66 / Ida Wholesale
                                               Gregory R. Dick ’03
                                               Barry G. Dierolf ’76 / Barry Dierolf                                          nineguestsrepresentedPenn
    Leslie J. Baier*                                                                   Bonnie L. Ingram*
    James E.* ’72 & Mary Jane Baier* ’02
                                               Michael A. Dincher* ’87
                                                                                       Lou Ann Ireland ’99                   Collegeattheevent.
    Richard G. Bailey ’69                                                              John L. Irwin ’80
                                               Anthony & Kathleen DiSalvo
    Tim & Sharon Baker +                                                               Dale Jaenke*
                                               Darrel A. Dolph*                                                              Deborah Savoy Miklavcic
    Candace Baran* ’76                                                                 Bryan James*
                                               Christine M. Dorman ’91                                                       Andrew J. ’04 & Ashley K. ’04 Miller
    Kathy E. Barber ’95                                                                Wendy D. Janerella ’00
                                               John J. ’97 & Janet S. Dougherty, Jr.                                         Ronald* ’89 & Christina* ’93 Miller
    Peggy Barbour*                                                                     Elizabeth M. Jenson*
                                               Deanna Ellenberger Drabant ’98                                                David A. Miller ’82
    Janet L. Barlow*                                                                   Andy ’66 & Marina Johnson
                                               Belinda M. Drick*                                                             Denise R. Miller* ’93
    George & Dona ’79 Bean                                                             Van A. Johnson ’73
                                               Allen M. Drum ’77                                                             Jacob R. Miller*
    Richard A. Beatty                                                                  Robert C. Karschner*
                                               Thomas L. Dunn ’60                                                            Linda J. Miller* ’88
    Melissa A. Beck ’01                                                                Douglas J. Keiper
                                               Earth Smart Club - Penn College                                               Richard E. Miller ’60
    Aaron S. Bennett ’91                                                               Victoria A. Kellogg*
                                               Eastern Industries, Inc.                                                      William J. Miller* ’93
    Timothy L. Bergerstock ’80                                                         Patrick & Nancy Kelly +
                                               Benjamin H. Eldred ’72                                                        Rebecca A. Mitstifer ’01
    Philip ’76 & Michelle ’76 Bergey                                                   Vicki K. Killian*
                                               Wanda J. Engel* ’96                                                           Andrew B. Mitterling ’04
    Ed Bergstrom*                                                                      Kenneth J. Kinley* ’01
                                               Jeffry B. Engle ’79                                                           Kevin M. Mix* ’85
    John & Susan Best                                                                  Shawn A. Kiser* ’93
                                               Robert M. Eppley, Jr. ’79                                                     Edward C. Monroe ’98
    Timothy L. Bigelow ’66                                                             G. Robert Kissell
                                               Julia A. Erb ’80                                                              John W. Moore +
    Lisa R. Bock* ’03                                                                  Brenda M. Kline* ’87
                                               Alice M. Erdly ’95                                                            Ronald F. Moore ’69
    Sonja M. Boozel ’76                                                                Ron Kodish*
                                               Rose C. Fagnano*                                                              Shelley L. Moore*
    Danna M. Brooks*                                                                   Christopher P. Kohan ’94
                                               Jeremy R. Fairbrother ’90                                                     Ron Morgan ’89 / Office Creations,
    Donald M. Brown ’76                                                                Regis* & Ida* Kohler                    Inc.
                                               Fairlawn Food Bank
    Jay S. ’82 & Sandra K. ’97 Brown                                                   Gary ’65 & Carol Koppenhaver          Ann E. Morrison*
                                               Nancy Faust-Hart
    Wendell C. Brown ’77                                                               Janet K. Kryder* ’87                  Jeri L. Moser* ’97
                                               Lisha D. Feaster ’97
    Michele M. Budnovitch*                                                             Walter J. Landen, Sr.*                Randall L.* ’97 & Kathleen A. ’04
                                               Virginia L. Fedorowicz* ’97
    Guy A. Burdick ’84                                                                 Michelle A. Latshaw*                    Moser
                                               Michael D. Ferster ’04
    Beth A. Burleigh* ’03                                                              Georgia R. Laudenslager*              John L. & Joan H. Murray
                                               Judith A. Fink* ’95
    Jason E. Burns ’97                                                                 Danielle S. Lavinder ’03              Lehman E. Myers ’43
                                               Sandra A. Finnegan ’99
    Keith J. Byers ’66                                                                 Guy Lee III ’58                       Bradley L. Nason*
                                               Raymond* ’76 & Linda* Fischer, Jr.
    Matthew L. Byers ’03                                                               Chad J. Leta ’98                      Barbara J. Natell*
                                               McClure T. Flook, Sr.*
    Donald J.* & LaDonna J.* ’03                                                       Stephen R. Lewis ’69                  Michael J. Nau* ’03
                                               Crystal L. Follmer*
      Caldwell                                                                         Brian R. Long ’87                     James J. Neece ’79
                                               Palmer B. ’76 & Barbara E. Forbes
    Christopher E. Campbell ’99                                                        Harold M. Long, Jr. ’73               Jeffrey & Linda Needleman +
                                                 ’76, Jr.
    Bruce W. Capriotti ’72                                                             Linda D. Long*                        Anthony L. Nieli*
                                               James K. Fordham ’86
    Lisa J. Caputo* ’98                                                                Angela S. Lutz ’93                    North Central Pennsylvania Bed and
                                               Janet Foresman
    Robin D. Carey* ’05                                                                Daniel P. Lynch ’80                     Breakfast Association Chapter
                                               Gregory* & Marilyn ’97 Frailey
    Sandra Carlson*                                                                    Raymond A. Lynch ’72                  Kate Notor
                                               Robert O. Fries II
    James G. Carn ’72                                                                  Machine Shop Faculty - Penn College   Frank J. Noviello, Jr. ’67
                                               Robert O. Fries ’45
    James D. Carpenter ’71                                                             Nnamdi I. Madakor ’90                 Janet L. Oglesby ’77
                                               Thomas W. Fuller ’69
    Mindy L. Carr* ’99                                                                 Stanley J. Maga III ’77               Donna L. O’Neill ’80
                                               Connie E. Funk*
    Verna L. Caruso*                                                                   Danny E. Magruder ’04                 Edwin G. Owens*
                                               Hortencia I. Garcia*
    Central Pennsylvania Institute of                                                  Peter Makosy ’62                      Linda L. Palmatier ’79
                                               Hal C. Gee*
      Science & Technology Alumni                                                                                            Jennifer Anne Patterson ’02
                                               Tanya R. Geer ’05                       Timothy J. Mallery*
                                               Margaret Geffken*                       Ronald A. Marquette ’91               Carol A. Paulhamus*
    Phillip B. Chambers*
                                               William F. Geyer* & Dorothy J.          John G. Marshalek*                    William H. Payne ’93
    Timothy L. Chapman ’99
                                                 Gerring*                              Jenny Maurer* ’04                     Edward L. Perucki, Jr. ’70
    Briana D. Cheunes ’04
                                               Dennis E. Gilbert* ’03                  Babe Mayer*                           Charlene A. Peter*
    David F. Christman ’76
                                               Richard & Joan* Gilbert                 Jeanne M. McCaslin*                   Fred & Ann Plankenhorn
    Richard ’90 & Myreta* ’84 Churba
                                               Bahram Golshan*                         David C. McCloskey ’81                James Poechmann
    Bob & Susan* Teisher
                                               John M. Good* ’95                       Matthew* & Janet* McMahon             John L. Polowchak ’62
    Mary Jane Coburn ’73
                                               Lauren Rhodes Gordon*                   Kathleen V. McNaul*                   Jonathan E. Poor*
    Donald J. Cohick*
                                               Sandra Gorka*                           Brenda (Kacyon) Megivern ’80          Gerald F. Poponak, Jr. ’01
    Timothy R. Conrad ’82
                                               Jim W. Green*                           Shawn M. Melly ’02                    Productivity Products and Services,
    Cliff* & Kathy* Coppersmith                                                                                                Inc.
                                               DeWayne C. Greenawalt, Jr.* ’91         John J. Messer*
    Pat Coulter*                                                                                                             Benjamin N. Pyle ’99
                                               John P. Grove                           Linda E. Metzger*
    Jeffery L. ’76 & Brenda K. ’85 Cowles                                                                                    Ernest J. Quinn ’76
                                               Darryl R. Hamm ’70                      Joseph A. Miele* ’74
    Howard C. Cowles ’41

	            Fall 2006	   1
  Gifts & Donations
Judy Quinti*                             Kevin & Andrea Weinhoffer &          The H & K Group                                  1965..................... $50 (1)
Radiography Faculty - Penn College         Family                             Hanover Architectural Products                   1966..................... $7,913 (9)
Eric Ranck*                              Joseph G. Weisser                    International Comfort Products                   1967..................... $1,600 (8)
Matthew L. Rebert ’98                    Wanda DeHaas-Welch ’86               Knight-Celotex                                   1968..................... $1,250 (1)
R. Kent Replogle                         Lisa L. Wheadon ’99                  Koroseal Wall Systems, Inc.                      1969..................... $710 (7)
Dennis F. Ringling*                      Christina M. Wheeler ’91             Nationwide Insurance                             1970 ..................... $1,933 (8)
Lee D. Roberts ’48                       Danielle Whipple*                    NuWeld Inc.                                      1971 ..................... $735 (4)
Steven Robles                            Max L. & Louise M. Whipple           Kirk Pedersen                                    1972 ..................... $3,136 (9)
Timothy A. Rodencal ’75                  Brenda Wiegand*                      Plastics Development Company, Inc.               1973 ..................... $600 (5)
Linda A. Rose ’82                        Donna Marie Wiles ’00                PNC Bank, N.A.                                   1974 ..................... $3,055 (9)
Andrea L. Ryan ’97                       Josh & Terry Wilk                    Primus Technologies Corp.                        1975 ..................... $3,100 (11)
Mary E. Saar*                            Stanley Wilk                         Watsontown Brick Company                         1976 ..................... $393 (12)
Richard Sahn*                            Cynthia L. Williams                                                                   1977 ..................... $1,958 (13)
Mary Jo Saxe*                            Susan Williams +                                                                      1978 ..................... $1,255 (8)
                                                                              Gifts Valued up to $999
Fred C. Schaefer, Jr. ’77                Williamsport High School Class of                                                     1979 ..................... $5,060 (14)
                                           1944                               Abbott Diabetes Care
Kim D. Scheller ’78                                                                                                            1980 .................... $550 (9)
                                         David S. Williman ’78                ASB Avionics, LLC
Kim I. Schweikart*                                                                                                             1981 ..................... $275 (5)
                                         Alan ’91 & Yvonne ’00 Willits        Beavertown Block Co., Inc.
Robert E. Senft ’67                                                                                                            1982..................... $1,192 (10)
                                         F. Robert Witmer, Jr. ’76            Robert G.* & Nancy C.* ’81 Bowers
Bernadette Servey                                                                                                              1983..................... $976 (9)
                                         George & Joan Wolfe                  Carlton Plants, LLC
Curtis F. Shadle ’80                                                                                                           1984 .................... $1,176 (9)
                                         Todd S. Woodling* ’82                Chaddsford Winery, Ltd.
Marc C. Shaeffer ’04                                                                                                           1985 .................... $1,340 (9)
                                         Janet L. Wool*                       College Loan Corporation
Paras P. Shah*                                                                                                                 1986 .................... $500 (6)
                                         Karen E. Wright* ’84                 Community Theatre League
Carl L. Shaner*                                                                                                                1987..................... $599 (8)
                                         Rick D.* & Theresa M.* ’82 Wyland    Carla Cook
Doreen C. Shannon* ’00                                                                                                         1988 .................... $333 (4)
                                         William & Jeanne Yaggi               Evangelical Community Hospital
John G. ’91 & Jennifer A. ’01 Sheaffer                                                                                         1989..................... $1,091 (7)
                                         Susan A. Yeagle* ’99                 Fairfield Inn & Suites Williamsport
Timothy R. Shepler ’99                                                                                                         1990 .................... $200 (4)
                                         Karen M. Yenger ’04                  Donald H. Foelsch
Max R. Shifflet ’74                                                                                                            1991..................... $292 (7)
                                         James S. Young*                      FYDA Freightliner
Kim E. Shipman* ’98                                                                                                            1992..................... $1,913 (7)
                                         Susan R. Zaydell* ’03                Keystone Helicopter Corporation
Mahendra P. Singh*                                                                                                             1993..................... $1,197 (13)
                                         Anonymous (three gifts)              Kimball Foods, LLC
Christina Smith +                                                                                                              1994..................... $225 (2)
                                         Total of Cash Gifts – $1,259,951     Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-
Marie G. Smith* ’95                                                             Boyle*                                         1995..................... $1,925 (9)
Donald A. Sokoloski ’83                                                       M & T Bank                                       1996..................... $1,457 (8)
Fred P. Sortman ’56                      In-Kind Donations of Property,       M & T Bank Educational Lending                   1997..................... $1,681 (14)
Gregory J. Souchak ’76                   Equipment, Supplies and Services     Richard R. Motter, Jr.* ’73                      1998..................... $915 (11)
Lee R. Spencer ’85                       Gifts Valued at $100,000 and above   Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic                       1999 .................... $1,175 (14)
The Spinello Family                                                           Niagara Cutter Corp.                             2000 .................... $680 (8)
                                         Federal Surplus Property
Glenn* & Cynthia Spoerke                                                      Earl L. ’58 & Lillian A. Parrish                 2001 .................... $1,286 (11)
                                         Ford Motor Company
William A. Sprow ’56                                                          Phillips Supply House, Inc.                      2002 .................... $1,069 (9)
                                         Volvo Construction Equipment North
Harry ’65 & Sue ’93 Stackhouse             America, Inc.                      Sand Castle Winery, Inc.                         2003 .................... $2,171 (21)
Brian D. Stanley ’92                                                          Schaedler-Yesco Distribution, Inc.               2004 .................... $922 (17)
Pamela Starcher*                                                              Snap-On Tools                                    2005 .................... $774 (5)
                                         Gifts Valued at $50,000 – $99,999
Brian L. Stefan ’03                                                           Soldiers and Sailors Memorial                    Total: $64,174 (382)
                                         American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
William F. Stepp III*                                                           Hospital
David A. Sterling ’83                                                         Three Springs Farm
                                         Gifts Valued at $25,000 - $49,999
                                                                                                                               Matching Gifts
Julie A. Sticklin ’91                                                         Trebecca
Peggy J. Stine ’81                       Penn Jersey Machinery Company        Chalmer ’58 & Ruth Ann Van Horn                  Alcoa Inc.
Michael R. ’83 & Sherry V. ’81 Stoudt    Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. #    Vinifera Wine Cellars                             Timothy Gross ’93 & Robyn
Matthew J. Strine ’04                                                         Frederick K. & Louise Wagner                        Lampman Gross ’92
Matthew L. Strine ’04                    Gifts Valued at $10,000 - $24,999    Keith M. Whitesel* ’99
                                                                                                                               Berwick Offray LLC
William E. Stroup ’46                                                         Woodlands Bank
                                         Cooper Atkins Corporation                                                              Ronald H. ’78 & Dalene M. ’79
Joseph R. ’73 & Nancy L. Strouse                                              Total of Donated Services, Equipment and
                                         Daimler Chrysler Corporation                                                             Webb
Douglas L. Stryker ’81                                                        Supplies - $1,008,468
                                         Danfoss Inc.
Beverly Stryker                                                                                                                Countrywide Financial
                                         General Motors Corporation
Linda L. Szuhaj* ’03                                                                                                            Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-
                                         Haas Automation Inc.                 Donations by Class                                  Boyle*
Lon ’76 & Cindy ’76 Tarr
                                         Robert & Susan Klopp                 Year ..................... Gifts (# of Donors)
Ronald G. Tassone ’70                                                                                                          E. B. Schuster Contracting Inc.
                                         M & I Transportation, Inc.           1934..................... $100 (1)
K. Holly Thompson ’78                                                                                                            Blair & Alice* ’84 Schuster
                                         Penn Detroit Diesel - Allison        1941..................... $50 (1)
Dave Tressa ’95
                                                                              1942..................... $250 (1)               Entergy Corporation
Keith R. Troup ’01
                                         Gifts Valued at $5,000 - $9,999      1943..................... $235 (4)                David J. Lach ’75
Tyco Electronics Corporation/Amp
  Foundation #                           DuPont Performance Coatings          1945..................... $275 (2)
                                                                              1946..................... $75 (1)                IBM Corporation
John G. Upcraft* ’93                     Lycoming County Court of Common
                                           Pleas                              1949..................... $100 (1)                 Edward L. Perucki, Jr. ’70
John J. Urick, Jr. ’74
                                                                              1950..................... $150 (1)                 Douglas J. Roan ’77
Thomas Venditti*                         PPG Industries, Inc.
Thomas & Kimberly* ’03 Venti                                                  1956..................... $125 (2)               Lycoming Engines / Textron Inc.
Nicholas A. Vonada* ’83                  Gifts Valued at $1,000 - $4,999
                                                                              1957 ..................... $100 (1)                Michael D. & Mary B. Wolf
Katherine A. Walker* ’98                                                      1958..................... $1,127 (4)
                                         Air Conditioning and Refrigeration                                                    State Farm Companies Foundation
Paul D. Walters ’88                        Institute                          1959 ..................... $1,000 (1)
                                                                              1960 .................... $125 (2)                 Marshal & Debra ’70 Frye
Washington Group Foundation,             Citizens Bank
  Inc. #                                 Edamerica, Inc.                      1961 ..................... $100 (1)              Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.
Amy B. Weaver ’03                        Fairchild Brothers, Inc.             1962..................... $1,600 (3)              Benjamin N. Pyle ’99
Gretchen L. Weaver ’86                                                        1963..................... $100 (1)

                                                                                                                                                 	 	   One College Avenue
                                                                                                                        Gifts & Donations
    Tyco Electronics Corporation/Amp      Davie Jane Gilmour                    Connie Rice
     Foundation                            Suzann L. Major* ’96                  Asesh K. Das*                       2005-06AnnualFundCampaign
     Hurley C. Moll ’83                                                                                              raised$83,746;$62,351was
                                          Frederick T. Gilmour III              John A. Savoy
    UPS                                     Davie Jane Gilmour*                   Terri Savoy Adams
     Edwin P. Payne ’63 & Karen                                                   Deborah Savoy Miklavcic            employees,whohavecontributed
      Woland Payne*                       Arthur & Libby Girio                                                       morethan$500,000since1995.
                                           George E. & Patricia B. Girio        Patricia L. Saxton
    Washington Group Foundation,           Joseph & Cheryl Girio                 Dennis L.* & Verna J. Correll
                                           Kevin & Andrea Weinhoffer &           Davie Jane Gilmour*                 Frank O. & Marguerite E. Bowers
     Samuel W. ’76 & Ann E. ’74              Family                                                                    Beulah K. Baugher
       Berninger                                                                Jennifer Palmer Schlossberg
                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Corter and
                                          Joe & Rosaire Giunta                    Marilyn L. Palmer*+                    Sadie Braswell
    Tributes                                Mary G. Trometter* ’84                                                     Adelle M. Dotzel*
                                                                                Beverly S. Schrader
                                          Richard & Ellen Grubb                                                        Daniel J.* & Mary A. Doyle
    Ellen S. Auchter                                                             Patricia L. Schrader*
                                                                                                                       Hortencia I. Garcia*
                                           Robert & Maureen Dunham
      Joan E. Schell*                                                           Sam Silverman                          Lambert & Tyson Foundation, Inc.
                                          The Kehoe Family                       Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-      William J.* & Carolyn G. Martin
    John & Ruth Beisman
                                           Dr. & Mrs. John J. Kehoe*              Boyle*                               Dick & Linda* Morris
      Dick & Linda* Morris                                                                                             Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic
                                          Ruth L. King                          Barbara S. Stiger                      Pennsylvania College of
    Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Bernabeo &
     Miss Madison Bernabeo                 Joan E. Schell*                       Barry Stiger*                           Technology
                                                                                                                       Fred & Ann Plankenhorn
     Darla Brown Logue ’79                George & Elizabeth Logue              Roy & Yvonne Stiger                    R. Kent Replogle
    Frank & Barbara Bowes                  George E. (Herman) & Molly M.         Barry* & Barb Stiger                  Joan E. Schell*
                                             Logue                                                                     Barry* & Barb Stiger
      James F. Bowes & Jennifer McLean*                                         Joseph C. Straw
                                                                                                                       Michael Tyson & Marie
                                          Senator Roger A. & Mrs. Peggy           Schramm, Inc.
    Patrick & Ian Bowes                                                                                                  Shollenberger
     James F. Bowes & Jennifer McLean*                                                                                 Max L. & Louise M. Whipple
                                            Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.     Linda A. Sweely ’82
                                                                                                                       William & Jeanne Yaggi
    Aliyah E. Boyle                         Wendell C. Brown ’77                  Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher
     Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-       Ken & Rita Zielonis                                                      Jamie & Esther Boyle
                                                                                Brandon A. Tarr & Jared B. Tarr
       Boyle*                                                                                                          Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-
                                          The Madigan Family                     Lon ’76 & Cindy ’76 Tarr               Boyle*
    M. Jaimie Boyle                        Paul ’77 & Shirley Schriner
                                                                                Frederick J. / William F. Thomke     Clyde L. Brass ’34
     Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-
                                          Richard J. & Rose M. Matteo             Charles G. Thomke ’95
       Boyle*                                                                                                         Barry* & Barb Stiger
                                           Vincent J. & Susan S. Matteo
    Joshua S. Boyle                                                             Janet Forrester Turik                Kay Heffelbower Braunegg ’81
                                          John M. McDermott                       Michael* ’79 & Debra* Miller
      Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-                                                                                Peggy J. Stine ’81
       Boyle*                               Steven P. & Mary Ann ’99 Johnson
                                                                                Barbara A. Voss                      William C. Butler
    Matthew P. Branca                     James C. McMahon                       Joan E. Schell*                      Monica J. Lanczak*
     Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher           Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher                                              Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic
                                                                                Dr. Stanley Wilk
                                          Dale A. Metzker                                                             Mark* & Donna* Paternostro
    Kenneth E. Carl                                                              Darla Brown Logue ’79
                                                                                                                      Donald* & Kimberly Praster
     D. Ed Rightmire ’42                   Raymond* ’76 & Linda* Fischer, Jr.
                                                                                E. Eugene Yaw, Esquire, Solicitor     Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 &
                                           Kenneth C.* ’79 & Diana L.* Kuhns
                                                                                  Penn College                          June Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71
    Central Pennsylvania’s Pioneer         Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic
     Settlers                                                                     McNerney, Page, Vanderlin & Hall
                                                                                                                     Lamont Butters
     Joseph S. Miller*                    Ann R. Miglio
                                                                                “You’re the Chef” Interns             Christopher P. Kohan ’94
                                           Paul E. Mach*
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Collins                                                    Paul E. Mach*                       Pennsylvania College of
                                           Suzann L. Major* ’96                                                         Technology
     Darla Brown Logue ’79
                                          Marc A. Miller                                                              Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 &
    Council of Deans 2005
                                                                                Memorial Gifts                          June Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71
                                           Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher
     Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic                                                 Robert Angeli                        Dr. Louis F. Campana
                                          Michael H. Miller* ’79
    Andrea Sushok Coward                                                         Richard H. Lundy                     Thomas J. Campana*
                                           Debra M. Miller*
                                                                                 Peter & Linda Schultz
     Raymond T. Coward                                                                                               Tommaso Campana
                                          Robert S. Mix Jr. ’53                  Anonymous
    Brett Feese                                                                                                       Thomas J. Campana*
                                           Kevin M. Mix* ’85                    Edmund J. & Ada E. Baier
     Davie Jane Gilmour*                                                                                             Marion C. Carl
                                          Scott Colin Moore ’92                  William & Valerie* ’87 Baier and
    Stewart & Marian Finkler                                                      Kendel                              Kenneth E. Carl
                                            John W. Moore +
      Jim* & Noreen ’82 Finkler                                                 Jack Barbour                         Michael J. & Mary B. Casale
                                          Veronica M. Muzic
    Kari M. Fisher                                                                Joan E. Schell*                     Michael & Connie Casale
                                           Larry* & Maggie Emery
     Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher          Chet & Mary Ann* Lampman             Ann Barilar                          John J. Catino
                                           Elizabeth L. Meyer*                   Dennis L.* & Verna J. Correll         Nicholas ’68 & Carol Catino
    Karl R. Fisher
     Robert M.* & Karen M. Fisher         Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Olinsky              Harry L. Rall*
                                                                                                                     Tory Cimini
                                                                                 Candace Rook*
                                           Darla Brown Logue ’79                                                      Jeffrey & Christine ’69 Rauff
    Robert M. Fisher & Family                                                    Glenn ’88 & Myra* ’85 Shaffer
     Marc A. Miller*                      Bridget E. Palmer                                                          Linda F. Clark
                                                                                Carole M. Bergerstock
                                           Marilyn L. Palmer*+                                                         Brett A.* ’85 & Karen S. ’85 Reasner
    Jaime, Adam & Shaun Friant                                                   Donald B. Bergerstock
                                                                                                                       William B. Urosevich*
      Anonymous                           Penn College Librarians
                                                                                Marian Blackburn
                                           Joan E. Schell*                                                           Donald Cunningham / David D.
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gahr                                                      James & Barbara* Danko
                                                                                                                      Cunningham ’81
     Darla Brown Logue ’79                Pearl J. Probst ’89
                                                                                Marcus Bostic                         Donald M. Cunningham, Jr.
                                           Toni L. Arbogast ’77                                                       Jim* ’96 & Wendy* ’03
    Anita M. Gibbons                                                             Lisette N. Ormsbee*
     Trisha Marty
                                                                                                                      Jean M. Cunningham

	              Fall 2006	   
  Gifts & Donations
 Michael* ’95 & Marsha                  Charlotte Knerr Lazar                 Jacqueline L. (Jackie) Longbrake   Hazel S. Sinclair
   Cunningham                            Kimberly L. Bolig*                     Pennsylvania College of           Harold Sinclair ’75
 Stephen Cunningham ’82                  Jean M. Bremigen* ’02                    Technology
 Jennifer Hammond* ’86                                                          Bernadette Servey                Rose & Walter Staiman
 Carol A. Hill ’98                      David Letscher ’64/Gary Levan                                             Jean & Marvin Staiman
 Kenneth C.* ’79 & Diana L.* Kuhns       Harry L. Rall*                       Helen G. Lowry
 Chet & Mary Ann* Lampman                                                      Charles* & Bessie Lowry           Michael S. Suter & Ronald D. Suter
 Phillip D.* & Gail B.* Landers         Brian E. Liles ’98                                                        Dana R. Suter* ’78
                                         Kirk M. Cantor*                      Hugh MacMullan
 Brett A.* ’85 & Karen S. ’85 Reasner
                                         Timothy L. Chapman ’99                Edward A. Vavra*                  John F. Thompson
 Elery J. Walizer* & Charlinda A.
   Collins                                                                     Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 & June        Eleanor A. Thompson
                                        James Everett Logue                     Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71
Helen Damaska                             Kathy E. Barber ’95                                                    Ronald E. Thompson
                                          George & Dona ’79 Bean              Richard K. & June I. Mader          Ronald L. & Diane ’75 Thompson
 Joan E. Schell*
                                          Gregory & Georgann Bernabeo          Michael* ’79 & Debra* Miller       Emily B. Miller* ’02
Dawn M. Davison ’86                       Robert G.* & Nancy C.* ’81 Bowers                                       Harry* & Cathy* Specht
                                                                              Margaret E. (Peggy) Madigan         William B. Urosevich*
 Jeannette L. Fraser*                     James P. Bressler
                                                                               Roger A. Madigan
                                          Douglas & Cynthia Calem
Julia A. Dow                                                                                                     Margaret Torsella
                                          Kenneth E. Carl                     John G. & Catherine F. Marshalek
  Leslie H. Dow, Jr. ’79                                                                                          George K. Henger ’72
                                          Richard ’90 & Myreta* ’84 Churba      Ray & Dorothy Marshalek
Peter B. Dumanis                          Ned S. Coates & Gayle Peters-                                          Russell M. Trapp
                                            Coates                            Harvey A. Martin
 Ned S. Coates & Gayle Peters-                                                                                    Dianne S. Keister* ’93
                                          Mark & Michele Daskivich             William J.* & Carolyn G. Martin
   Coates                                                                                                         Joan L. McFadden*
                                          Anthony & Kathleen DiSalvo
 Kenneth C.* ’79 & Diana L.* Kuhns                                                                                Carrie Spatzer* ’99
                                          Daniel J.* & Mary A. Doyle          Debra Lucie Meyer-Heim ’01
 Chet & Mary Ann* Lampman
                                          Charles A.* ’78 & Linda K. ’83       Lisette N. Ormsbee*               James G. Tsunis
 Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic
                                            Duda                                                                   John & Kathleen Savage
 Mark D.* & Kathleen A. Noe                                                   Clair A. & Mary S. Miller
                                          Robert B. Elion                                                          George J. Tsunis
 Mark* & Donna* Paternostro                                                    Marc A. Miller*
                                          Ed & Michele Farver
 Donald* & Kimberly Praster
                                          Rick & Peg Gahr                                                        Daniel F. Vassallo
 Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 & June                                                 James S. Miller
                                          Harry R. Garvin                                                         Vassallo Engineering & Surveying,
   Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71                                                        Evelyn M. Miller
                                          Maryanne M. Gawrysiak                                                    Inc.
Constantine Evangelou                     Tanya R. Geer ’05                   Minnie Mitstifer
                                          Davie Jane Gilmour*                                                    Ronald H. Wallace
 Chris Evangelou                                                               Tara R. Major ’03
                                          David M. Heiney                                                         Steven H. Wallace*
Paul J. Fenstermacher                     Katye M. Herr ’03                   Tom Muchler                        William T. Ward
 James & Barbara* Danko                   Harold & Joyce Hershberger           David A. Sterling ’83              Donald J.* & LaDonna J.* ’03
                                          Jersey Shore State Bank
Robert W. Ferrell, Jr.                                                                                              Caldwell
                                          R. David* & Joann* Kay              Patricia L. Murray
 Larson Design Group, Inc.                                                                                        Edward A. Henninger*
                                          Kirk & Michelle Kazarian             Pennsylvania College of
                                                                                                                  Chet & Mary Ann* Lampman
                                          Regis* & Ida* Kohler                   Technology
Jordan R. Fitzwater                                                                                               Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic
                                          Kenneth C.* ’79 & Diana L.* Kuhns
  Donald ’70 & Lynette ’81 Fitzwater                                          Henriette Neatrour                  Joan E. Schell*
                                          Sandra G. Lakey*
                                                                               Thomas J. Campana*                 Marie G. Smith* ’95
Harry & Yeuvonne Forrester                Chet & Mary Ann* Lampman
                                                                                                                  Francesca M. Troutman*
 Michael* ’79 & Debra* Miller             Robert Larson & Kathy Best          Harold L. Newton
                                          Ted & Jane Larson, Jr.                                                 Joyce E. Wheeland
                                                                               Richard Hoffner ’87
Charles S. Fries ’41                      Danielle S. Lavinder ’03                                                 Barry* & Barb Stiger
                                                                               Joseph Loehr*
 Robert O. Fries II                       Alexandra W. Logue
                                          Darla Brown Logue ’79               Frances Nicholson                  Allyson Wilgar-Jones
George & Andonetta Girio                  James G. & Karen A. Logue III                                           Sharon G. Auker*
                                                                                Joan E. Schell*
 Girio Agency Inc.                        F. David & Doris Martin                                                 Jay S. ’82 & Sandra K. ’97 Brown
 Joan E. Schell*                          Dale ’62 & Sally Metzker            Robert E. Parrish                   Deborah A. Dougherty*
                                          Joseph & Ann Miglio                  Kenneth J. Kinley* ’01             Deanna Ellenberger Drabant ’98
Paul W. Goldfeder
                                          Jon K. & Michelle J. Miles           Karen E. Wright* ’84               Lisha D. Feaster ’97
 Abram & Mildred Hodes                    Michael* ’79 & Debra* Miller                                            Sandra A. Finnegan ’99
                                          John L. & Joan H. Murray            David Person                        Kathy A. Harris* ’00
John S. Hafner
                                          Bill ’64 & Veronica* Muzic           Frederick W. Becker*               Ross Hemmendinger ’04
  Julia C. Hoot ’85                                                            Michael* ’02 & Mary Ditchfield
                                          Michelle L. Nemec-Detweiler ’99                                         Lou Ann Ireland ’99
James A. Hannis                           Mark D.* & Kathleen A. Noe           Marie G. Smith* ’95                Wanda G. Knapp ’05
  Elizabeth L. Meyer*                     Stephen & Trudy Noe                                                     Richard J. ’80 & Cristine A. ’02
                                                                              Marshall D. Post
  Larue R. Reese*                         Stuart & Judith Olinsky                                                   Littley
                                                                               Peter & Linda Schultz              Sandra L. Malinich ’01
  Barbara Wayne-Mellott*                  Linda L. Palmatier ’79
  Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 & June            Angelo Patrinicola                  Jana Putnam                         Dorothy M. Mathers*
    Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71                 Rick Mason & Anne Rice                                                  Matthew* & Janet* McMahon
                                                                                Kathryn A. Lehman*
                                          Charles S. Riegel                                                       Andrew J. ’04 & Ashley K. ’04
Howard L. & Anna L. Hasson                David Rife & Janice Yaw             Robert C. Rambo                       Miller
 Brett A.* ’85 & Karen S. ’85 Reasner     Steven Robles                        Patricia Shoff Rambo               Shane M. Miller ’04
                                          Joan E. Schell*                                                         Rebecca A. Mitstifer ’01
Robert L. Hite                                                                Wayne M. Schell                     Randall L.* ’97 & Kathleen A. ’04
                                          Nancy J. Schick
 The Hite Company                         Marie G. Smith* ’95                  Joan E. Schell*                      Moser
                                          The Spinello Family                                                     Carol A. Paulhamus*
Beth A. Lamb                                                                  J. Robert Schrader, Jr.             Gail M. Rollman ’95
                                          Barry* & Barb Stiger
 Cletus Waldman, Jr.* ’99                                                        Patricia L. Schrader*            Andrea L. Ryan ’97
                                          Dick & Louise Sweeney
                                          Josh & Terry Wilk                                                       Sherri L. Sechrist ’04
Jeremy Paul Lampman                                                           Norman & Justine Scott
                                          Stanley Wilk                                                            Carl L. Shaner*
  Lisette N. Ormsbee*                                                          Patricia A. Scott* ’71
                                          Michael & Kori Young                                                    John G. ’91 & Jennifer A. ’01
Adele Landesberg                                                                                                    Sheaffer
                                          Thomas Zimmerman* ’67 & June        Grace Shoff
                                            Kilgus-Zimmerman* ’71                                                 Lisa L. Wheadon ’99
 Dennis L.* & Verna J. Correll                                                 Joan E. Schell*
                                          Anonymous (one gift)                                                    Donna Marie Wiles ’00
 Vincent Boyle & Jill Landesberg-
   Boyle*                                                                                                         Alan ’91 & Yvonne ’00 Willits

                                                                                                                              	 4	   One College Avenue
                                                                                                                               Gifts & Donations
    Frances Williamson                      Adrianne M. Flynn ’79                 Edward F. Dombroski ’60                  George Odell ’50
      Pennsylvania College of               Janet Foresman                        William Donahay ’51                      James Ogden ’60
        Technology                          Robert O. Fries ’45                   Michael J. Dougher ’05                   Robert T. Orinko ’68
    Judge Robert J. Wollet                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Gleason, Sr. +   Thomas H. Dubetz ’58                     Kenneth O. Ormsby ’63
      Marguerite D. Wollet                  Allan R. Kehrer ’74 +                 Mabel L. Dyer ’91                        Timothy L. Panaski ’91
                                            Patrick & Nancy Kelly +               Thomas W. Eisenhower ’70                 David A. Pasi ’50
    Chester F. Yaudes ’48                   Peter Makosy ’62                      George T. Fields ’88                     L. E. Pauling ’84
     Fred & Ann Plankenhorn                 Michael C. Mann ’77                   Carl J. Fischer, Jr. ’47                 Leon M. Pawlowski ’58
    Kevin L. Zimmerman                      Richard E. Miller ’60                 Martin L. Follmer ’58                    Richard A. Peterman ’76
     Builders Association of Central        Glorya Reese +                        Max L. Foust ’92                         Fred R. Plankenhorn, Jr. ’48
       Pennsylvania                         James G. Reigle                       Donald G. Fullmer ’48                    John M. Pletcher ’62
     Central Pennsylvania Institute of      Robert M. Rohland ’56                 Arthur L. Galetti ’49                    Robert S. Rarich ’57
       Science & Technology                 Leonard F. Selingo ’50                Joseph A. Gorasi, Jr. ’76                Russell H. Reeder ’48
     Central Pennsylvania Institute of      Christina Smith +                     James A. Greathouse ’82                  Theodore H. Reich (former member,
       Science & Technology Alumni                                                                                           Foundation Board of Directors)
       Association                          Fred P. Sortman ’56                   Leroy H. Green ’56
                                            Harry ’65 & Sue ’93 Stackhouse        William A. Gulick ’49                    Benjamin Renn, Jr. ’55
                                            William E. Stroup ’46                 Edwin P. Hansen ’69                      Norman G. Renninger ’54
    Special Events                                                                                                         Walter L. Reynolds, Sr. ’65
                                            Beverly Stryker                       Tabitha C. Harris ’95
                                            Student Affairs - Penn College        George A. Hendricks ’62                  Laura E. Rowe ’76
                                            Susan Williams +                      Paul E. Herald ’52                       Clair Royer ’50
    (Sponsors and Underwriters)                                                                                            Fred L. Samuels ’65
                                                                                  Ralph M. Hershberger ’63
    Academic Finance Corporation                                                  George H. Hilkert ’48                    Edward F. Seese ’61
    Allison Crane & Rigging                 We Remember …                                                                  Robert J. Shemory ’52
                                                                                  Steven G. Hinkel ’75
    AmeriHealth Administrators / Roche      Alumni, Colleagues, Retirees                                                   James W. Smith ’64
                                                                                  George Z. Hite ’59
      Financial                             Diane M. Amati ’86                                                             Ned H. Smith ’63
                                                                                  Richard C. Holsinger ’87
    Blaise Alexander Chevrolet-Buick-       Francis C. Anstadt                                                             Paul K. Smith ’55
      Pontiac Inc.                                                                Ray W. Horner ’51
                                              (WTI year unknown)
                                                                                  Sidney R. Hutchings ’77                  Lucille J. Snyder ’63
    Blue Cross of Northeastern              Archie W. Baker ’60
      Pennsylvania                                                                Malcolm L. Irvin, Jr. ’78                Barbara A. Spancake ’77
                                            Barry A. Benfer ’64
    C & I Boiler Repair, Inc.                                                     Larry C. Johnson ’70                     Theodore T. Spencer III ’77
                                            Clarence E. Bierman ’41
    Cable Services Company, Inc.                                                  Garnett J. Jones ’82                     Harry D. Stoke ’69
                                            Robert S. Blank ’95
    Canteen Vending Co.                                                           Lloyd C. Jordan ’82                      Donald Strouble (WTI year unknown)
                                            Robert A. Bogle, Jr. ’75
    James D. Casale, Esq.                                                         Blair Judy ’48                           Charles P. Swiler ’75
                                            Jodi J. Bower ’81
    Central Atlantic Toyota Distributors,                                         Ronal J. Kahley ’56                      Charles L. Swinehart ’59
                                            Craig A. Bowman ’83
      Inc.                                                                        Allen E. Kaufman ’50                     Harry L. Swope ’46
                                            Gerald S. Bowman ’70
    Citizens & Northern Bank                                                      Lyle Keeler (instructor, electrical)     William E. Teeters ’57
                                            John C. Bowman, II ’83
    College Loan Corporation                                                      James A. Kellander ’96                   Harry E. Thomas ’48
                                            James J. Boyer ’65
    Edamerica, Inc.                                                               Gregory K. Kerstetter ’69                Glenn W. Thompson ’59
                                            Richard D. Boyer ’58
    Fairfield Auto Group                                                          Mark A. Kesselak ’86                     Ralph E. Trafford, Jr. ’73
                                            Edward J. Boylan ’63
    Fisher Mining Company                                                         Walter J. Kilburn ’64                    Tate C. Troutman ’97
                                            Morgan J. Bradley ’57
    Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.                                                       Joseph F. Kita ’62                       Salvatore C. Turco ’65
                                            Clyde L. Brass ’34
    The Hartman Group                                                             Allan M. Kline ’68                       Douglas Vonada ’56
                                            Audrey C. Brickley ’91
    The HON Company / Nittany Office                                              Robert W. Kline ’74                      Edmond F. Wagner ’52
      Equipment                             Gerald R. Brown ’55
                                                                                  John W. Klinger ’64                      Kenneth H. Walter ’48
    Huffman’s Office Equipment Co.          Marvin L. Brubaker ’89
                                                                                  William C. Lawrence ’86                  Cleon D. Watts, Sr. (faculty, masonry)
    Jersey Shore State Bank                 Joseph M. Buchala ’54
                                                                                  Dean E. Leister ’64                      George H. Weber ’52
    Jersey Shore Steel Company              Robert A. Bucher, Jr. ’79
                                                                                  Wayne B. Lemery ’81                      Terry L. Weir ’62
    Labels by Pulizzi                       Joseph Buckwash ’50
                                                                                  Georgina C. Lewis ’85                    David E. Wenrich ’73
    Legacy Bank                             Lamont E. Butters (professor,
                                                                                  Daniel O. Lichtenwalner ’73              Charles E. Wilkinson ’49
                                              civil engineering technology)
    M & T Bank                                                                    Charles R. Lipsey ’60                    Michael R. Witter ’91
                                            John W. Callahan ’64
    Montour Home Comfort Services                                                 Kenneth C. Long ’59                      Woodrow W. Wolcott ’42
                                            Marc A. Campana ’05
    Omega Bank                                                                    Donald E. Lugg ’48                       Chris L. Yaggi ’83
                                            Anthony L. Caputo ’51
    PDC Spas                                                                      Joseph J. Lumbis ’47                     Tracy L. Yagle ’90
                                            Janet L. Carr, ’64
    Phillips Supply House                                                         Ronald C. Lundgren ’71                   Chester F. Yaudes ’48
                                            Clifford D. Carson ’54
    The Robert Feaster Corporation                                                                                           (instructor, automotive)
                                            Louis S. Castello ’82                 Glenn A. Maciejewski ’47
    Schneider-Valley Farms Dairy                                                                                           Boyd G. Young, Sr. (custodian)
                                            Calvin D. Choate ’58                  Gene R. Mader ’85
    Sovereign Bank                                                                                                         Charles S. Young
                                            Edwin P. Clark, Jr. ’59               Thomas E. Mahle ’64
    Albert R. Styrcula                                                                                                       (tool room attendant, aviation)
                                            Lavon J. Clark ’60                    Raymond L. Mann ’59
    Susquehanna Bank                                                              Charles A. Marcavage ’69
                                            Robert R. Coleman ’47
    Wachovia Education Finance                                                    Charles J. Marshall ’52                  PennsylvaniaCollegeofTechnology’s
                                            Paul J. Colna ’90
    Wachovia Trust                                                                William T. McDonough ’57                 InstitutionalAdvancementOfficestaff
                                            Joseph W. Coup, Sr. ’38
    Williamsport Sun-Gazette                                                      Wanda I. McKee ’63                       hasworkeddiligentlytomakethislist
                                            Martin E. Coyne ’57
    Wolyniec Construction, Inc.
                                            Brent S. Cressinger ’94               Marlin E. Merrell ’57                    completeandaccurate.Ifyoufind
    Woodlands Bank                                                                Carlton L. Milloway ’61
                                            Donna J. Danner ’73                                                            anerrororomission,wesincerely
    John M. Young                                                                 Virginia M. Missigman
                                            Charles R. Davis, III ’00                                                      apologize.
                                                                                    (purchasing assistant)
                                            Wilford C. Day, Jr. ’72
    Commemorative Walkway                                                         Paul I. Montgomery ’50                   Please ConTaCT:
                                            George W. Dempsey, Sr. ’67
    Aviation Faculty and Staff - Penn                                             Betty Moon ’81                           InstitutionalAdvancementOfficeat
                                            James D. Dennis ’71
      College                                                                     William R. Moore ’62
                                            Donald DeRubis ’67                                                             (570)320-8020withanyadditions
    Tim & Sharon Baker +                                                          Charles B. Moyer ’50
                                            Richard L. Devine ’80                                                          orcorrections,orwritetoInstitutional
    Ed ’75 & Roxanna Bigelow +                                                    Ewing W. Mueseler (professor emeritus)
                                            Daniel P. Dietz ’68                                                            AdvancementOffice,Pennsylvania
    Bill & Sandy Dietz +                                                          George R. Murnyack ’49
                                            William R. Dietz ’05                                                           CollegeofTechnology,OneCollege
    Jon R. Engel ’60                                                              Charles L. Murray ’53
                                            Michael R. Dincher ’71                                                         Avenue,Williamsport,PA17701

	            Fall 2006	   5

Retired federal government                  scholarships helped make higher
employees, Frank and Jeanne Strayer,        education possible. Frank earned a
of Hughesville, are the proud donors of     Master’s in Engineering Administration
several Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA).    from George Washington University.
                                            Jeanne attended Dickenson Junior
The Strayers retired to Jeanne’s                                                           technology,materialsandsupplies,
hometown 13 years ago – when Frank                                                         valuedat$1,008,468,werereceived
retired as director of engineering                                                         frombusinessandindustryin2005-06.
                                                  Frank carries a quotation attributed
support in the C- Systems Command,
                                                  to scientist Marie Curie: “You cannot    Federal Surplus Property donated a 1981
after 35 years service in the Navy, and                                                     Beechcraft BE-58P Baron ($434,000) to the
                                                  hope to build a better world without
Jeanne retired as a program computer                                                        aviation program.
                                                  improving individuals. To that end
systems analyst after 25 years with the                                                    Nissei America donated an all-electric molding
                                                  each of us must work for his own
Naval Air Command.                                                                          machine ($110,000) for plastics and polymer
                                                  improvement, and at the same time         technology.
The couple began to frequent Penn                 share a general responsibility for all   A significant educational price discount from
College’s Le Jeune Chef Restaurant. They          humanity.”                                Topcon Positioning Systems enabled the
                                                                                            college to purchase a global positioning
really enjoyed the experience and were
                                                                                            system (GPS) base station and rovers for
impressed with the hands-on experience      The Strayers’ interests in investments          civil engineering technology and survey
students receive at Penn College. In        and education prompted them to
Frank’s words, “both hands and minds        respond to an advertisement about              Penn Jersey Machinery donated three Volvo
get trained.”                                                                               engines and related equipment ($41,604) for
                                            CGA opportunities at Penn College.              diesel technology.
Both Frank and Jeanne were scholarship      They became members of the Visionary
                                                                                           Caterpillar, Inc. continued to expand its support
recipients upon graduating from high        Society and were honored at the donor           for Penn College, providing additional support
school. They appreciate that their          wall reception on April 11, 2006.               for the electric power generation major.
                                                                                           Business and private financial support
                                                                                            provided a required match ($17,845) for the
                                                                                            Engineering School Equipment grant, used to
  WhatisaCharitableGiftAnnuities(CGA)?                                                purchase two electronic total station surveying
                                                                                            sets and five vehicle classifier systems for
                                                                                            civil engineering technology, and a Brabender
  With a CGA, the donor makes a gift to the college, and in exchange, the
                                                                                            volumetric feeder for plastics and polymer
  college pays that donor a fixed amount annually for life. Annuity rates are               technology.
  based on the age(s) of the donor(s).                                                     Support of donors to the School of Construction
                                                                                            and Design Technologies provided five laptop
  Advantages to making gifts to the college through CGAs include:                           computers for instruction in specialized
                                                                                            control applications in building automation
  • Lifetime income for up to two individuals.                                              and programmable logic control.

  • Part of the donor’s gift is immediately tax deductible                                 Koroseal Wall Protection Systems donated a
                                                                                            75-ton hydraulic/pneumatic compression
  • Penn College students benefit from the donor’s generosity for years to come             machine ($3,000) for plastics and polymer
                                                                                            technology majors.
                                                                                           CalJava International financed and guided
                                                                                            the first annual Wedding Cake Contest,
  Contact the Institutional Advancement Office for more information.                        open to School of Hospitality students in
                                                                                            the second-level cake decorating class.
                                                                                            Grand Prize winner received a one-week,
                                                                                            all-expense- paid trip to Los Angeles to
                                                                                            visit CalJava International and take a
                                                                                            class of his/her choice.

                                                                                                              	 	   One College Avenue
    New	scholarships	established	in	005-0
    Bruce R. Borgensen Plastics Engineering Technology                 Tsunis Scholarship established by George Tsunis, owner of
    Scholarship established by the faculty and staff of the School     the new Holiday Inn-Downtown in Williamsport, to honor his
    of Industrial and Engineering Technologies to benefit students     late father, James, and assist Penn College students who might
    enrolled in the plastics and polymer engineering technology        otherwise be unable to stay in college due to serious financial
    bachelor-degree major                                              challenges

    Larson Design Group/Robert W. Ferrell, Jr. Scholarship,            Wheeland Lumber Company Scholarship established by Ray
    converted from an annual scholarship, a fully endowed              Wheeland, owner of the Tioga County lumber company, as
    scholarship by Larson Design Group, a leading engineering,         an endowed scholarship fund to benefit forestry technology
    architectural, and surveying firm, as a memorial to one of the     students from northcentral Pennsylvania
    company’s founding members, to target awards to students in
    civil engineering technology and surveying technology majors       Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Scholarship
                                                                       established by a Maryland firm to assist construction
    Robert L. Hite Memorial Scholarship established by the             management students who are enrolled in the School
    Hite Company a leading family-owned distributor of electrical      of Construction and Design Technologies’ construction
    apparatus, equipment, industrial/commercial and residential        management bachelor-degree major
    lighting, electronics, and data communications and automation
    products, in memory of Robert L. Hite, the company’s founder,
    to benefit students enrolled in the electrical technology majors
                                                                       Established	scholarships	that began making awards in 2005-06:
    Schramm Inc. Scholarship established by a West Chester firm,
    which designs and builds mobile drilling rigs, to generate six     Construction Management Annual Scholarship established
    annual awards to full-time students from Berks, Bucks, Chester,    by the Construction Management Advisory Committee and the
    Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, or           School of Construction and Design Technologies, will generate
    Philadelphia counties who are enrolled in heavy equipment          two awards annually to benefit students enrolled in the
    technology associate-degree, welding technology associate-         bachelor-degree major in construction management.
    degree, or welding certificate majors

    Dwight E. Stoltzfus Memorial Trade Scholarship established
    in memory of Dwight E. Stoltfus, founder of the Berks County
    DESCCO Design and Construction Company, to award
    students in building construction technology, electric power
    generation technology, heating ventilation and air conditioning
    technology, landscaping/nursery technology, and heavy                              A total of 686 scholarships
    construction equipment technology associate-degree majors; or             were awarded for the 2005/2006 academic year.
    cabinetmaking and millwork, construction carpentry, electrical
    occupations, plumbing, diesel technician, machinist general,
    and welding certificate majors

        Fall 2005	   
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             Every gift of any amount to the                   Phone: (570) 320-8020 or
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              Dr. John J. Cahir                     greater community.
            Rep. Brett O. Feese
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     Foundation Board of Directors
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                  Al A. Clapps                      Pennsylvania	College	of	Technology became
               David W. Conklin                     an affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University
            James E. Cunningham                     in 1989. Prior to the affiliation, it was known as
            Dr. Robert E. Dunham                    Williamsport Area Community College (1965-
               Robert G. Feaster                    1989) and Williamsport Technical Institute
                Robert E. Forse                     (1941-1965). Programming was first offered on
            Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour
                                                    the campus site in 1914, under the auspices of
               James P. Huffman
                                                    the local school district.
               Philip H. Johnson
              Dan A. Klingerman                     Today, Penn College is a special mission affiliate
                 Keith S. Kuzio
                                                    of Penn State, committed to applied technology
             George E. Logue, Jr.
                                                    education. More than 6,500 students are
                Robert B. Lytle
                                                    enrolled in bachelor-degree, associate-degree
                  Patrick Marty
                                                    and certificate majors, relating to more than
               Corbett J. Monica
              Ann Marie Phillips
                                                    100 different career fields.
             Dr. William Pickelner
              Charline M. Pulizzi                   President
                Jeffrey W. Rauff                    PennsylvaniaCollegeofTechnology
                Linda L. Schultz                    Davie Jane Gilmour, Ph.D.
              Steven M. Sleboda
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                 Barry R. Stiger
                 Steven Uzupis                      An affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University
                 Robert Walker                      Pennsylvania College of Technology does not discriminate in admission
                                                    by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, age, sexual
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                 John M. Young                      veteran, or any characteristic against which discrimination is prohibited
                                                    by applicable law, and operates on a nondiscriminatory basis throughout
             Honorary Trustees                      the institution.
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         Change Service Requested

                                     Pomp and Circumstance
                                         Student Commencement Speakers 2005-06

“ We are in that awkward           “ What better way to learn then       “Success is something that must   “ We have all elected to create
  moment when accomplishment         to get to experience events first    be earned with hard work.”         our own paths.”
  and uncertainty converge.”         hand?”
                                                                              Ryan K. Zimmerman, B.S.                  Tim D. Case, A.A.S.
       Michael C. Badger, B.S.                 Alan J. Wertz, B.S.                  computer information               paramedic technology
      technical and professional          manufacturing engineering      technology/data communications
                 communication                           technology                       and networking