SAMPLE COVER LETTER May Ms Sandra Mason Director YMCA by tommyadams


									                   SAMPLE COVER LETTER

          May 10, 200-

          Ms. Sandra Mason
          YMCA Lakeside Camp
          22 Lakeshore Road
          Fairfax, VA 22030

          Dear Ms. Mason:

Purpose   Enclosed is my resume for your consideration in selecting teachers for this
          summer’s camp programs. I attended camp as an elementary school student
          for several years and I am familiar with the program. As my resume
          indicates, I have the necessary skills and experiences to make summer camp
          a memorable experience.

Reasons   My concentration in high school has been art, and I have used my training
          and love of all art media to develop projects that would be fun and
          rewarding for children, from pre-school age through sixth grade. Projects
          have included paper and fabric marbling, tie-dying t-shirts, making pottery
          beads, and making natural dyes from leaves, roots, and other items gathered
          on nature walks.

Request   I would like to show you the results of some of these projects and discuss
          my qualifications with you. I have enclosed my resume for consideration.
          Please call me at your convenience. Thank you very much.


          Kathryn Abel
          (703) 555-1212


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