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									             The Bottom Line                  ...a newsletter of Jefferson Economic Development Institute
                                                                 celebrating small business development…
                                                                                                                                           Volume 5, Issue 2
                                                                                                                                             August 2004

                                                  JEDI Expands to Offer a Computer Training Facility
                                                                     to improve business performance and              one assistance. The Initiative will utilize
                                                                     profitability, as well as personal financial       technology to more effectively serve
                                                                     success. Hewlett Packard is committed            communities off the I-5 corridor through a
                                                                     to making the social and economic                remote training lab. And finally, it seeks to
                                                                     benefits of the digital age accessible           provide information and resources to assist
                                                                     to all people through its “e-inclusion”          people in purchasing the right software and
                                                                     strategy. In HP’s “e-inclusion” vision of        hardware for their needs.
                                                                     the future, all people can use technology          We are focusing on the basics so that
                                                                     as a means to learn, work and thrive.            clients can become more familiar and
                                                                     Through it’s Microenterprise Development         comfortable with the use of e-mail, the
                                                                     Program, HP supports and partners                internet, and basic software applications
                                                                     with nonprofit organizations working to           like Excel, Word, and QuickBooks,”
  Some say, “Necessity is the mother of                              encourage microenterprise by providing           states JEDI’s Technology Program
invention.” If you consider this to be true,                         the technology resources, tools and              Manager, David Donica. “As people gain
it will be no surprise that JEDI is creating                         solutions to creatively address important        confidence in their use of technology, and
a Technology Initiative to advance                                   issues in underserved communities.               as their businesses grow and prosper, we
the success of people doing business                                   “Hewlett Packard has invested 2.5 million      will work with them to incorporate more
in Siskiyou County. In today’s world,                                dollars in an initiative that seeks to bring     technological solutions for their business
it has become essential that our local                               the advantages of technology to 17               needs.”
area embrace technology to increase                                  underserved communities,” states Nancy             In addition, JEDI’s center will have a
efficiency and our ability to compete in                              Swift, JEDI Executive Director. “We are          graphics station that will allow people
the larger marketplace. We live in an                                privileged to be a part of their nationwide      to make edits to their website, enhance
area where our primary local industries                              initiative and we are excited about the          their digital photos, produce promotional
have been influenced by changes in                                   difference this will make for the businesses     materials, print in large poster formats,
technology as well as changes worldwide.                             we work with in Siskiyou County.”                and more.
We need to get more connected and                                      JEDI’s Technology Initiative has                 JEDI has relocated to 403 Berry Street in
find ways to make technology enhance                                  several facets. It will provide state-of-        order to accommodate the new computer
instead of rule our lives. Our technology                            the-art technology to both JEDI staff and        training center. Its offices are based in Mt.
initiative is designed to provide an                                 participants. It will supply equipment           Shasta serving all of Siskiyou County with
environment and teaching process that                                for a computer training center within a          microenterprise and asset development
supports people to gain confidence and                                business environment that will provide a         services.
understanding in how to use technology                               variety of training resources, and one-on-

                                                       Making Your Money Work for You Goes Bilingual in Tulelake
 In this issue...
                                                      On May 20th, a group of excited “basin” residents     16, 2004 – on Thursday evenings from 6-9 p.m.
                                                   gathered at the Tulelake “Honker” for their first class   Register early as the classes tend to fill up. Call
                                                   in personal financial management. Mostly women,           COS at 938-5272 to register or JEDI at 926-6670
                                                   and many mothers, they came determined to im-            for more information.
                                                   prove their personal or family situations with money.
Tea Time in Montague .................. 2          Most of the participants were native Spanish speak-
Building Assets ............................. 2    ers, and Laura Perez served as translator while also
Director’s Report .......................... 2
Scott Valley Feed.......................... 3      taking the class herself. She did an outstanding
JEDI Programs & Services ........... 3             job helping everyone understand the sometimes
Stewardship Fund Grants ............. 3
JEDI Workshops ........................... 4       complicated information! The class celebrated its
Web Consultations ....................... 4        graduation on July 22nd and now our first group of
                                                   savers in Tulelake is ready to enter the Building
                                                   Assets Matched Savings Program at the next
  “We are what we repeatedly
  do. Excellence, then, is not
                                                   Orientation, to be held on September 7th. All par-
      an act, but a habit.”                        ticipants must complete the class before they can
                                                                                                                    Making Your Money Work for You
                  ~ Aristotle                      apply for the matched savings program. The next
                                                   class is offered in Weed starting September                                 Tulelake
            Director’s Note                                                          Tea Time in Montague
 JEDI is celebrating                                                              Charlynn Long               Ms Lynn’s Teas celebrated their first birthday
its 7th year of                                                                  has always had a           on July 11th and Charlynn has been able to ex-
operation and is                                                                 passion for the            pand the staff to four part-time employees.
entering a new cycle                                                             Victorian Era. By            One of her biggest challenges is finding the
of development. We
                                                                                 catering dress-up tea      time to do her bookkeeping. As a JEDI client,
are excited to soon
                                                                                 parties for children,      she is receiving ongoing QuickBooks assis-
begin helping county
residents to access                                                              she was able to turn       tance and although she does not “enjoy the
the most current                                                                 her passion into a         numbers,” she is working diligently to master
technology for their                                                             business. Adults           that aspect of her business.
businesses and for                                                               soon wanted their
personal financial                                                               own version of these
management, through our “Technology                                              graceful gatherings
Initiative.”                                                                     and her business
 JEDI has relocated in order to                            Charlynn Long
                                                                                 began to evolve.
accommodate a new computer training
                                                        With a little help from PremierWest Bank,
center, established with a generous
                                                      Charlynn created Ms. Lynn’s Teas in downtown
equipment grant from Hewlett Packard
Company. Our purpose is to assist
                                                      Montague. Ms Lynn’s Teas is like a step back
participants in reaching their goals more             in time. Pampered customers enjoy fine teas
effectively, while we at JEDI also do the             served with a sampling of savories and sweets
same. Watch for the announcement of our               in a beautiful Victorian setting or outdoors in
Open House in early October.                          the relaxing tea garden. “I wanted to recapture
 Several JEDI clients have expressed                  the art of “Taking Tea” to enrich and revive the
that they have received so much value                 body and soul,” says the new owner.                           Corie Gray, Jeeves & Charlynn
from JEDI’s work that they want to give
something back. They have spontaneously
offered donations to support JEDI’s
ongoing mission. As these donations are                          Building Assets Toward Home, Sweet Home
received you will see more friends and                                            One of our Building         Using some tools we offer in our classes,she
community members showing up on our
                                                                                 Assets savers, Amber       made a complete list of everything she and the
donor appreciation page on our JEDI
                                                                                 Star, a single mom         girls needed in a home, and she refused to give
website: Check the website
to understand how donations to JEDI work,                                        with two teenagers,        in to fear. She just kept affirming that this, or
and what benefits you may gain from                                              was notified about 3        something even better, would come their way.
donating. In today’s challenging nonprofit                                       months ago that she          Then she called to let JEDI know she had
funding climate, local community support                                         had to move out of her     finally found a place! It was everything on
becomes increasingly important for all of                                        home because it was        their list and MORE. In addition to the three-
us who care about keeping JEDI active in                                         being sold. Although       bedroom space they needed, she and the girls
our community.                                                                   her stated goal is         all got jobs to go with it, and their home is rent
 I continue to be impressed by people like                                       mircoenterprise,           free. Amber will be managing the Finlandia
yourself making significant changes in
                                                                                 with the knowledge         Motel when the owners leave for Finland.
your lives and businesses. We will continue
                                                                                 she has gained from        And they are offering a 10% discount for JEDI
to do our part to offer you services that
assist in that transformation.
                                                                                 our program,Amber          participants who mention the Building Assets
                                                             Amber Star          began exploring the        Program!
 I look forward to this new phase of
growth with awe and excitement for the                possibility of home purchase for herself and            With the benefit of her new situation, Amber
possibilities. Keep up your good work!                the girls. She had discovered that she had            plans to completely pay off her current
                                                      excellent credit during Making Your Money             credit card debt within the next year, thus
   Respectfully,                                      Work for You, and later found she was able to         putting her in an even stronger position to
                                                      pre-qualify for a loan of $120,000. This still put    buy her own place. In the meanwhile, she
                                                      her at a disadvantage because most homes in           continues to build her own health consultation
                                                      this area now cost more than that. This is why        business, Breathe Free!, using her money
                                                      JEDI continues to work toward Federal Home            from the Building Assets Program. She
                                                      Loan Bank match funds for home ownership!             is on schedule with her savings goals, and
 Board of Directors                                   However, Amber continues to look for that             submitted a request on June 25th for a
 Erika Carpenter, Terra Mai, Inc.                     excellent deal that you occasionally see.             computer system and a cell phone that will
                                                      She was able to stay a little longer at her           facilitate her traveling to on-site assignments
 Kate Mahar, College of the Siskiyous
                                                      original residence when the first buyer fell           with clients she serves throughout the county.
 Colette George, Plexus Pacific Industries             through. But then she got a final notice from          Congratulations to Amber and her girls on their
 April Gray, M.M.P.,Economic Development Consultant
                                                      her landlord.                                         many successes!

 G. Renee Getreu, Building Assets Program Director
                                                      “JEDI offers hard core information for planning and executing. I only wish I had taken It’s Your Business
 Laurie Bagley, Fit                     one year earlier. Great guest speakers! Thank you Stephanie and JEDI.”
                                                                                       Cris Smyrnos of Tolo Grill ~ It’s Your Business Graduate
 Nancy Swift, Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                     Page 2
                                         Scott Valley Feed and Garden is Blooming
                             Walking into the        200% gross profit and decided to call JEDI to      the attractive stores, as well as
                          Scott Valley Feed and      get support in understanding the huge gain. A     the unappealing ones. Also, it
                          Garden store in Yreka,     JEDI business counselor checked the store’s       is crucial to record what works
                          a person feels right at    financial records and encouraged Bennie and        and what doesn’t in your own
                          home. Artful displays      Kathy to continue what they had been doing.       business. Referring back to
                          of planting pots, garden   They also decided to expand and market            this information is essential to
                          tools, animal health       to people further away. This was a great          a successful business. Having
                          care products, and         decision.The word was out about the store’s       a mentor like JEDI for emotional support can
                          feed for small to large    quality and personalized service.                 greatly reduce your stress.
                          animals,make shoping          In 2002, JEDI was called again to help with       Scott Valley Feed and Garden is very
                          a pleasure.                opening up the Yreka store. Tom Waddell, a        grateful to their community and customers.
                             Friendly sales people   JEDI-SBDC business counselor at the time,         They are growing; the staff is great; and their
     Kathy Murray         are standing by to         worked with Kathy to write a business plan        customers leave smiling. Come visit either
answer questions so you get the best possible        that focused on cash flow projection and          location and enjoy the top-quality products
value for your money. According to Kathy             target marketing in Yreka. Now, two years         and service.
Murray, the store manager, their most popular        later, the Yreka store sits on two acres and
items include garden supplies such as pots,          includes feed and garden products along             Scott Valley Feed
fertilizer, and their wide selection of plants and   with a nursery. Beautiful landscaping with          6655 N Hwy 3, Greenview ~ 468-2434
shrubs. She notes, “We had one customer              a wealth of thriving plants and shrubs make         Scott Valley Feed and Garden
look around our nursery with pleasant surprise       the nursery a delightful place to browse and        1536 Lucas Road, Yreka ~ 842-6801
because she thought these kind of unusual            consider the perfect next addition to one’s own
plants only existed in magazines.”                   piece of paradise.
   The first Scott Valley Feed store was                Running two stores is hard and rewarding
established in Greenview (near Fort Jones),          work says Kathy. She encourages others to
during the 1940’s by three gentlemen who sold        follow their dreams and open up a business.
baby chicks and feed. They built the business           There are definite tips she has learned along
up and then sold it to Bennie Austin in 1976.        the way, such as visiting similar businesses
The store continued to grow and then Bennie          and noticing what they do. How is the store set
hired Kathy Murray to manage the business in         up? How are the employees treated? What
1979. Scott Valley Feed was experiencing a           is their customer service like? Take notes on

     Programs & Services                                           First Annual Stewardship Fund Grants
                                                                                                       Weed Museum’s
                                                                                                         • Walking History Tour with Roger
          JEDI’s mission is to                                                                             Zwanziger
          empower people and                                                                           Cross Petroleum’s
         communities to create                                                                           • Outdoor Connection and Stewardship
              prosperity.                                                                                  Kiosk
                                                                                                       Shasta Wildflower Project’s
                                                                                                         • Map and Flower Guide
  JEDI believes in                                                                                     COS Library’s
     • Cultivating local business                                                                        • Mt. Shasta Fact Sheet and website
     • Building a community capable of                                                                 Sisson Museum’s
       creating solutions for the future
                                                                                                         • Mt. Shasta Exhibit Renovation
     • Developing individual economic
       independence through self-
                                                                     Penn Martin                       Siskiyou Land Trust’s
                                                           Shasta Wildflower’s Flower Guide               • Capacity-building matching grant
                                                       The Stewardship Fund of Far Northern            River Dancers and the River Exchange’s
  Service in a Nutshell                              California was founded by the 2003                  • River Clean Up Survey
     •   Business Training                           Stewardship Tourism Marketing Group and           Mt. Shasta Rotary’s
     •   Financial Literacy Training                 its project Coordinator, Diane Strachan.            • City Park to Downtown Trail
     •   Business Counseling                         JEDI continues to sponsor the fund to
     •   Capital Access                              enhance sustainability and economic well-
     •   Asset Development
                                                                                                        Requests for Proposals will come out
                                                     being together.                                   in late fall for a second round of grants.
     •   Technology Training
                                                       In February of 2004, The Stewardship            Watch your local papers for a press
     •   Sector-based Group Projects:
     •   Stewardship Tourism Marketing               Fund of Far Northern California granted           release and/or give JEDI your email
         Project                                     $3700 to 9 worthy projects:                       address and we will notify you. Visit the
                                                     Living Gold Press:                       website for
                                                        • Klamath River Pocket Guide                   more information.
                                                                                                                                             Page 3
                                                                                                                                   Non Profit Org.
                         Jefferson Economic Development Institute                                                                   US Postage
                         P.O. Box 1586                                                                                                 PAID
                          403 Berry Street                                                                                          Permit # 12
                         Mt. Shasta, CA 96067                                                                                      Mt Shasta, CA.
                         Phone (530) 926-6670 Fax (530) 926-6676

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                        Return Service

             Partnering to build prosperity, one person & one business at a time!
           Locally printed by: Gold Nugget Printing on recycled paper          Mailing: Siskiyou Opportunity Center

       Strategic Workshops for Business Growth                                                 Small Group Web Consultations
     Is your business ready for the next step in marketing or financial            Beginning on September 8th, and continuing on the second
   management? How about tips to rejuvenate your staff and create                Wednesday of each month, JEDI will offer personalized
   more team spirit? JEDI has done its market research and found                 consultation sessions for business owners seeking answers to
   that entrepreners want training on skills that will put more money            website design, content and marketing issues.
   in their pockets. They want to work smarter, not harder.                       The 2.5 hour session will be led by web professional Kim Solga,
     Beginning this fall, JEDI’s workshop series will kick off with              and will be limited to five participants each month. Based on
   a marketing seminar called, “Developing Promo Materials:                      participant interest, topics may include:
   Concept and Design.” This is a perfect class for those ready to
   tell the world ( or at least our community) about their products                •   How to create a professional look with a limited budget
   or services.                                                                    •   Domain name registration and control
     Other upcoming workshops include:                                             •   Target markets and user friendly features
      • Strategic Tarket Marketing                                                 •   Search engines and site promotion
      • Setting Up Your Business on QuickBooks                                     •   Link building strategies to increase site visibility
      • Managing Your Cash Flow                                                    •   Using statistics and tracking resources for website
      • Smart Tax Planning                                                             owners in Siskiyou County
      • Excellent Customer Service
      • Take Charge of Your Life                                                  Anyone with a business website, or considering one, will
     See the inserted “Entrepreneurial Track Flyer” for a complete               benefit. Registration is $10, with fee waivers available, on a
   list of strategic workshops                                                   first-come, first-served basis. Please sign up in advance at
     Each workshop is designed with the goal to help business                    JEDI. Sessions scheduled at the new JEDI Technology Center
   owners and managers gain strategies and skills to improve their               during fall 2004 are:
   business profitability. For example, in the financial management
   workshops, participants will gain a fuller understanding of their                       September 8th              6:30pm to 9:00pm
   financial status so they can make smarter decisions about                                October 13th               12:00pm to 2:30pm
   money. The marketing classes emphasize growing your                                     November 10th              6:30pm to 9:00pm
   business using inexpensive or free promotion ideas.                                     December 8th               12:00pm to 2:30pm
     The workshops are fun, dynamic and full of essential skills.
   The instructors have practical, real-life business experience
   they enthusiastically share with participants. Please call JEDI at
   926-6670 or visit our website at for the workshop
   schedule and costs.                                                                                                                     Page 4

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