DT0083 2009-2010 Project Titles by uws18949


									    DT008/3        2009-2010 Project Titles                                      21/10/2009

    Project                                                                                                  Nr of
    Reference      Project Title                                                 Supervisor                Students

1   CD-2010        Using MATLAB for Listening to the Sound of the Sea            Dr Conor Downing              1      Hao Lin
2   DN-2010        Computer controlled waveform generator                        Mr Domnick Nardone            2      O'Flanagan   Grimes
3   PK-2010        MIDI Decoder                                                  Dr Paul Kiernan               2      Keighery     Denton
4   AK-2010        ECG Source                                                    Mr Anthony Kelly              2
5   KT-2010        Acoustic perception, GUI design                               Dr Kevin Tiernan              2
                   An investigation of the famous Logistical map equation
6   PT-2010                                                                      Mr Paul Tobin                        Golden       Burke    McCormack
                   for modelling population growth                                                             3
7   JK-2010        Security over a Point-To-Point Network                        Mr Joe Kellegher              1

    You should arrange to meet your supervisor during the review week to start a self study activity until week1 of term 2.
    At the end of this period, during week 1 of term 2, you will submit an initial report that should include:
     - a specification of objectives
     - an overview of possible alternative solutions
     - a list of characteristics or functional behaviours to be verified
    - a plan identifying the stages of the project to be completed during the remaining 11 weeks
    - a set of intermediate outputs during the course of the execution of the project, to be agreed with the supervisor.

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