The children learned the story of David and Goliath by ouu11658


									Kindergarten News   Religion
                                                           December 11, 2009

                    *Thank you to those who sent in their $1 for the PADS
                    shelter lunch bags. The children will be decorating and
                    filling the bags next week. This is another way of being the
                    “Light of Christ” for others.

                    *The children learned the story of David and Goliath and
                    shared times when God gave them courage.

                    Reading/Language Arts
                     *We finished Letterbook T and have started working with
                    Letter F. Congratulations to all the students who have
                    moved on to Word List 30! Word Lists will start again after
                    the holiday.

                    *Numbers to 100 were introduced. Counting to 100 is a skill
                    your child should master by the end of the semester.

                    Science, Social Studies, Enrichment
                     *We continue to work on Christmas gifts and projects.
                    *Please remember that our Christmas program is on
                    Thursday and is a dress up day for the children– no jeans or
                    gym shoes. Grandparents are welcome to come for the 1:00
                    *All students should report to the Kindergarten classroom at
                    6:45 pm for the evening performance. All Kindergarten
                    students should be picked up in the Kindergarten classroom
                    immediately after they sing their song. Please send one
                    parent to pick up your child. If you are staying for the
                    remainder of the program ,you may bring your child back to
                    the Bernardin Center to watch the rest of the show.

                    *Don’t forget next Friday is a late start day (10:00 AM)
                    and a free hot dog lunch will be provided by the Mother’s

                    *KINDERGARTEN HOMEWORK: Each child needs to
                    practice tying their own shoelaces, zipping, buttoning, and

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