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To: Shipping And Receiving             (Green Sheet)              6073

Print Card Holder Name                                            Project #:                       Source of Fund:

                                                                  Fund Code:                       Flex #:
Card Holder Signature:
                                                                  Program Code:                    CRIS:
P.I. Signature:

                                                                  Account # For Business Office
UF ID # :                                                         use ONLY

Vendor Name:                                                      Order Date

                                                                  Confirmation #

  #         Qty            Material Description / Justification                Catalog #          Unit Price

                                                                                   Estimated Shipping Cost:

                                                                               GRAND TOTAL

Verification of Delivery                                                        Date:

Verification of Receipt:                                                        Date:

Reconciler Intials                 Date                             Approver Initials                  Date:

                                                                                                               REVISED 3/25/08