IN HONOR or IN MEMORY Card Order Form by uws18949


									                     The Guidance Center, Inc.
                     IN HONOR or IN MEMORY Card Order Form

The Guidance Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive
developmental, mental health and family support services to
Cambridge and Somerville children, including the youngest and
most vulnerable, in respectful partnership with their families
and our community colleagues.

Please help us continue this important mission by
making a donation in honor or in memory of someone
close to you. For each donation made of $25 or more,
we will send an IN HONOR or IN MEMORY card to the
person of your choice acknowledging your thoughtful

□ Yes! I would like to make a donation IN HONOR or IN MEMORY of the following person:
  Your Name:

  Your Address:

  Your Email:                                         Your Phone:

  Donation Amount:      □   $25 (minimum)   □   $50   □   $100   □   Other $________

  Type of Card (please choose one)      □ IN HONOR Card          □ IN MEMORY Card
  Recipients Name:

  Please mail card to (if different):

  Recipients Address:

□ I will be paying by credit card.                           □ I will be paying by check.
   □ Visa □ Master Card (please choose one)                      Please make checks payable to:
  Card Number:                                                         The Guidance Center, Inc.
  Expires:                                                             5 Sacramento Street
  Signature:                                                           Cambridge, MA 02138

                    You may either fax this form to 617.547.4356, Attn: Patricia Mallios
                                      or mail it with your check to:

                                         The Guidance Center, Inc.
                                           Attn: Patricia Mallios
                                            5 Sacramento Street
                                           Cambridge, MA 02138

                     The Guidance Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
               Charitable contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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