Redeployment Overview                                                        July 2008


Policy Position
Government policies continue to embrace the concept of security in employment.
Redeployment continues as the priority application for the management of surplus
permanent public sector staff.
Key features and process requirements for Western Australian public sector
redeployment applications are outlined below. More comprehensive information on
redeployment policies and procedures can be obtained from the Redeployment and
Redundancy Policy Manual on the PSMD Website.

Redeployment Key Features
   •   The Public Sector Management Act 1994 and Public Sector Management
       (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 1994 (the Regulations) provide
       the legislative framework for redeployment applications in the Western
       Australian public sector. This legislation applies to all WA public sector
       employees other than a relatively small group for whom redeployment and
       redundancy provisions are covered in federal awards or industrial instruments.
   •   Permanent public sector employees whose jobs have been abolished and who
       are surplus to agency requirements may be centrally registered with the
       Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Public Sector Management Division
       (PSMD) for redeployment within the public sector. Registered employees have
       priority access to public sector vacancies.

Redeployment Model
   •   Current redeployment policies provide a framework for a whole of Government
       approach to redeployment and ensure a consistent application of
       redeployment policy.
   •   Public Sector agencies retain responsibility for the management of their
       surplus employees including the provision of interim project work placements
       and the payment of ongoing salaries/wages.
   •   The PSMD assists agencies by providing and/or coordinating case
       management services to their registered redeployees. The PSMD also has
       responsibility for the development and maintenance of the redeployment and
       redundancy policy framework.

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Redeployment Overview                                                       July 2008

RAMS System
   •   An online Recruitment Advertising Management System database called
       "RAMS" provides for the electronic registration of redeployees. This system
       also provides redeployees with access to public sector vacancies. Before any
       position can be advertised, agencies are required to obtain a redeployment
       clearance by listing their vacancy on RAMS.
   •   RAMS is also utilised to refer suitable redeployees for consideration by the
       advertising agency, and to produce statistical information for reporting

The Roles of Agencies and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Agencies/Agency Shared Service Centres
   •   manage the redeployment of surplus staff including the provision of employee
   •   post vacancies on the RAMS Online system;
   •   provide interim work and cover salary/wages payments for their surplus
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
   •   maintain an equitable and effective whole of government framework which
       allows agencies to accept responsibility for redeployment outcomes and
       effectively manage surplus staff;
   •   develop and implement redeployment policies and procedures;
   •   review and interpret legislation and regulations;
   •   provide and/or coordinate the provision of case management services to
       registered redeployees;
   •   provide strategic and practical advice and assistance to Government and
   •   maintain the RAMS system;
   •   provide mediation services where agencies are unable to reach agreement on
       the suitability of a redeployee.

Enquiries relating to voluntary severance policy and applications can be directed to
Mike McLaughlin, Public Sector Management Division on (08) 9222 9721 or email

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