Ideas for Today and Tomorrow
      Produced by the Public Information Officer
         Department of Community Relations
                  Revised in August 2009

   In 2004, Communications Pl
    I 2004 a C            i   i     Plan was d      l   d (i
                                               developed (in
    accordance with the District’s Strategic Plan). Each year the Plan
    is reviewed and revised by the Public Information Officer

   The Plan is intended to serve as a Roadmap d
     h     l   i i      d d                     d                d
                                                       designed to
    achieve the overall goals and objectives of the district, foster
    relationships with internal and external publics, and build
    effective communication with employees and the community

   It is based on: research and direct involvement with
    stakeholders to determine educational priorities, audiences’
    perceptions, desires, interests, opinions, and needs for
    information and involvement

The Communication Plan:

   Identifies needs of target publics

   Uses key messages and strategies for delivering those messages

   Is planned and includes opportunities for the target publics to
    obtain further information and respond

   Uses a variety of channels in communicating with all publics
    U         i     f h     l i         i i      i h ll bli

   Ensures that communication is timely, relevant, meets the needs
    of the target publics, and uses languages or formats that are
                 for        l    d         d     d     d h
    appropriate f particular audiences, and is adjusted when

                       g    ,          ,    p            ,          ,
    Includes measurable goals, deadlines, responsibilities, resources,
    and strategies

Target Audiences

   Internal Publics: direct involvement in

   External Publics: indirect involvement in
      h l

Internal Publics
   Decision-Makers
    Decision Makers
       School Board
       Superintendent
                    p
        School Principals and District Administrative Staff
       Teachers
       Support Staff
       Students
       Parents/guardians
       Teacher’s Unions/CWA, other professional organizations
       PTA/PTO
       Focus Groups
       SAC Members

External Publics
   Influencers
        Citizens
        Service and Community Organizations
                       y
         Post-secondary Institutions
        Chambers of Commerce
        Education Foundation of IRC
        Service/Community Organizations
        Neighborhood Associations/Coalitions
        Professional Organizations (i.e..: Real Estate Agents)
        Media (local, state, national)
        City/County/State Government
        Faith-based organizations

1.                                     two-way
     Develop and maintain an effective two way communication
     program among internal and external publics to, provide
     accurate and timely information, build customer satisfaction, and
     create an atmosphere of trust and confidence

2.   Increase positive publicity at the local, state and national levels
     through an aggressive media and editorial outreach program

3                District’s
     Expand the District s communications capabilities through mass
     media; television (Education Channel), radio, and the district
     website to provide a wider dissemination of information and
     more two-way interactive opportunities

4.   Respond in a timely manner to all Public Record Requests

5.   Measure effectiveness of program and continuously improve

Goal 1                   Develop two-way communication program

            St t                       l        d i
                       1 1 Develop employee advisory council t
             Strategy 1.1: D      l                             il to
             help shape internal communication strategy and provide
             ongoing feedback about new initiatives.

                 Action Steps:
                  A ti   St

                      1.1.1 Select members for advisory from across all

                      1.1.2 Analyze findings from employee survey

                      1.1.3 Make recommendations for internal communications

                      1.1.4 Review recommendations
                      1.1.5 Select strategies to implement

                      1.1.6
                       1 1 6 Meet on regular basis to monitor implementation and
                       to make further recommendations from employee feedback

                      1.1.7 Use employee input in determining key issues

                      1.1.8 Measure results

Goal 1                  Develop two-way communication program

            Strategy 1.2: Provide recognition opportunities to
             showcase SDIRC employees and community partners and
             their accomplishments/partnerships

                Action Steps:
                     1.2.1 Develop standards to identify outstanding
                      employees who go above and beyond to contribute
                      t student achievement and school safety. (G ld
                      to t d t hi           t d h l f t (Golden
                      Apple, Superintendent’s Award of Excellence, TOY,
                      EOY, etc.)

                     1.2.2 P     t      d t      i i t tS h lB d
                      1 2 2 Present awards to recipients at School Board
                      meetings and at school sites

                     1.2.3 Select recipients to be featured each week
                         “Notebook” d R di Program as PSA/ t ti
                      on “N t b k” and Radio P               PSA/station

                     1.2.4 Post to the District website information
                        l i        h           li h      /        hi
                      relative to these accomplishments/partnerships

Goal 1               Develop two-way communication program

            Strategy 1.3: Increase the capacity of principals, school
             and district based staff to effectively communicate the
             unique strengths and values through media relations
             training, crisis communication, and marketing.

                 Action Steps:
                     1.3.1 Conduct needs assessment of available

                       1.3.2
                        1 3 2 Determine gaps in training

                       1.3.3 Develop training to address gaps

                       1.3.4 Implement training

                       1.3.5 Survey trained employees to assess program

Goal 1                 Develop two-way communication program

            Strategy 1.4: Provide District and Schools simple “how-to”
             sheets on effective image building, media relations, and
             marketing for all schools/district departments.

                         Action Steps:
                              1.4.1 Develop “how-to” sheets

                              1.4.2 Distribute “how-to” sheets

                              1.4.3 Solicit feedback to measure results

Goal 1                 Develop two-way communication program

            Strategy 1.5: Establish communications loop from
             Superintendent to School Board Members to internal and
             external publics

                         Action Steps:
                              1.5.1 Initiate Referral Forms from Superintendent to
                               St ff requiring a response t questions/concerns
                               Staff      ii              to    ti   /
                               identified by School Board members at workshops
                               and board meetings

                              1.5.2         “Friday           from
                               1 5 2 Send “F ida Updates” f om the
                               Superintendent to School Board members every
                               Friday, highlighting important upcoming events,
                               recognition, information, etc. regarding the School

                              1.5.3 Superintendent conducts regular meetings
                               with individuals and divisions to gather facts and
                               information pertinent to the daily operation and is
                               able to better communicate issues to the Board

Goal 1                 Develop two-way communication program

            Strategy 1.5: Establish communications loop from
             Superintendent to School Board Members, to internal and
             external customers
                         Action Steps:
                             1.5.4 Expansion of “cabinet”, now referred to as
                               Superintendent’s Leadership Council, to include
                               Executive Directors and some Directors
                             1.5.5 Revision of criteria for employee and
                               community recognition programs – Golden Apple,
                               Superintendent’s Certificate of Excellence, and
                               Superintendent’s Certificate of Appreciation
                             1.5.6 Improved coordination of calendars for SLC,
                               School Board, etc.
                             1.5.7 Unified Customer Surveys
                             1.5.8 Increased number of board workshops top
                               facilitate communications between board and staff
                             1.5.9 New District TV Shows – Superintendent’s
                               Forum, hosted by the Superintendent bi-monthly and
                               Chairman’s Report, hosted by the School Board
                               Chairman, bi-monthly

Goal 2                      Increase positive publicity

            Objective : Build aggressive media and editorial outreach program.

            Strategy 2.1: Increase awareness, public knowledge and
               d t di       f        tl    l t t       d ti     ll    l
             understanding of SDIRC at local, state, and national level.

                           Action Steps:
                               2.1.1 Develop/disseminate key P. R. messages
                                                                  website, TV, Radio,
                                 targeted to specific publics via website TV Radio
                                 Connect-ED, Community Forums, speakers forums,

                                               y             y
                                  2.1.2 Identify external key communicators and
                                  opinion leaders ( govt. officials, community
                                  influencers, parent leaders, news publishers) to serve
                                  as two-way conduits for SDIRC news, information,
                                  feedback and concerns. Create external key
                                  communicators database for email

                                 2.1.3 Communicate with key communicators using a
                                  variety of methods (email, E-news, Community
                                  Forums, etc,). Meet annually to discuss SDIRC P.R.
                                  issues,        input etc.
                                  issues solicit input, etc

Goal 2       Increase positive publicity

            Action Steps:

                 2.1.4               District’s On-Hold
                  2 1 4 Enhance the District s “On Hold”
                  telephone message as a positive information
                  source, with more frequent updates. Use a
                  student’s voice

                 2.1.5 Expand use of the District’s website for
                  two-way communication purposes

                 2.1.6 Using District’s website, solicit feedback
                  from internal and external publics through
                  online surveys, questions of the week, etc.

                 2.1.7 Survey twice annually; assess results

Goal 2                 Increase positive publicity

        .
                Action Steps:
                      2.1.8 D      t d bli i         h B d
                       2 1 8 Document and publicize when Board members b
                       and employees present at local, state, and national

                      2.1.9 Provide on-going information promoting
                       outstanding District programs, information, and

                      2.1.10 Seek recognition/award opportunities on
                       local, state, national level and nominate appropriate
                       people and programs

                      2.1.11 Provide up-to-date information to realtors on
                       th SDIRC

Goal 2         Increase positive publicity

            Action Steps:

                  2.1.12 Strive for good working relationships with all
                   print and broadcast media who regularly cover
                  2.1.13 Identify local print and media who do not
                   currently provide coverage and establish working
                  2.1.14 Identify state and national media with
                   educational interests and establish working
                  2.1.15 Identify, monitor, link to websites geared to
                   education interests at local, state and national level.
                  2.1.16 Track FDOE website for stories for local news
                  2.1.17 Track state/national issues/trends for placing
                   local and national news stories about SDIRC

Goal 2             Increase positive publicity

            Strategy 2.2: Increase business and community
             participation in District programs and partnerships

                  Action Steps:

                        2 2 1 Conduct bus and brown-bag lunch tours of
                         2.2.1                     brown bag
                         schools for realtors, business and community leaders,
                         and government officials

                                       p                                 p
                         2.2.2 Develop Public Relations materials and expand
                         working relationships with banks, utility companies,
                         Chambers of Commerce, County and City
                         Commissioners, etc. to strengthen partnerships and
                         collaborative projects

                        2.2.3 Solicit participation of business and community
                         representatives in School-based volunteer programs

                           g                     ,         y
                         Target Audience: Business, Community and

Goal 2                     Increase positive pubilcity

            Strategy 2.3: Develop publications to promote increased pubic
             awareness and educate/inform the community about SDIRC.

                          Action Steps:
                              2.3.1 Develop a new general information package
                                (brochure, fact sheet, fact card, Trade show display)
                                2.3.2 Develop Marketing Plan templates and tools for
                                 use by Principals, School departments and District
                                 staff to promote SDIRC

                                2.3.3 Develop materials to highlight Business
                                 Partner, Parent and Volunteer Involvement

                                2.3.4
                                 2 3 4 Offer input as guest columnist in local news
                                 print publications

                                2.3.5 Publish periodic Position Papers/Updates on
                                 key issues facing SDIRC and distribute to media,
                                 community leaders, key communicators

Goal 2            Increase positive publicity

            Action Steps:

                                                ,
                  2.3.6 Produce news releases, media alerts,    ,
                  articles, guest columns, for distribution to all
                  appropriate media outlets

                 2.3.7 Track and analyze print and broadcast media
                  coverage to determine effectiveness

                 2.3.8 Review School Board agendas, monitor
                  238 R i        S h lB d          d         it
                  meetings to identify determine stories/issues for
                  media use

                 2.3.9 Establish regular editorial meetings with local
                  editors to discuss content analysis and coverage

Goal 3                      Expand communications capablities

            Objective: Provide a wider dissemination of information and
             more two-way interactive opportunities through mass media.

                     Strategies: Use television, radio, website
                     Action Steps:

                           3.1.1 Encourage high-profile partnerships by
                            offering recognition opportunities on the Education
                            Channel and the District website
                            Ch      l d th Di t i t     b it

                           3.1.2 Expand scope and use of “Notebook” ,
                             Superintendent s Forum        Chairman s Report
                            “Superintendent’s Forum” and “Chairman's Report”
                            as well as other programming on cable, to promote
                            and highlight innovative and unique people,
                            programs, projects and achievements within the

Goal 3   Expand communications capabilities

            Action Steps:

            3.1.3 Develop programs, changes to fill gaps, if

            3.1.4 Continue to provide live coverage of special
             events (Teacher of the Year, Science and
                         Fair,            Forums, etc )
             Engineering Fair Community Forums etc.)

            3.1.5 Develop Yearly Schedule of district events for
             Education Channel regular programming and special
             event coverage

Goal 4       Public Records Requests

            Objective : Respond in a timely and efficient
             manner to all Public Record Request

            Action Steps:
            4.1.1 Record Requests in Public Record Request
            4.1.2 Review request to determine which
             departments, divisions, schools, maintain the
             required information and disseminate accordingly
            4.1.3 Review information received to determine
             exemptions if any in accordance with F.S.S. 119,
             etc. Contact legal if necessary.
            4.1.4 Determine charges if applicable
             414 D t        i    h            li bl
            4.1.5 Contact requester when information is
            4 1 6 Log response

Goal 5                     Continuous Improvement

            Objective: Increase internal and external public satisfaction in
             the area of communication by 20% over a two year period.

                                      d         l l                d    f
                   Strategy 5.1: Conduct annual climate surveys to identify
                  communication issues or concerns, spot trends, measure
                  impact of current communications efforts, and develop
                  strategies to continuously improve

                      Action Steps:
                         5.1.1 Develop base-line survey
                         5.1.2 Administer surveyy
                         5.1.3 Collect data
                         5.1.4 Spot trends
                         5.1.5 Measure Results
                         5 1 6 Report findings
                         5.1.7 Identify areas for improvement
                         5.1.8 Make necessary adjustments


                 Comm nications            e ie ed
             This Communications Plan is reviewed
                  and revised annually by the
                  Public Information Officer,,
            School District of Indian River County.


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