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					                                 COVINGTON COMMUNITY SPORTS
                                        YOUTH SPORTS
                                        COACHES CONTRACT
I, _____________________________________, understand that my responsibilities as a CCS Youth Coach are of
great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the young athletes whom I coach.
Therefore I agree to uphold the following:

                                           Rights of Young Athletes
    1.    Right to participate in organized sports.
    2.    Right to participate at a level equal to each athlete’s maturity and ability.
    3.    Right to have qualified adult leadership.
    4.    Right to play as a youth and not an adult.
    5.    Right of athlete to share in the leadership and decision making of their participation in organized sports.
    6.    Right to participate in a safe and healthy environment.
    7.    Right to proper preparation for participation in organized sports.
    8.    Right to an equal opportunity to strive for success
    9.    Right to be treated with dignity
    10.   Right to have FUN in organized sports.

I also promise to conduct myself in accordance with the CCS Youth Sports League as follows:

                                            Coaches Code of Ethics
    1.    I will treat each player, opposing coach, official, parent and administrator with respect and dignity.
    2.    I will do my best to learn the fundamental skills, teaching techniques, and strategies of the CCS Youth
          Sports League.
    3.    I will become thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations of the CCS Youth Sports League.
    4.    I will become familiar with the CCS Youth Sports League philosophies and communicate them to my
          players and parents.
    5.    I will learn the strengths and weaknesses of my players and place them in situations where they have the
          maximum opportunity to achieve success while building their skills.
    6.    I will conduct my practices and games so that all players have the opportunity to improve their skill level
          through active participation.
    7.    I will communicate to my players and parents the rights and responsibilities of individuals on our team.
    8.    I will cooperate with the League Coordinator of the CCS Youth Sports League in the enforcement of rules
          and regulations and I will report any irregularities that violate these practices.

With my signature, which I voluntarily affix to this contract, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and will do
my best to fulfill the promises made herein. I realize that failure to follow the contract can and will be grounds for
removal from participation in the CCS Youth Sports League.

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