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									Olympic Consortium Business Services Project

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Organization ___Kitsap Community Resources


Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) is a (501-c-3) non-profit corporation
established in 1967 to meet the needs of families, children and the homeless.
KCR’s mission is to create hope and opportunity for low-income Kitsap County
residents by providing resources that promote self-sufficiency. Our WorkForce
and WorkFirst employment related services provide our customers with pre-
employment training, career assessments, employment skill-development
placements and direct employment leading to self-sufficiency.

Contact Information:

1. Main Office: 802 7th St., Bremerton, WA 98337: Phone: (360) 473-2004

2. WorkSource Affiliate (WIA) Site 1211 Bay St., Port Orchard, WA 98366,
     Phone: (360) 473-2144

3. SoundWorks WIA Site 780 Iverson St., Poulsbo, WA 98370

4. WIA Services at 920 Park Ave., Suite 202, Bremerton, WA 98337: Phone:
      (360) 373-1898


      Consumer Reports

       Consumer Reports can be accessed through our computer lab Internet
            system. Computer labs can be accessed in Port Orchard and
     Access to WorkSource & Local Partnerships

      KCR has the capacity to provide partner services to business. This
      information can be accessed through the WorkSource Web Site.


     Calendar of Events

      Information about local events of interest to business customers is
      available by visiting our offices or calling our offices:

      (360) 373-1898: 920 Park Ave., Bremerton

      (360) 473-2144: 1211 Bay St., Pt. Orchard

      (360) 779-1160: 789 Iverson St., Poulsbo

Employment Services

            Job Listings

             Businesses may go directly to the local WorkSource Center and/or
             contact local agencies like KCR or Employment Security
             Department, or go directly to go2worksourse.com.

            Job Matching with resumes

             In three County locations (Bremerton, Pt. Orchard and Poulsbo),
             KCR has the capacity to advertise employment positions, collect
             resumes and match employee career profiles to employer needs.
             We can also pre-screen prospective employees for best qualified
             employee placements.
   General recruitment

    KCR has the capacity to participate with other agencies in general
    recruitment events such as Job Fairs, Employment Hiring events
    and seasonal Job events.

   Screening and referral

    KCR screens employee candidates to provide businesses the best
    qualified person. We review the employers’ requirements with
    potential applicants to determine best skill and position match.

   Alien certification
    (ask Charmaine about this for WIA)

   Mass recruitment

    KCR has the capacity to participate fully in employers’ recruitment
    process to fill job orders. We can also help plan and recruit/match
    applicants for mass recruitment for large jobs and business

   Screening & Referral

    KCR has the capacity in three county-locations to screen for the
    most qualified applicant or contact a partner employment agency
    for a qualified candidate.

   Customized Pre-screening

    We pre-screen customers, review their applications for minimum
    qualifications and notify businesses through our Business
    Consultant of best candidate.

   Assistance Identifying Job Requirements

    KCR can meet with employers to determine and identify work-skills
    required in a specific job order. This pre-screen tool saves valuable
    time for both business and the potential applicant.
Employment Law

       Federal contract compliance (N/A)
       Affirmative Action/EEO guidelines
       ADA ( Job Accommodation)
       Fair labor Practices

Business Assistance Services

   General tax information

   Audit preparation

   Business Registration

   Individual Business Planning

       KCR does on-site employer/employee reviews to resolve work-related
issues, assist in wage-progression and planning increased and increased hours.

   Tax Incentives

        KCR can assist employers utilize welfare recipients tax credits.

   Welfare to Work Tax Credit

        Information is provided to employers who hire long-term assistance
        recipients. The maximum two-year credit is $8,500 per qualified employee.

   Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
   Experience Rating

   Audit Preparation and Planning
   Finance programs for retention, creation or expansion

        KCR offers employers who hire welfare recipients in our employment
        services Programs retention, expansion and wage progression services.

   Other Business Services.

Unemployment Insurance Access

   UI eligibility criteria

   UI appeal process

Education &Training &Testing

       Apprenticeship
       ID training and education access

        KCR can refer qualified prospective employees to Olympic College and
        other short-term training to improve job-skill requirements.

       Pre-Employment training/ testing

        KCR facilitates pre-employment workshops: Job Hunting modules for WIA
        participants and Strength-based activities for WorkFirst customers.

       Incumbent worker training/testing
       Customized training/testing

        KCR provides customized training and testing for WIA Intensive
      On-the-job training

       KCR provides OJT’s in the WIA and Community Jobs Programs.

Labor Market Information

      Prevailing Wage
      Occupation descriptions and growth trends
      Economic trends and forecasts
      Population and demographic information

       KCR can provide current information on available local labor market data,
       occupational projections, area demographics, pay rates and industry

Business Closures/RIF

      Assistance with WARN

      Shared work

      Rapid response

Additional services

      One on One Business assistance

       KCR can meet with individual businesses to assist in employer/employee
       relationships and training needs.

      Small Business seminars
      On site trainer and support services

       In three county locations KCR provides employment and family related
       services that include: HeadStart and Early HeadStart, Women-Infant-
      Children (WIC), Parenting Education, Housing and Emergency Housing,
      Energy Assistance and Employment services.

     Follow-up services

      KCR provides the employer follow-up services that address work-retention
      issues and skill-training needs to qualified employees.

     WorkFirst Information

      KCR has been a WorkFirst provider for the past nine years providing
      employment-related services through a number of programs including,
      WIA (Adult Employment services), Community Jobs (TANF participants),
      Parenting to Employment (TANF participants) and Career Progression
      (TANF participants)

     Labor and Industries information i.e. Worker’s rights, workplace
      safety, industrial insurance
     Technical Assistance –Disability related

Retain Current Employees

      Training Potential Employees

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