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                                                    (Total # of Applications 131)
                 Area                 Updated as of 4/10/08                             Name of the System
         Accounting                                                1     Business Contacts Address Book
                                                                   2     Business Contacts & Mail List
                                                                   3     Endowment - Balance & Distribution
                                                                   4     GARS (Governmental Accounting Research System)
                                                                   5     Memberships, Institutional
                                                                   6     Object & SPSC Inquiry
                                                                   7     Fixed Asset Software (FAS)
                                                                   8     Accounting Website
                                                                   9     Revolving Funds Database

         Budget and Fiscal Planning                                1     Budget & Fiscal Planning Website

         Business Manager
                                Director of Business Managers      1     Directory of Business Managers
                                                                   2     Business Manager Website

                                Schools of Engineering

                                School of Agriculture              1     Ag Conn Inv. And billing system
                                                                   2     Visual Lab
                                                                   3     CRIS 419 (Current Research Information System)
                                                                   4     SAM

                                School of Science                  1     Foxpro Chemistry Salary
                                                                   2     Foxpro Current Accounts
                                                                   3     Foxpro Shop Billings

                                School of Education

                                School of Management               1     Scholarship Database

                                School of Veterinary Medicine      1     LAMBS
                                                                   2     Clinical Pathology Laboratory Information System
                                                                   3     Hospital Information System
                                                                   4     Pharmacy RX2000
                                                                   5     Appointment Scheduler

         Business Services Computing                              1      Picture Taker 5
                                                                  2      Ghost 8.0
                                                                  3      Zone Database
                                                                  4      Business Forms Used at Purdue University
                                                                  5      Business Services Index
                                                                  6       Business @ Purdue
                                                                  7      Legislative Expenditure Report
                                                                  8      Resource Assignment Database
                                                                  9      Westwood New Hire Database
                                                                  10     Form 100 and Production Issues
                                                                  11     Year End Balance Carry Forward Web Application
                                                                  12     Active Directory Admin Pack
                                                                  13     Hyena 7.2
                                                                  14     Group Policy Administration Tools
                                                                  15     Windows Server Update Services
                                                                  16     AIS Acronyms

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                                                   (Total # of Applications 131)
                   Area               Updated as of 4/10/08                             Name of the System
         Comptroller                                              1     Task Tracker Database
                                                                  2     Comptroller Website

         Costing, Disbursements, and Risk Management             1      Comptroller Signature Delegation Database
                                                                 2      CRIS Facilities and Administrative Cost Study Application
                                                                 3      Windstar Tax Navigator
                                                                 4      Duplicate W-2 Database
                                                                 5      CCH Perform Plus II 2000
                                                                 6      CES Travel Database
                                                                 7      Travel Documentation Database
                                                                 8      Revolving Funds Database
                                                                 9      GAB Robins/ClienTelligent
                                                                 10     Costing Website
                                                                 11     Disbursements Website
                                                                 12     Risk Management Website

         Ecommerce and Credit Card Operations                     1     Outstanding Check Letters - General
                                                                  2     Outstanding Check Letters - Payroll
                                                                  3     ReconNet

         Freehafer Operations                                     1     Document Imaging

         Housing and Foods Services - Business Office             1     Blackboard

         Human Resource Services                                 1      Legacy Metadata database
                                                                 2      Legacy SAS-Share
                                                                 3      Resumix ODS
                                                                 4      Resumix Daily Posting Operation
                                                                 5      Task List Database
                                                                 6      Tracks Monthly Provost Log
                                                                 7      Position Technical Skills
                                                                 8      Direct Staff E-Mail DB
                                                                 9      R4P Database
                                                                 10     Zacharys Law Database
                                                                 11     HEGIS/IDN (New Workforce)
                                                                 12     Maximum Exclusions Allowance Audit
                                                                 13     Extract Files for I2A2
                                                                 14     Staff Roster Report
                                                                 15     Extract Files for Phone Book
                                                                 16     Human Resource Services Website
                                                                 17     Record Purge Review
                                                                 18     Recognition Database
                                                                 19     Retirement Banquet
                                                                 20     Criminal Convictions Records Check
                                                                 21     Employee Relations Tracking
                                                                 22     PERF Tracking
                                                                 23     EAP Referral Tracking
                                                                 24     WEAPs Database
                                                                 25     Employee Wellness Database
                                                                 26     WEB Bus Serv Training DB
                                                                 27     Worklife
                                                                 28     Empl Sat Survey

         Internal Audit                                           1     IA Activity Reporting System
                                                                  2     IA Website

         Payroll                                                  1     Biweekly Held Checks
                                                                  2     Monthly Held Checks
                                                                  3     Special Checks
                                                                  4     Wage Attachments
                                                                  5     Payroll Website

         Purchasing                                               1     VendorLink

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                                                   (Total # of Applications 131)
                 Area                 Updated as of 4/10/08                               Name of the System
                                                                    2     Purchasing Website
                                                                    3     Fully Executed Log
                                                                    4     House Bill 1811 Reporting System
                                                                    5     PS Support Macros

         Sponsored Program Services                                1      A-133
                                                                   2      ASA, Record Retention
                                                                   3      COEUS
                                                                   4      COEUS Website
                                                                   5      Invoice/Check Log
                                                                   6      Major/Minor Lookup
                                                                   7      Ad-Hoc Programs Database
                                                                   8      SPS Website
                                                                   9      Staff Records System
                                                                   10     Voluntary Support

         Treasury Operations                                        1     FUNDACCT
                                                                    2     First Windows

         University Collections Office & Bursar Office             1      Revolving Fund
                                                                   2      Statewide Tech
                                                                   3      Outside Awards
                                                                   4      Bursar Data Warehouse
                                                                   5      Registrar Data Warehouse
                                                                   6      Student Loans Data Warehouse
                                                                   7      Teller Balance Database
                                                                   8      BOSO SOA System (Student Organizations Accounting)
                                                                   9      Bursar FMIS Account Number Maintenance
                                                                   10     Workstudy
                                                                   11     Staff Audit
                                                                   12     Debit View
                                                                   13     Bursar Office Website
                                                                   14     EdTaxInfo Website
                                                                   15     University Collection Office Website
                                                                   16     Fellowships
                                                                   17     Study Abroad Qualified/Unqualified Amounts
                                                                   18     Online Printing of Promissory Notes

         Vice President for Business Services & Asst Treasurer      1     VPBS Website

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                                        (purchased & in-house developed)
Criteria to be on the list:  If the system is out-of-service the back-log of data will be entered into the
                             system when service is regained because it related to business resumption or
                             is viewed as mission critical.

                                The application requires IT skills/resources to support it.

   If either of these statements hold true the application/system should be put on the inventory list. We also
            agreed that purchased as-well-as in-house developed applications should be considered.

Business Area                   Describes the department that is responsible for supporting the
                                application/system. Example: Accounting

Name of the System              Acronym/title    Example: FAS (Fixed Asset System)

Brief Description               In 50 words or less describe the function/service the system provides.

Data                            Is the app dependent on information from other sources (ie. routine download
                                of name/address info from a mainframe file, import a file of checks cleared
                                from the bank, etc.) If yes, describe.

Underlying Software             What language is the software written in?

Hardware Platform               What OS does the software run on?

Workstation/Server              Who administers and supports the server the software runs on? (Department
Administration                  Name, MI, PUCC, etc.)

Production Date                 Date the application/system was originally put in production. If it's not known
                                when the app/system was put into production indicate "prior to 19xx".

Software Cost                   Describes the total cost of the application including any hardware costs
                                incurred. Include the end user effort that was expended in design discussions,
                                Q/A, testing, conversion, etc.
                                If developed in house, try to break down the number of hours it took to develop
                                the system. Multiply the hours by the rate for each person (developer, end
                                user, advisory/steering group, etc.) If you're guessing, use an "Est." in front of
                                the figure.
                                Leave blank if you have no idea of the cost (ex. application was developed
                                over 10 years ago and no info available as to development cost)

# FTE to Support System         This would include the total fte to administer, maintain and train.

Accessibility                   Is the application used by multiple departments?

Approx. Number of Users         Your best guess.

Anticipated Frequency of
Upgrades                        For Example: Every 6 Months

This Document Last              The date the inventory for this application is updated. Thus the first time you
Updated                         create the inventory for the application, indicate the current date. If you update
                                the inventory 3 months from now, for the 3rd application listed, then for that
                                inventory item you would change the date to the updated date.

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