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Summons Form - Excel


Summons Form document sample

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									Top15+ Priority Reference Documents                        Potential Sponsors      Notes

Arrest/Incident Report                                     OASIS, LASD, FBI-CJIS
Inmate Record                                              CriMNet
Criminal History / Rap Sheet                               IL, WI, WA, MD
Arrest Warrant                                             OASIS, WI
Charging Document                                          OASIS, LASD, WA
Citation                                                   LASD, WA
Court Disposition / Disposition Report                     OASIS, WA
Court Document                                             OASIS                   large spec
Court Filing                                               OASIS, LASD             large spec
Court Order                                                                        multiple orders
Driver History                                             AAMVA, PA JNet
Filed Motion                                                                       multiple motions
Incident Status Summary (ICS-209)                          DHS, NIMS
Law Enforcement Credential                                 OJP Security Cmte       identity for a person
Probation Officer Report                                   LASD
Protection Order                                           OASIS
Sentence Order                                             OASIS, WA

Literal                                                    Acronymn
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators       AAMVA
Department of Homeland Security                            DHS
LA County Sheriff's Dept                                   LASD
Minnesota CriMNet                                          CriMNet
National Incident Base Reporting System                    NIBRS
National Incident Management System                        NIMS
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Info Stds   OASIS
Note: This worksheet includes the Top15+ list
Top100+ Reference Documents
The following 101 were collected by SEARCH using the
Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM) modeling tool
(ordered most used to least used).
Criminal History
Fingerprint Card
Sentencing Order
Arrest Report
Arrest Warrant
Court Order
Arrest Warrant Affidavit
Disposition Reporting Form
Pre-Sentence Investigation Report
Release Authorization
Bench Warrant
Booking Report
Court Calendar
Mug Shot/Scars Marks Tattoos/Digital Image
Warrant Execute/Recall
Notice of Declined Prosecution
Search Warrant
Assignment of Counsel
Case/Incident Report
Order for Detention
Pre-Trial Evaluation Document
Arrest Warrant Request/Application
Fingerprint Card Electronic
Minute Order
Progress Report
Revocation of Probation
Search Warrant Application
Warrant Information Update
Custody List
Fingerprint Order
Offense Report
Pre-Sentence Investigation Order
Protective Order
Temporary Protective Order
Conditions of Bail/Bond
Discovery Motion
Filed Motion
Notice of Alleged Violation of Probation
Pre-Plea Investigation Document
Receipt, Inventory and Return Form
Search Warrant Affidavit
Sex Offender Registration Form
Summons Affidavit
Supervised Release/Parole Agreement
Transportation Order
Warrant Confirmation
Accident Report
Appearance Bond
Application for Protective Order
Bail/Bond Receipt
Bench Warrant Return of Service
Custody Slip
Disposition Letter
DMV Abstract of Judgment
DMV Driver History
Extension of Protective Order
Latent Fingerprints
Notice to Register as Sex Offender
Offender Tracking Form
Property Release Request Letter
Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet
Subpoena Return of Service
Victim Notification Letter
Warrant Request/Application
Warrant Return of Service
Application for Extension of Protective Order
Application for Temporary Protective Order
Apprehension and Detention Order
Arrest Warrant Certificate of Service
Bail/Bond Revocation
Bench Warrant Affidavit
Bench Warrant Request/Application
Diversion Agreement
DMV Drivers License Status
DMV FTA/P Notice
DMV FTA/P Release
DMV Vehicle Registration Status
Expungement Order
Field Contact Report
Findings of Fact and Order
Foreign Protective Order
INS Alien Notification
Judicial Determination of Probable Cause to Detain
Juvenile Disposition Reporting Form
Juvenile Petition
Latent Match Confirmation
Latent Match Not Found
Personal Recognizance Bond
Registration of Foreign Protective Order
Search Warrant Return of Service
Summons Application
Summons Return of Service
Termination of Protective Order
Other Reference Documents
These documents are on the Top15+
and Top100+, but were not in the
original 101 identified by SEARCH.
Court Document (v1.1 DTD spec)
Court Filing (v1.1 DTD spec)
Inmate Record
Incident Status Summary (ICS-209)
Law Enforcement Credential

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