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									                                  Cornell Law School
                                Confidentiality Agreement

As an employee of Cornell University, your position may require you to have access to
confidential information. The purpose of this statement and agreement is to ensure
complete understanding of the responsibilities that come with access to confidential

Cornell University Policy 4.6, Standards of Ethical Conduct, states:

       “Use of confidential information acquired in the course of university affiliation is
       only for official or legal purposes and not for personal or illegal advantages
       during or after such affiliation.”

As an employee of Cornell University who may have access to confidential information, I
hereby agree to the following:

   1. Confidentiality: I understand that in the course of my employment at the Cornell
      Law School, I may be exposed to confidential information. I further understand
      that as custodian of such information belonging to Cornell or the Law School
      and/or other persons or organization, that some of this information is protected
      from disclosures by federal and state law and/or Cornell policy.

       I agree to treat confidential all information that:

               a. I know is confidential, or
               b. That is marked as confidential, or
               c. That has been identified to me as confidential.

       I will not knowingly disclose this information to any unauthorized person and will
       take reasonable precautions to prevent its disclosure to unauthorized persons.
       Management may authorize the disclosure of such material by me to other

   2. Use: I agree not to use information except to the extent necessary to perform my
      job function. I further agree to refrain from misusing access to information for
      personal gain of others or myself.

       At all times, I will refrain from:

              Looking up and disclosing information for friends or relatives;
              Disclosing confidential information to anyone who does not have
               authorization to access it on his/her own;
              Using information in order to support my own compensation, title, or
               Responding to inquiries which, in any way, may violate the above policy;
               Accessing information not required for me to do my job.

   3. Exclusions: Obligations pertaining to confidential or use contained in this
      agreement shall not apply to any information that:

               Is developed independently, or
               Is, or has become, publicly available, or
               Is received from a third party, and not considered confidential, or
               Is released for disclosure by its owner.

Terms of Agreement: I understand that a violation of this agreement could result in
disciplinary action up to and including termination; and agree to be bound by the
obligations of this agreement even after the termination of my employment.

By my signature below, I agree to abide by this Confidentiality Agreement.

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