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Help Writing Business Plan

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					                                                    Making My World Better - Timeline
     Monday                 Tuesday                  Wednesday                Thursday                  Friday               Saturday              Sunday
               1-Feb                       2-Feb                  3-Feb                   4-Feb                   5-Feb                 6-Feb                7-Feb
Introduction question   Discuss three ideas        Review project info    Finalize goals          IN LIBRARY
for HW                  in class                   Discuss sources        Complete initial
(List three ways you    View website:              (news, magazine,       research                Research on topic
think you could            websites)              Discuss careers
change your world)                                                        related to topic and    Assign open-ended
                        HW: Determine your HW: Follow up on               businesses that may     questions
                        goal; explain why; writing up goal info           help
                        basic plan; website and plan                      HW: rough timeline
               8-Feb                       9-Feb                10-Feb                   11-Feb                 12-Feb                 13-Feb               14-Feb
Discuss how topic       Determine sources          IN LIBRARY             NO SCHOOL               NO SCHOOL                NO SCHOOL            NO SCHOOL
relates to possible     and keep track of
careers chosen;         career info for            Research five (5)
Look up 5 quotes        your research              businesses that
related to topic                                   might help you with
HW: work on             HW: work on                your goal; explain
timeline, goals,        timeline, goals,           how they would help
research                research
              15-Feb                  16-Feb                    17-Feb                   18-Feb                 19-Feb                 20-Feb               21-Feb
NO SCHOOL               Discuss info that    COMPUTER LAB                 Discuss portfolio     Portfolio due 2/22
                        might persuade                                                          Portfolio to include
                        people to see your Draft persuasive               HW: begin to          on separate sheets
                        project as important writing focused on           finalize career info, of paper: career info,
                                             getting people to            business/addresses quotations, business
                        Discuss how to find help your goal
                                             with                         quotations, timeline, info (addresses),
                        mailing addresses                                 open-ended            timeline, open-
                        for businesses                                    responses             ended
              22-Feb                  23-Feb                    24-Feb                   25-Feb                 26-Feb                 27-Feb               28-Feb
Begin projects          Review business            Use career info to     Address envelope;       Business Letter and
Hand in portfolio       letters (draft more        help guide business    read letters in class   envelopes due
Discuss business        than one)                  letter; get peer       and feedback            Discuss resumes
letters in class                                   feedback               HW: envelope and        IN LIBRARY
IN LIBRARY                                                                gather PROOF;           HW: PROOF and
HW: get envelope,       HW: envelope and           HW: envelope and       letter/envelope due     reflective writing due
gather PROOF            gather PROOF               gather PROOF           tomorrow 2/26           on Monday 3/1
               1-Mar                  2-Mar                   3-Mar                 4-Mar                    5-Mar             6-Mar             7-Mar
Reflective writing #1 Discuss friendly        Friendly letter peer                          Friendly letter final
and PROOF due         letters, persuasive     feedback                                      draft due
                      strategy, audience
Friendly Letters and                                                                        IN LIBRARY
being persuasive
using research                                                                              HW: PROOF,
                      HW: PROOF and           HW: PROOF and                                 reflective writing #2,
HW: PROOF             letter draft due        revise letters                                 due 3/8
               8-Mar                  9-Mar                 10-Mar                 11-Mar                  12-Mar             13-Mar            14-Mar
Reflective writing #2 Expository writing      Expository "career"     Listen to expository Expository career
and PROOF due         about two careers       peer feedback           career essays;       essay due
                      related to project;                             feedback
Review MLA style; discuss how to use                                                       COMPUTER LAB
incorporating quotes quotes
                                                                                            HW: PROOF,
                       HW: PROOF and          HW: PROOF and       HW: PROOF and             reflective writing #3,
HW: PROOF              begin essay draft      revise career essay finalize essay             due 3/15
              15-Mar                 16-Mar                 17-Mar                 18-Mar                  19-Mar             20-Mar            21-Mar
Reflective writing #3 Explanatory writing     Explanatory essay       Listen to explanatory Explanatory essay
and PROOF due         review; discuss         peer feedback           essays; feedback      due
                      essay using one of
Project review        5 quotes you found                              Discuss how you       IN LIBRARY
                                                                      are making a
                                                                      difference            HW: PROOF,
                       HW: PROOF and          HW: PROOF and           HW: PROOF and         reflective writing #4,
HW: PROOF              begin essay draft      revise essay            finalize essay         due 3/22
              22-Mar                 23-Mar                 24-Mar                 25-Mar                  26-Mar             27-Mar            28-Mar
Reflective writing #4 Speculative peer        Speculative peer                              Speculative essay        SPRING BREAK      SPRING BREAK
and PROOF due         feedback                feedback                                      due

Review speculative
writing; begin draft                                                                        COMPUTER LAB

                                                                                            HW: PROOF,
                       HW: PROOF and          HW: PROOF and           HW: PROOF and         reflective writing #5,
HW: PROOF              revise essay draft     revise essay draft      finalize essay         due 4/6
         29-Mar                   30-Mar                 31-Mar                   1-Apr              2-Apr              3-Apr              4-Apr

           5-Apr                   6-Apr                  7-Apr                   8-Apr              9-Apr             10-Apr             11-Apr
SPRING BREAK       Reflective writing #5 Submit copy of the        Submit portfolio
                   and PROOF due         response to your          and reflective
                                         buiness letter            writing #6

                                           HW: Reflective
                                           writing #6 "Final
                   HW: Assemble            thoughts on project";
                   portfolio w/all work    portfoliio due 4/8

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