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                                         Averting Disaster

                                             Leslie VanSant
                                     Global Emergency Group, LLC
                                           Weekend In Boca
                                           8 December 2009
Part 1
Hazards and Risk


Why is it so important to have a
business disaster plan?

• Maintaining business continuity is critical for
• In larger sense, getting back to business is good
• The greater community network

                                       HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
                                HAZARDS are things we can’t stop
                                from happening, but we can
What are my
                                mitigate their impact.
What is my risk?
                                RISKS can be avoided through
haz⋅ard: [haz-erd] an           planning and awareness. The
unavoidable danger or risk,
even though often foreseeable   challenge is learning to recognize
                                risk and where our business is
Risk: [risk]: exposure to the   vulnerable.
chance of injury or loss

                                                      HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
Case Study Review

• What are the possible hazards?
• What are the risks?
• What is the affected community

                               HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
                 Hatty is the president and founder of a Boise City,
                 OK, non-profit that operates a shelter for small and
                 large animals. The facility sits on 5 acres near a
                 river, on donated property. Currently 15 cats, 10
                 dogs, 2 hamsters, 1 rooster, 1 iguana, 1 alpaca
                 and 2 pot-bellied pigs are in residence. The shelter
                 can house up to 30 cats, 25 dogs and other
                 animals accepted based on available space.

                 Shelter maintenance, animal care and support is
Case Study:      performed primarily by volunteers.
Non-Profit       Hatty has a relationship with a local Pet Smart
Animal Shelter   store that serves as a collection point for donated
                 animal food. Many area veterinarians offer
                 reduced rates or donate services to the shelter
                 animals. Following a recent power outage after a
                 storm that lasted for 3 days, a generator was
                 donated to the shelter.

                                                   HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
                 Ian owns a regional logistics and supply
                 company in Northern Florida. His primary client
                 is a major food supplier that services schools,
                 hospitals and assisted living facilities across the
                 state, straddling I-75 and I-10. From Ocala to
                 Jacksonville to Tallahassee, the company
                 ensures guaranteed on-time delivery.

Case Study:      Ian’s company also warehouses perishable and
                 non-perishable items. He has a cold storage
Small Business   facility of 2 million sq ft. 20 drivers and 15 trucks
Logistics Firm   deliver an average 240 tons per week to more
                 than 80 facilities.

                 Retired USMC Sgt., Ian hires mostly veterans
                 including several recently returned from Iraq. An
                 office staff of 10 runs the administration, sales
                 and HR.

                                                   HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
                 Mary and her husband own a technology firm
                 outside Washington DC in semi-rural Virginia.
                 The firm holds a number government contracts
                 for service to networks and pcs, hosting email
                 and websites; while also serving a number of
                 local businesses and non-profits. When the firm
                 purchased a new office suite, they installed a
                 generator to ensure the power supply. Many of
Case Study:      the staff are often on a job site, but a core (5)
Small Business   are in the office daily.

IT Services      Mary runs the company and manages her
                 family. She is often away from the business
                 taking her son to ice hockey events. Jean
                 assists Mary in the administration of the

                                                 HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
    Business Disaster Planning
Set baselines:
•   What required for 25% capacity? 50%? 75%?
•   Establish and distribute safety protocols.
•   Who performs mission critical tasks?
•   How is this communicated?

Set goals:
• Maintain employee loyalty.
• Grow customer satisfaction.
• Grow business.

                                       HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
Where are you vulnerable?

• Determine vulnerability through system
   • List business critical functions.
   • Review organizational chart

• External vulnerability network
   • Define community and prioritize

                                         HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
               Review organization
               • By title, function, name, priority

               Internal Communication
               • What are protocols
People First
               •How can you support employees, the
               community, while maintaining business and
               customer expectations?

                                              HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
   Organizational Chart by Title


            Program                             Program
             Officer                             Officer

Program Staff      Program Staff   Program Staff       Program Staff

                                                       HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
   Organizational Chart by Function

                                     Finance, HR,
                                     New Business

                                                   Event                  AP, AR,
       Donor Relations,
                                                Management,             Coordination,
                                               Donor Relations,           Support,
                                               Communication           Representation

Program            Grant writing,      Program                Program
Delivery,            Program           Delivery,           Delivery, Event
Logistics            Delivery          Website                Support

                                                           HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING
Organizational Chart by Name

                  Key Staff List

   Name/Title          Key Process            Equipment                   Needs
Langdon, Executive   Finance, Leadership PC, cellular modem,     None
Director                                 blackberry

Kerry,               Payroll, AP, AR, HR   Cell phone, home      Laptop with wireless
Administration                             desktop               modem
Leslie, Program      Communication         PC, cellular modem,   None
Officer                                    blackberry

                                                                 HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE CONSULTING

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