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					Chancellor’s Office Updates
Eddie Choy                                     Linda Masterton
Asst. Dir. System Contracts                    Asst. Dir. Purchasing
• Introduction of System Contracts Unit        • GE P-Card program
• Policy Changes future and past
• Legislative review
• System wide contracts

Darryl Dearborn                                Melody Kojima
Contract Specialist                            Contract Specialist
Special Programs (Small                        Systemwide, Public Works
Business/DVBE/Recycling)                       and Escrow Agreements
• SB/DVBE Contract Activity Report             • Builders' Risk Insurance
• New Reporting Form                           • New Commissioning MEAs
• DVBE Incentive Summary                       • Master Service Agreements
• Revised Buy Recycled Handbook                • UC Steelcase agreement

Irene Patrioits                                Alec Cooley
Contract Specialist                            Mgr., Waste Reduction
Systemwide and Energy Contracts                Humboldt
• Energy Management Session / Systemwide MEA   • Campus Recycling Program
Chancellor’s Office Updates

   Melody Kojima, Contract Specialist
   Santa Rosa 2006
   UC Steelcase Agreement
   Builders Risk Insurance Program
   Commissioning Master Enabling Agreement
   Master Service Agreement (MSA)
   Other notations
UC Steelcase Agreement
   Contract effective through 8-31-07
   UC re-negotiating some terms and
Builders Risk Insurance Program
   CSU provided insurance for builders risk
    insurance at higher better level
   Design-Bid-Build; CM at Risk; Design-Build
   Included self insurance for earthquake coverage
   Coverage up to $50,000,000/occurrence; wood
    frame up to $25,000,000
   Requires: Project Enrollment Form
Builders Risk Insurance Program
   Supplementary General Conditions
    Over $5 million – GL & Auto coverage at
    $10 million
   Driver Alliant will forward insurance
    certificate to campus
       Commissioning - Master
        Enabling Agreements
   Objective: Documented confirmation that the
    proposed project mechanical system achieves its
    anticipated performance requirements
   Required for projects over $6 million regardless
    of funding source
   Commissioning services required from design
    through warranty phases
   Base MEA – 4-1-06 through 6-30-08
    Option to renew – two 2-year options
   6 firms on pre-qualified list
         Commissioning MEA
   A campus can also use a CSU Mechanical
    Systems Review firm, its campus engineer or
    select their own CxA
   Some project may not warrant commissioning
    services. Example: Parking Structure, leased
   Projects between $400K and $6M at campus
   Fee based on % of construction budget
          Commissioning MEA
   Project size w/ specific Scope of Work:
    Small - $6M - 15M
    Medium - $15M – 29M
    Large – over $30M
   204 and insurance certs on file in CO
      Master Service Agreement
   Campus “MEA” for architect/engineer
    services for minor cap projects
   MSA process scheduled for summer 2006
   Consultants selected per SUAM 9204 &
   Base agreement award for one year
   Service Order Authorization (SOA) letter
    and Scope of Work for each task
      Master Service Agreement
   Can be used for Housing, Facilities Management
    (Plant) or Design & Construction projects
   Service Agreement General Provisions
   Maximum dollar authorization for base
   Payment schedule and running balance on SOA
   Current insurance certificate must always be in
    the file
             Other notations
   New Service Agreement form
   Builders Risk Insurance – Not applicable to
    JOC and minor cap agreements
   204 and insurance certs - CO MEAs
   New supplementary general conditions

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