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					                          National Scenic Byways Fiscal Year 2008 Scenic Byways Funded Projects

                                                                            State or                                              Suggested
                                                                  Primary   Indian                                   Funded        Project
Project Name                                                      State     Tribe       Indian Tribe Name            Amount        Number

Haines Highway, AK: Charles Anway Homestead Interpretive Plan     AK        State                                        31,215   AKSB801
AK: Alaska Marine Highway Marketing Image Library                 AK        State                                        73,318   AKSB802
Statewide AK: Byway Hospitality Training: Introducing Alaska's
Byways to Visitors                                                AK        State                                       100,750   AKSB803
AK: Glenn Highway Gateway Visitor Center Planning Project         AK        State                                       117,600   AKSB804
Making Byways Travelers Your Top Priority:Byway Leader Training
to Enhance the Visitor Experience                                 AL        State                                        52,500    ALSB801
Black Warrior River Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan         AL        State                                       109,600    ALSB802
Black Belt Nature and Heritage Trail - Interpretive Plan          AL        State                                       340,000    ALSB803
Crowley's Ridge Parkway-Arkansas Corridor Management Plan
Implementation FY10                                               AR        State                                        25,000   ARSB801
Great River Road-Arkansas Corridor Management Plan
Implementation FY10                                               AR        State                                        25,000   ARSB802
Arkansas Delta Byways Coordinated Interpretive and Marketing
Plan                                                              AR        State                                       510,600   ARSB803
Red Rock All-American Road (AZ): CMP Implementation               AZ        State                                        24,800   AZSB801
Historic Route 66 AZ: Corridor Management Plan Update             AZ        State                                        60,000   AZSB802
Red Rock Visitor Contact Office: Exhibit Design and
Implementation                                                    AZ        State                                       320,000   AZSB803
Dine'Tah Scenic Road (AZ): Facility Planning and Development      AZ        Indian Tribe Navajo Tourism Department      421,000   AZSB804
Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, CA: Community Partnership           CA        State                                        45,000   CASB801
Tioga Road/Big Oak Flat National Scenic Byway, CA: Corridor
Management Plan Implementation                                    CA        State                                        48,000   CASB802
Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway, CA: Organizational Development         CA        State                                        64,640   CASB803
Ebbetts Pass Bilingual Media Interpretation Study                 CA        State                                       100,000   CASB804
Route 1 - San Luis Obispo North Coast Scenic Byway, CA:
California Coastal Trail Comprehensive Plan                       CA        State                                       350,000   CASB805
Colorado River Headwaters (CO): Photo Library and Interactive
Mapping                                                           CO        State                                        45,000   COSB801
Santa Fe Trail Byway (CO): Interpretation & Marketing             CO        State                                        63,200   COSB802
Grand Mesa Byway (CO): Island Lake Interpretive Project           CO        State                                       105,000   COSB808
Collegiate Peaks (CO): Interpretive and Visitor Center Project    CO        State                                       114,900   COSB804
West Elk Loop Byway (CO): Visitor Center Interpretation and
Amenities (Panonia, CO)                                           CO        State                                       124,900   COSB805
Silver Thread Scenic Byway (CO): Visitor Facilities               CO        State                                       125,000   COSB809
San Juan Skyway (CO): Resource Protection                         CO        State                                       125,000   COSB807
Gold Belt Byway (CO): Resource Protection                         CO        State                                       125,000   COSB803
Tour Colorado Scenic Byways Promotion & Education Plan            CO        State                                       125,000   COSB806
Delaware Byways DE: Rebranding, Signs, Workshops and Visitor's
Guide                                                             DE        State                                        80,000   DESB801
Pensacola Scenic Bluffs Highway FL: Volunteer Coordinator         FL        State                                        29,230   FLSB801
Green Mountain Scenic Byway FL: CMP Implementation Project,
Year 3                                                            FL        State                                        35,078    FLSB802
Big Bend Scenic Byway FL: CMP Implementation & Funding
Strategy - Year 2                                                 FL        State                                        43,000    FLSB803
Indian River Lagoon FL: Seed Grant 2008                           FL        State                                        50,000    FLSB804
A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway FL: Cell Phone Tour           FL        State                                        50,000    FLSB805

A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway FL: Corridor Management
Plan Implementation for Organizational Sustainability             FL        State                                        80,000    FLSB806
Florida Scenic Highways Program: FL Statewide Education,
Training and Promotion                                            FL        State                                        92,000    FLSB807
A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway FL: Wayfinding/Wayshowing
Signage System Plan                                               FL        State                                       120,000    FLSB808
A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway FL: Flagler Beach Gateway
Promenade Improvements                                            FL        State                                       373,520    FLSB809

Florida Keys Scenic Highway FL: Key Deer Habitat Preservation     FL        State                                     1,400,000    FLSB810
Indian River Lagoon Treasure Coast FL: Inlet Access
Improvements                                                      FL        State                                     1,600,000    FLSB811
Loess Hills IA: Corridor Management Plan Implementation           IA        State                                        29,840    IASB801
Great River Road at Montrose Pavilion Project                     IA        State                                        72,480    IASB802
Iowa's Byways Training                                            IA        State                                        73,374    IASB803
Mississippi River Bluff-Top Observation Deck                      IA        State                                        96,000    IASB807
Milwaukee Railroad Shops Historic District Improvement Project    IA        State                                       139,529    IASB805
George M. Verity Preservation Project                             IA        State                                       177,760    IASB806
Louisa Interpretive Center along the Great River Road             IA        State                                       576,000    IASB804
Western Heritage National Historic Byway ID: Year-3 CMP-
Implementation                                                    ID        State                                        18,000    IDSB801
International Selkirk Loop - CMP Implementation - Idaho           ID        State                                       114,800    IDSB802
Statewide Interpretive Signage                                    ID        State                                       540,000    IDSB803
Ohio River Scenic Byway IL: CMP Implementation                    IL        State                                        46,528    ILSB801
Great River Road IL: Interpretation for Chester Visitor Center     IL   State     48,400    ILSB802
Statewide IL: Alliance of Byways Marketing                         IL   State     60,000    ILSB803
Great River Road IL: CMP Implementation                            IL   State     60,000    ILSB804
Historic National Road IL: CMP Implementation                      IL   State     62,000    ILSB805
River Road National Scenic Byway IL: Corridor Management Plan
Implementation                                                     IL   State    110,400    ILSB806
Meeting of Great Rivers Scenic Route IL: Confluence Tower
Interpretive Exhibit                                               IL   State    136,000    ILSB807
Lincoln Highway IL: Marketing 2008                                 IL   State    177,200    ILSB808
Great Rivers National Scenic Byway IL: Flood Memorial Plaza        IL   State    200,000    ILSB809
Historic Route 66: IL Wayside Exhibits                             IL   State    380,000    ILSB810
Historic National Road IN: Digital Media for Interpretive Center   IN   State    143,704    INSB801
Ohio River Scenic Byway IN: Interpretive Center at Madison         IN   State    241,300    INSB802
2009 Statewide Scenic Byway Conference                             KS   State     27,600    KSSB801
Kansas Scenic Byway Kiosks                                         KS   State     76,400    KSSB802
Marketing Plan - Comprehensive Action Plan for Marketing/Public
Relations                                                          KS   State     120,000   KSSB803
Pioneer Bluffs Prairie Information and Education Center            KS   State     136,383   KSSB804
Kansas Scenic Byways Program Management Plan Update                KS   State     160,000   KSSB805
Bluegrass, Blues & BBQ Byway (KY): Interpretive Project            KY   State      97,000   KYSB801
River Road Scenic Byway (KY): Right-of-Way Acqusition              KY   State     250,000   KYSB802
Creole Nature Trail LA: Handheld Video Tour Guide                  LA   State     239,052   LASB801
Creole Nature Trail LA: Holly Beach Restroom Facilities            LA   State     272,160   LASB802
Statewide LA: Training for Byway Providers                         LA   State     654,400   LASB803
Statewide LA: Interpretive Centers                                 LA   State     685,440   LASB804
Statewide LA: Information for Byway Travelers                      LA   State   1,540,016   LASB805

Connecticut River Scenic Farm Byway - Land Protection Project      MA   State    976,000    MASB801
Catoctin Mountain National Scenic Byway, MD: Corridor
Management Plan Implementation                                     MD   State     25,000    MDSB801
Charles Street Byway, MD: Corridor Plan Implementation and
Management                                                         MD   State     27,500    MDSB802
Blue Crab Scenic Byway, MD: Marketing and Interpretation           MD   State     27,992    MDSB803
Religious Freedom Byway, MD: Corridor Management Plan
Implementation                                                     MD   State     30,000    MDSB804

Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway, MD: Town Gateway Fabrication      MD   State     40,800    MDSB805
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, MD: Corridor
Management Plan Implementation                                     MD   State     60,000    MDSB806
Catoctin Mountain National Scenic Byway, MD: Frederick County
Visitor Center Interpretive Exhibit                                MD   State    100,000    MDSB807
Marketing Maryland's Network of America's Byways and State
Scenic Byways - Phase IIC                                          MD   State    192,000    MDSB808
Maryland Byways Marketing: Exhibit Project at the I-70 Welcome
Centers                                                            MD   State    575,200    MDSB809
Pequawket Trail Scenic Byway, ME: Corridor Management Plan         ME   State     24,000    MESB801
Schoodic Scenic Byway, ME: Planning and Administration             ME   State     25,000    MESB802
Grafton Notch Scenic Byway and Route 27 Scenic Byway, ME:
Corridor Management Plan                                           ME   State     32,000    MESB803
Schoodic Scenic Byway, ME: Prospect Harbor Gateway                 ME   State     78,000    MESB804
Grindstone Scenic Byway, ME: Corridor Management Plan              ME   State     80,000    MESB805
Old Canada Road Scenic Byway, ME: Rest Area Improvements           ME   State    108,800    MESB806
Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway, ME: Height of Land Overlook and
Parking Area Construction                                          ME   State    270,762    MESB807
Copper Country Trail MI: Corridor Management Plan Update           MI   State     24,800    MISB801
Copper Country Trail MI: Marketing Plan                            MI   State     65,300    MISB802
Whitefish Bay Scenic Byway MI: Whitefish Point Human Use and
Natural Resource Management Plan                                   MI   State     92,400    MISB803

US-12 Heritage Route: MI Tibbits Opera House Facade Restoration    MI   State    500,000    MISB804
Edge of the Wilderness CMP Implementation (8)                      MN   State     24,000    MNSB801
Mn River Valley Scenic Byway Capacity Building                     MN   State     25,000    MNSB802
Historic Bluff Country Training, Marketing, and Local Awareness    MN   State     25,000    MNSB803
Paul Bunyan SB - Organizational and Financial Sustainability       MN   State     25,000    MNSB804
Ladyslipper Scenic Byway: Vegetation Plan & Ladyslipper
Transplant Program                                                 MN   State     25,500    MNSB808
Lake Country Scenic Byway Interpretive Plan--Phase III             MN   State     28,000    MNSB806

North Shore Scenic Drive MN: Corridor Management Plan Update       MN   State     35,000    MNSB807
Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway Fire Recovery                          MN   State    240,000    MNSB809
North Shore Scenic Drive MN: Split Rock River Wayside Rest
Safety Improvements                                                MN   State    250,000    MNSB805
Natchez Trace Parkway MS: Marketing Plan Phase 4                   MS   State    195,288    MSSB801

Hanging Rock Scenic Byway Marketing and Implementation Plan        NC   State     27,200    NCSB801
Pacolet Valley Natural Resource Protection & Appreciation          NC   State     37,000    NCSB802
Standing Rock Native American Byway (ND): Corridor
Management Plan                                                        ND   State    50,000   NDSB801
Rendezvous Region Backway (ND): Tetrault Wood State Forest
Overlook                                                               ND   State    59,044   NDSB802
Coghlan Castle Preservation/Scenic Byway Interpretive Site             ND   State   222,740   NDSB803
NE: Update Statewide Byways Brochure                                   NE   State    42,160   NESB801
NE: Statewide Byways Passports                                         NE   State    60,800   NESB802
NE: Statewide Byway Special Interest Maps                              NE   State    82,400   NESB803
NE: Statewide Nebraska Byways RV Marketing Campaign                    NE   State    98,800   NESB804
NE: Statewide Byways, Fourth-Grade Classroom Activities                NE   State   122,400   NESB805
NE: Statewide Green Byways                                             NE   State   204,800   NESB806
NE: Statewide Byways Newspaper Insert                                  NE   State   232,400   NESB807
New Hampshire Scenic and Cultural Byways Website                       NH   State    41,600   NHSB801
Lower Falls Recreation Site Restoration                                NH   State   500,200   NHSB802
Delaware River Scenic Byway NJ: Corridor Management Plan
Implementation                                                         NJ   State    34,830   NJSB801
Millstone Valley Byway NJ: Implementing CMP                            NJ   State    76,320   NJSB802
Southern Pinelands Natural Heritage Trail NJ: Water Resources
Access Facilities Plan                                                 NJ   State   176,000   NJSB803
Statewide NJ: Marketing                                                NJ   State   264,000   NJSB804
Updating Existing State Byays Materials: NJ Statewide                  NJ   State   296,039   NJSB805
Statewide Scenic Byways: NJ Interpretive Plans                         NJ   State   725,200   NJSB806
Billy the Kid Trail Corridor Management Plan Revision and
Implementation                                                         NM   State    34,424   NMSB801
New Mexico Scenic Byways travel book                                   NM   State    45,200   NMSB802
Route 66 Scenic Byway NM: Interpretive Information
Enhancements                                                           NM   State    52,500   NMSB803
Trail of the Ancients Marketing and Interpretive Plan Highlighting
the North Road Experience                                              NM   State    60,800   NMSB804
Tourist and Interpretive Information in the Ilfeld Warehouse Santa
Rosa, NM                                                               NM   State    62,400   NMSB805
Public Facilities with Kiosk                                           NM   State    77,000   NMSB806
Interpretive Kiosks and Wayside Exhibits for New Mexico Santa Fe
Trail National Scenic Byway                                            NM   State   152,499   NMSB807
Trail of the Mountain Spirits Corridor Management Plan
Implementation Activities                                              NM   State   162,400   NMSB808
Phase I Construction of a Pedestrian & Bicycle Trail Along the Billy
the Kid National Scenic Byway                                          NM   State   202,100   NMSB809
Las Vegas Boulevard Scenic Byway and Neon Museum Visitors
Center                                                                 NV   State   807,039   NVSB801
Mohawk Towpath National Scenic Byway NY: Implementation of
the Corridor Management Plan Project                                   NY   State    34,960   NYSB801
Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway NY: Traveling Visitor Centers
for Byway Heritage Tourism Project                                     NY   State    36,869   NYSB802
Adirondack North Country Byways NY: Reaching Visitor Markets
with Today's Premier Byway Stories                                     NY   State    37,700   NYSB803
New York State Scenic Byways: Byway Ambassadors Program,
Statewide (Lakes to Locks Passage)                                     NY   State    76,000   NYSB804
Seaway Trail and Lakes to Locks Passage NY: Targeted Marketing
Campaign                                                               NY   State   169,600   NYSB805
Adirondack North Country Byways NY: Experiencing Traditions,
Foods and Cultures of the Adirondack Byways                            NY   State   169,600   NYSB806
New York State Scenic Byways: Byways Geotourism Initiative,
Statewide (Lakes to Locks Passage)                                     NY   State   199,200   NYSB807
Adirondack North Country Byways NY: Whiteface Mountain and
Olympic Region Natural History Interpretation                          NY   State   214,090   NYSB808
Guides to the North Ridge Scenic Byway                                 OH   State    16,000   OHSB801
Implementation of Corridor Management Plan - Lake Erie Coastal
Ohio Trail                                                             OH   State    24,000   OHSB802
Implementation of Corridor Management Plan - Ohio Historic
National Road Year 6                                                   OH   State    25,000   OHSB803
Ohio River Scenic Byway - Marketing Materials                          OH   State    36,960   OHSB804
KnoxWays Byway Marketing Program                                       OH   State    47,862   OHSB805
Increasing the Awareness of the Ohio Historic National Road -
Marketing                                                              OH   State    56,000   OHSB806
The Mill Creek Connector Trail: Phase II - Ohio & Erie Canalway        OH   State   400,000   OHSB807
Route 66 Street Pole Banners                                           OK   State     3,104   OKSB801
The Living Mountain ByWay                                              OK   State    16,240   OKSB802
Route 66 Travel Guide Carthage, MO - Vinita, OK                        OK   State    40,000   OKSB803
OK Route 66 Byways Planning - CMP                                      OK   State    50,000   OKSB804
Talimena Scenic Drive Interpretive and Visitors Center                 OK   State   492,203   OKSB805
Osage Nation Heritage Trail OK: Standing Bear Museum and
Interpretive Center Improvements                                       OK   State   493,254   OKSB806
Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway OR: Corridor Management Plan
Implementation Project                                                 OR   State    24,000   ORSB804
Hells Canyon OR: Administration of Corridor Management Plan
2008                                                                   OR   State    25,000   ORSB802
Mt. Hood Scenic Byway OR: Corridor Management Plan
Implementation-Phase III                                               OR   State    25,000   ORSB805
Cascade Lake NSB OR: CMP Update and Byway Facility Planning
and Design, Phase I                                                OR   State                                       112,000   ORSB807
Mt. Hood Scenic Byway OR: Timberline Recreation Area Welcome
Plaza                                                              OR   State                                       288,000   ORSB806
Pacific Coast Scenic Byway OR: Whale Cove - Protecting a Pacific
Coast Treasure                                                     OR   State                                       650,000   ORSB801
Historic Columbia River Highway OR: Guardrail Replacement          OR   State                                       664,276   ORSB803
PA Historic National Road - Byway Training and Development         PA   State                                         3,000   PASB801
Marketing Communication & Coordination                             PA   State                                         3,200   PASB802
2009 National Scenic Byway Conference                              PA   State                                         5,800   PASB803
Marketing Pennsylvania's Historic National Road                    PA   State                                        30,000   PASB804
Scenic Byway: Pedestrian, Cyclist, & Parking Enhancements to
Waterfront                                                         PA   State                                       423,400   PASB805
Ashley River Road SC: Byway Coordinator                            SC   State                                        24,000   SCSB801
SC: Implementation of Lowcountry Scenic Highways Management
Plan--Phase 1                                                      SC   State                                        58,800   SCSB802
The Blue Wall Connection -- Protecting Scenic Highway 11 at
Caesar's Head                                                      SC   State                                       830,000   SCSB803
Native American Scenic Byway SD: Geddess Historical Building       SD   State                                        12,750   SDSB801
                                                                                     Yankton Sioux Tribal Tourism
Native American Scenic Byway SD: CMP                               SD   Indian Tribe Association                     60,000   SDSB802
Seed grant Cherohala Skyway                                        TN   State                                        22,400   TNSB801
Walton Road Scenic Byway                                           TN   State                                       120,000   TNSB802
Ocoee Scenic Byway -Corridor Management Plan Implementation
Phase 1 - Wayfinding                                               TN   State                                       140,000   TNSB803

Scenic Byway 12 UT: Corridor Management Plan Implementation        UT   State                                        20,200   UTSB801
Trail of the Ancients-NSB Interpretive CMP                         UT   State                                        25,000   UTSB802
Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway CMP Implementation              UT   State                                        27,000   UTSB803
Flaming Gorge - Uintas CMP Implementation and Update               UT   State                                        28,800   UTSB804

UT: Energy Loop: Huntington/Eccles Canyon CMP Implementation       UT   State                                        30,400   UTSB805
Scenic Byway 12 Interpretive Wayside Panels Fabrication and
Installation - Phase 2                                             UT   State                                        51,300   UTSB806
Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway - Corridor Management Plan
Update                                                             UT   State                                        55,200   UTSB807
UT: The Energy Loop: Huntington/Eccles Canyon National Scenic
Byway - CMP Update & Byway Improvements                            UT   State                                        89,816   UTSB808
Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail, VA: Interpretive Center Exhibits    VA   State                                       280,000   VASB801
Blue Ridge Parkway, VA: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary           VA   State                                       304,000   VASB803
Colonial Parkway, VA: Improvement and Extension of Shared Use
Trail                                                              VA   State                                       647,955   VASB802
Lake Champlain Byway, Chittenden County Access Improvement
Project, Phase 1 Inventory                                         VT   State                                        28,000   VTSB801
Interpretive Materials along the Stone Valley Scenic Byway         VT   State                                        67,500   VTSB802
Lake Champlain Byway: Corridor Management Plan Update              VT   State                                        73,840   VTSB803
Sightseer Guides to History on the Connecticut River Byway         VT   State                                       251,360   VTSB804
Lake Champlain Byway: Vergennes Main Street Byway
Recreational Access Project Phase III                              VT   State                                       376,300   VTSB805
Yakima River Canyon Byway Interpretive Center                      WA   State                                         8,000   WASB801
U.S.Columbia River Quarantine Station Driveway & Safety
Improvements                                                       WA   State                                        23,000   WASB802
Coulee Corridor CMP Implementation (3)                             WA   State                                        27,500   WASB803
Cascade Loop Scenic Highway CMP Development                        WA   State                                        53,666   WASB804
Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway 112 Scenic Byway: Interpretive
Information for Travelers Project                                  WA   State                                        69,910   WASB805
International Selkirk Loop - CMP Implementation - Washington       WA   State                                        87,600   WASB806
Reviving Washington's Pacific Coast Scenic Byway - Access to Mim
xwten" (Sleeping Lady)"                                            WA   Indian Tribe Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe      118,470   WASB811
San Juan Islands Scenic Byway Development and CMP                  WA   State                                       154,000   WASB807
Hwy 101 Scenic Pullout Phase III- Cultural Plaza and Olympic
Discovery Trail Access                                             WA   Indian Tribe Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe      211,161   WASB810
Mazama Viewshed Protection, Phase 1                                WA   State                                       279,626   WASB808
Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway Orientation Kiosk                WA   Indian Tribe Makah Indian Tribe             282,534   WASB812
Washington State Scenic Byways Travel Guide                        WA   State                                       320,000   WASB809
Traveler Safety Improvements at US Hwy 101 and Potlatch State
Park                                                               WA   Indian Tribe Skokomish Indian Tribe         360,231   WASB813
Building and Maintaining a Sustainable Byway Organization          WI   State                                        25,000   WISB801
Great River Road Billboard Removal                                 WI   State                                        52,000   WISB802
Telling the Wisconsin Great River Road Story to the Next
Generation of Travelers                                            WI   State                                        86,400   WISB803
Potosi Point Wildlife Observation Platform                         WI   State                                       100,000   WISB804
The City of Onalaska Welcome and Tourism Center                    WI   State                                       679,016   WISB805
Mountain Parkway Map                                                WV   State       7,024    WVSB801
Railroad Heritage of North Central West Virginia: An Interpretive
Brochure                                                            WV   State      15,360    WVSB802
Historic National Road WV: Web Site Development                     WV   State      20,000    WVSB803
Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike Driving Toward Excellence             WV   State      32,000    WVSB804
Historic National Road Interpretive Signage for Out the Pike""      WV   State      40,199    WVSB805
Highland Scenic Highway - WV - Corridor Management Plan             WV   State      80,000    WVSB806
Midland Trail Volunteer Ambassador Program and CMP
Implementation                                                      WV   State     157,196    WVSB807

WV: Washington Heritage Trail for the kids, by George, an Exhibit   WV   State     290,000    WVSB808
Big Horn Scenic Byway WY: Shell Falls Redevelopment Project
Phase 5                                                             WY   State     349,440    WYSB801
Snowy Range Scenic Byway Facilities                                 WY   State     400,000    WYSB802
Wyoming Centennial Byway Phase 3: Design Dubois Visitors
Center and Interpretive Displays                                    WY   State    1,025,800   WYSB803
Total Funding                                                                    38,597,326

Project Partially Funded

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