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 8                                Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
 9                                           March 7, 2006
12   Call to Order
13   Board President Mark Harris called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.
15   Board Members present:                              Board Staff present:
16   Mark Harris, DDS, President                         Marshall Shragg, Executive Director
17   John Bengtson, DDS, Vice President                  Kathy Johnson, Legal Analyst
18   Dean Singsank, DDS, Secretary
19   Linda Boyum, RDA, Past President
21   Others in Attendance (per sign in sheet): Nadene Bunge, Board member; Ron King, Board member;
22   Margot Rheinberger, Board member; Freeman Rosenblum, Board member; Rob Nustad, MOMS; Richard
23   Weisbecker, MOMS; Dick Wiberg, MDA; Dick Diercks, MDA; Pat Glasrud, MDA; Patrick Lloyd, U of
24   M; Rose Stokke, MDHA; Tammy Erickson, MEDA; Natalie Kaweckyj, MDAA; Jamie Sledd, MDA; Leo
25   Sinna, MAO; Lisa Ahmann, U of M-Dental Hygiene; Bob Hirsch, U of M-Dental School; Adam Curtis,
26   U of M-Dental School; Kent Archibald, U of M-Dental School; Susan Dittmar, U of M-Dental Hygiene;
27   Jayne Cernohous, Apple Tree Dental; Colleen Brickle, Normandale Community College; Linda
28   Jorgenson, Century College-Dental Hygiene; Jane Jensen, MDA; Lindell Kemmet, U of M-Dental
29   School; Ryan Ritchie, U of M-Dental School; Roger Ettel, MN Assoc. of Periodontists; George Kinney,
30   Jr., CRDTS
32   Review and Approval of Minutes
33   Minutes from the October 18, 2005 and January 3, 2006 Executive Committee meetings were reviewed
34   and approved as submitted.
36   MOTION:        ______________                       SECOND: Dr Singsank
38   VOTE: For: Unanimous                                RESULT: Motion carried
40   Association Reports
41   Patrick Lloyd, U of M, informed the Board about students in the Program for Advanced Standing
42   Students (PASS); remodeling plans; increasing offsite facilities in outstate locations; Grand Rounds; and
43   new faculty members.
45   Tammy Erickson, MEDA will be holding a full Board meeting at the Star of the North meeting.
47   Dick Diercks, MDA, informed the Board about “Give Kids A Smile” project; critical access funding
48   program; supporting general funding to U of M; concern regarding mandatory amalgam separators; MN
49   Care being expanded; meeting with dental educators in St. Cloud.
 2   MDAA, MDHA, MDHEA, MACD. No reports.
 4   Committee Reports
 5   Licensure / Credentials Committee, Marshall Shragg, there will be an open portion of the meeting
 6   March 8, 2006, 11:00am -1:00pm.
 8   AADE, Dr. John Bengtson, ADEX examination is progressing well.
10   Council of Health Boards, Marshall Shragg, informed about security measures, consolidation and IT
11   functions. This committee will not meet again until a need arises.
13   HPSP, Linda Boyum, informed the Board about new testing for alcohol abuse and will provide a full
14   report to the Board at the March meeting.
16   Allied Dental Education Committee, Nadene Bunge, provided a written document regarding Stainless
17   Steel Crowns and the difficulties surfacing with the educational requirements established in the Board-
18   approved curricula. The Committee has been granting extensions to individuals to complete SSC
19   training. Allied requests discussion at the next full Board meeting for guidance on this matter.
21   Policy Committee, Ron King, next meeting on March 28 to discuss MDAA’s updated proposal for
22   increasing expanded duties for registered dental assistants.
24   Board Operations
25   Marshall Shragg announced new Board appointments: Linda Boyum and Candace Mensing. He also
26   reminded those in attendance that although a quorum of Board members was present, only Executive
27   Committee members would be voting on any motions at the meeting. A copy of the budget summary was
28   reviewed. The rulemaking process will proceed forward after this Executive Committee meeting.
29   Legislators have suggested that administrative/policy proposals brought by the Health related Boards wait
30   until a future session. Marshall anticipates that the IOPP will be done mid-summer.
32   Clinical Examination Decision of 1/20/06 Re: ADEX, WREB, SRTA acceptability
33   At the 1/20/06 Board meeting, the Board voted not to accept the following clinical examinations: WREB
34   and SRTA, beginning Jan. 1, 2007. Various concerns from dental students and Dean Lloyd regarding this
35   decision were presented.
37   Linda Boyum made the motion to have the full Board hold a discussion on its decision to not accept
38   WREB at the March Public Board Meeting.
40   MOTION: Ms Boyum                                    SECOND: Dr Harris
42   VOTE: For: (2) Harris & Boyum                       RESULT: Tie vote; motion does not prevail
43      Opposed: (2) Bengtson & Singsank
45   Licensure of Dental Assistants: Task Force Update
46   Linda Boyum, no report.
 1   Discussion Regarding Proposed Rules & Public Comments
 2   Board staff received a number of comments on proposed rules regarding conscious sedation, general
 3   anesthesia, and the duties of dental hygienists. The aforementioned issues were discussed by the
 4   individuals present at the meeting and members of the Executive Committee. Language suggestions were
 5   offered and motions were made as follows:
 7   John Bengtson made the motion to refer the proposed rule language regarding duties of dental hygienists
 8   back to the Policy Committee to make language changes relating to diagnosis of periodontal status and
 9   prescribing certain agents.
11   MOTION: Dr Bengtson                                 SECOND: Dr Singsank
13   VOTE: For: (2) Bengtson & Singsank                  RESULT: Tie vote; motion does not prevail
14      Opposed: (2) Harris & Boyum
16   Linda Boyum made the motion to accept the following recommendation regarding onsite inspections: the
17   proposed rules will be changed to reflect that a dentist must have an onsite inspection conducted, but may
18   choose to have the inspection at only their primary office facility attesting to compliance at satellite
19   offices.
21   MOTION: Ms Boyum                                    SECOND: Dr Harris
23   VOTE: For: Unanimous                                RESULT: Motion carried
25   Request for Variance
26   Marshall Shragg provided background on the reasons for the variance request and the process. This
27   applicant is requesting a variance from having to take the required CPR training due to a physical
28   limitation in order to renew his license. Discussion followed.
30   Dr. Bengtson made a motion to accept the request to vary Board rules with the following restrictions: take
31   CPR for Health Care Providers training and successfully complete the written examination, and have
32   another CPR-qualified dental professional present when practicing dentistry.
34   MOTION: Dr Bengtson                          SECOND: Ms Boyum
36   VOTE: For: Unanimous                         RESULT: Motion carried
38   Upcoming Meetings
39   May 23, 2006 – Executive Committee Meeting
40   June 16, 2006 – Board Meeting
42   Action Items
43   TASK                                                                       PERSON/COMMITTEE
44   Completion of IOPP Manual (mid-summer)                                          Marshall
45   Redraft rule language                                                           Kathy
47   MOTION to recess to closed session 10:15 Dr. Harris
1   Executive Session
2   No issues. Adjourned.
4                           Minutes Approved by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry
5                                       This 23rd Day of May, 2006
7                                ______________________________________
8                                     Mark W. Harris, DDS, President

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