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									Business Proposal
                                   Table of Contents

Section                                                  Page

1. Executive Summary                                     iii.

2. Introduction                                          1

3. Review of Operating Plan                              2

4. Review of Organizational Structure                    3

5. Review of Promotions                                  6

6. Review of Quest House                                 8

7. Detail of Participation and Activities of the Event   9

8. Fundraisers                                           11

9. Sponsorships/Donations                                13

10. Conclusion                                           14

11. Appendix
      I. Schedule of Events                              15
      II. Flyer of Event                                 16
      III. Pictures                                      17
Executive Summary

The Objective

Our LEAD Scholars class was presented with the challenge to promote and financially assist
Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida. Additionally, we wanted to form relationships with the
residents of this organization. In doing so, we also aimed to strengthen our leadership abilities
and bonds with each other and the surrounding community.

The Goals

The goals of our LEAD class were:
    To raise $10,000 at our event, Girls and Boys Town 20th Anniversary Open House and
      Yard Sale Celebration on March 25th, 2006
    Raise $500 through various fundraisers
    To host various Lead and Learn functions
    To donate at least 60 hours of service to cleaning and organizing Quest House

The Outcomes
Through our hard work, our LEAD class successfully raised over $15,000 on the day of our big

    We sold candy grams entitled Tart to Your Sweetheart, as Valentine’s Day gifts
    Through sponsored dinners provided by Uno’s Pizzaria and Beef O’ Brady’s we were
      able to gain a certain percentage of their nightly profits
    Two carwashes brought us closer to our class goal

Lead and Learn
    For the emergency shelter’s residents, we threw a Spa Night, painting nails and applying
    We supplied a Taco Night (plus a movie, Napoleon Dynamite) to the boys in the
      resident’s home

Quest House
    We organized and cleaned this dilapidated storage area in order to insure a more
      profitable use of time on the day of the event

Day of Event
    Contributing to our overall profit included sales of: donated furniture, clothing, and food
    Members from our class were responsible for hosting specific activities, such as;
       volleyball games, hoola-hooping, a limbo combination face painting, water balloon
       tossing, a cakewalk, and cookie decorating
Mission Statement

       As leaders of UCF’s student body, we plan to establish a foundation of love and support
through the means of servant leadership for the residents of Girls and Boys Town.

         On Saturday, March 25th, 2006 our LEAD Scholars Class hosted an event in Oviedo,
Florida to raise money and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Girls and Boys Town. This event
was called the Girls and Boys Town 20th Anniversary Open House and Yard Sale Celebration.
As first year college students, most of the members of our class had little experience with the
business aspect of an event such as the one we hosted. Throughout this year, we achieved
experience through our teacher and our community. We also raised money and shared with the
community what the Girls and Boys Town is all about.

This business report will cover:

   o   The Executive Summary- this section will review the entire report and will contain
       important information from all of the sections.

   o   The Recap of our Proposal- here the operating plan, the organizational structure, our
       proposed promotional event will be reviewed. In addition, how we were going to promote
       the event, the organization of Quest House, and donations received will be assessed.

   o   A Detail of Participation and Activities at the Event- this section will detail the
       celebration event, discuss what was proposed, and what actually took place.

   o   Fundraisers- includes a detailed list of each fundraiser and its corresponding logistical

   o   Sponsorships/Donations- a look back on the contributed items received and their

   o Conclusion- a thank you to Girls and Boys Town for allowing us to work with them.
                                          Operating Plan
        The main objective of our class was to improve our leadership skills and to work hand-in-

hand with Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida to better the lives of the children residing in

the Emergency Shelter and in the residence homes. In order to reach our goals, we aimed at

generating a great deal of capital aid this virtuous institution.

        This semester the initial plan was to form a relationship with the children and staff of

Girls and Boys Town. Throughout the semester, our class-sponsored events, such as Spa Night

and Taco Night, helped us to accomplish this goal. Together we became much closer to the

children than we could ever have imagined.

        Also, our class wanted to hold an event to raise our monetary goal for the organization,

specifically an open house and yard sale. As a class, we had planned to raise 500 for personal

fundraising, and at least $10,000 at our specialized event, the Girls and Boys Town 20th

Anniversary Open House and Yard Sale Celebration. At the Celebration, we earned well beyond

the goal for the open house, earning nearly $15,000, almost 150% of what was originally

planned! While working together with Girls and Boys Town, our LEAD class aimed to help assist

the children developing new friendships, while overcoming any obstacles in their own lives.

        Through the combined efforts of our fundraisers, including: generous donations, a

percentage of the bill at certain restaurants, and soapy car washes, we collected far more

money than was originally thought. The organization can decide how to spend what we’ve

contributed to them how they see fit. After all our hard work and massive efforts, we reached our

basic goals, and outdid ourselves by making this semester a complete success.
                            Review of Organizational Structure

       To meet the goal of our company, it was essential to split the LEAD Scholars class into

teams. Each team was to work on a specific aspect of our project, and together, all the teams

would complete the project and ensure that it was a success. The various teams and leaders

included: Co-Presidents, Logistics, Fundraising, Liaison, Public Relations/Advertising, Service

Learning, Paper, Presentation (visually and orally), Food, and Lead and Learn.

       The Co-Presidents of the class were Alyssa Marder and Melanie Reese.                  Their

responsibilities this semester were to oversee the assigned groups, delegate special jobs when

required, supervise the activities, and approve ideas for the benefit of all parties involved. They

exceeded expectations by meeting all of these responsibilities and more.         Both Presidents

attended meetings with the leaders of other classes and effectively communicated the results of

these meetings to our class. They encouraged the class and kept morale high—something that

was essential in a project of this magnitude. Much of the success of the class can be attributed

to the Co-Presidents.

       Tyler Clancy, Kyle Leneweaver, and Zach Pardes were members of the Logistics team.

The responsibilities of this team were to handle the details of transportation and to report

statistics regarding the planning and results of the event. Throughout the semester, the team

focused mostly on transportation. Each time our class had an event to attend, members of this

team would delegate who was driving and who would be in the car with each driver.

       The Fundraising team included Denisse Irizarry, Kassandra Jarvis, Kelli Handley, and

Jessica Padilla. Their job was to organize each fundraising project, collect and keep tabs on the

amount of money accumulated, and keep the class informed on the class’s available budget.

This team helped organize four major fundraisers and by the end of the semester raised over

$500. However, fundraising has worked more on organizing fundraisers than keeping tabs of

the money earned.
       The class Liaison was Ali Evans. Her central responsibility was to communicate with

Girls and Boys Town. She relayed the information that she gathered to the rest of the class. Ali

was a successful Liaison because she kept in contact with Terry Knox, the director of Girls and

Boys Town of Central Florida, and informed the class of his decisions.

       Jennifer Jurewicz, Kelli Handley, Lisa Velardi, and Tyler Clancy were members of the

Public Relations/Advertising team. Their job was to publicize events, ideas, and goals to the

community. This team kept in contact with each other and delegated responsibilities for each

aspect of advertising.    They successfully met their goal by contacting radio stations and

newspapers, passing out flyers, and advertising on popular internet sites such as Facebook and


       The Service Learning members, Jonathan Chernes and Briana Gibson, presented the

results of our project in the Service Learning Showcase using posters, pictures, and printed

essays of the activities preformed. The team met all expectations. The class participated in the

Service Learning Showcase, and Briana created a reference sheet to make sure that each

student standing by the poster knew how to explain our project to the judges or passersby who

wanted information. Alyssa Marder made the poster for the showcase which featured our class

syllabus, pictures from our events with Girls and Boys Town, and articles about our event

published in newspapers such as the Central Florida Future and the Orlando Sentinel. While

our team did not win an award for this project, our showcase informed many people about our

organization, making the Service Learning Showcase a success.

       Lisa Velardi, Jen Jurewicz, Suzanna Renna, Kalippe Walker, and Zach Pardes were all

involved in the Paper team. The Paper team’s responsibility was to accurately represent the

mission statement, events, and activities through reports. The whole class worked together to

write each report, and the Paper team extensively edited them. This team had the final say in

all reports and did an excellent job by working together to ensure that every report is well written

and professional.
       In order to professionally convey the decisions and outcomes of the project through

PowerPoint and oration, the Presentation team was to put together the information and results

of our project to representatives from Boys and Girls Town. Briana Gibson, Kalippe Walker, and

Caroni Caballero presented these figures orally. Suzanna Renna, Patrick Flynn, and Jessica

Padilla presented the visual aspect of the project. The presentation took place on April 18 and

each of these class members presented in this manner.

       The Food team included Thomas Widdick, Caroni Caballero, Patrick Flynn, and Alyssa

Marder. These individuals were responsible for buying and supplying measuring food for all

events. The entire class, not just the Food team, ultimately handled the food provision.

       Finally, the Lead and Learn team was in charge of facilitating interactions with the

residents of Girls and Boys Town through structured events. Ali Evans, Melanie Reese, Kyle

Leneweaver, Jonathan Chernes, Denisse Irizarry, and Kassandra Jarvis made up this team.

These people did in fact organize two fun events with the residents—a Taco Night with the male

residents and a Spa Night in the girls’ emergency shelter. For the event with the boys, class

members made tacos and watched the popular movie Napoleon Dynamite. During Spa Night

with the girls, the class painted nails and applied facials. Both events were a great way to get to

know the residents, and everyone who participated said they had a great time.

       Each of these teams contributed to the success of the company. Most teams met their

responsibilities, and because of each team’s efforts, we exceeded our goal. These teams

worked as a body, performing tasks that every member approved and was aware of.
                                    Review of Promotions

       As a class, it was our responsibility to promote and effectively communicate our ideas

and goals for Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida. Our goal was to encourage attendance

from the surrounding community to participate in the Girls and Boys Town 20th Anniversary

Open House and Yard Sale Celebration. To achieve maximum attendance, over 100 people, we

decided to advertise through flyers, local radio stations, televised news programs, internet sites,

and UCF’s official website and newspaper, Central Florida Future.

         In our promotion of the event, many of our proposed ideas were successfully

completed, whereas some ideas were born in the failure of others. In our initial conception of

promoting this event, an idea surfaced to use an 8 x 10 paper to post around the UCF campus

and the surrounding community. This flyer was suppose to contain pictures of the merchandise

being offered, directions of the location of the event, the website for Girls and Boys Town, and a

short description of the event’s activities. By examining the flyer, the community would be able

to understand how their money would be used effectively. These flyers were abandoned for

smaller, more cost effective flyers. These flyers were had all the information for the event as

well as directions to the event on the back. The characteristic that set them apart was their flare.

They were bright pink and orange so that they would attract the eyes of more people. These

flyers were stationed onto the side of mailboxes, in door handles, or in between the windshield

wipers of adjacent vehicles.

         Our completed goal was to distribute these flyers around the UCF campus, Avalon

Park, and Oviedo. In the Oviedo area, we distributed them in the following communities: Cedar

Bend, Ekana Point, Brighton Park, Lockwood Village, and West Hampton subdivisions.

         Another aim of ours was to promote the event using print and broadcast media. Our

completed goal was to use the Central Florida Future and the Orlando Sentinel under the

classified sections.   Then, we planned on contacting the radio stations 98.9, 104.1, 105.1,

105.9, 107.7, and 88.3. The television stations we planned on contacting were News Channel 2,
4, 6, and 13. Of the broadcast stations we contacted, O-Rock 105.9 gave us a scheduled radio

time on their show called “The Viewpoint.” The other 2 stations, Z-88.3 and WESH channel 2

both put announcements of our event on their online event calendar. However, these were not

the only announcements we had online. General advertisements and announcements were

placed on Facebook and MySpace. It was through our promotions that we were able to have

over 100 attend our event, making it an overall triumph!
                                    Review of Quest House

       The time spent at the Quest House was essential to the success of our scheduled event,

Girls and Boys Town Open House and Yard Sale Celebration. Before this project was put into

motion, the Quest House was an old residence, serving only as a storage space. It contained

multitudes of clothing, toys, books, furniture, and other items donated to Girls and Boys Town.

These donations had accumulated with no proper organization, literally filling the rooms of the

house to the ceiling.

       In preparation for the selling of these items at our event on March 25th, students from the

class and the two other collaborating classes planned assigned dates and times to visit the

Quest House and sort the items in three hours shifts. The dates and times of the sorting are as

follows: February 23rd, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., February 24th, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., February 25th,

from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., February 27th, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and March 4th, from 10 a.m. to 1

p.m.. All items were separated into groups and clothes were folded and separated by gender,

age group, and specific article of clothing.

       On the day of the yard sale, all furniture and sorted items were brought out of the house

and into the front lawn. A majority of the items sold for the price of three dollars or less. The

Quest House was not completely cleaned out, but a sizable amount of its contents were sold at

the event. Altogether, organizing the Quest House was very tiring and a huge job, but well

worth the effort. We hope that it remains in its current state of cleanliness and that no further

renovating will be required.
                  Details of the Participation and Activities at the Event

         Our class created a full schedule of activities for the customers’ children and for the

residents at the event. The activities included: face painting, water balloon toss, hula hoop-ing, a

limbo competition, a cakewalk, dancing, cookie decorating, and volleyball. Each event was

scheduled to begin and end at scheduled times. We also planned on selling tickets for the

children of the customers for fifty cents each (one dollar per activity). Girls and Boys Town

residents could participate in all activities for free. Our goal was to make $10,000 through this


         Tickets that we had planned to sell were never sold, although we expected them to be

purchased eventually. Although our advertisements displayed activities for kids, mostly adults

came to the celebration. We were surprised to have only fifteen Girls and Boys Town residents

attend the event. Overall, we planned our events and scheduling for more youthful activities.

         All of the activities, including limbo, the water balloon toss, and volleyball carried out as

planned. The schedule was too rigid for such a small turn out of children, so we had to be

flexible with the starting times of different activities. Instead of having several activities running

at once, we hosted one activity at a time.

         We had planned on getting the supplies for the activities through donations from Party

City, Target, Publix, as well as from our personal class members. However, we ran into

difficulties in obtaining some these donations. In the end, we paid for all of the supplies

ourselves, which ended up plunging into our profits due to lack of ticket sales. Although this was

a difficult point to concede, the imminent outcome of our event was not hindered by this minor


         The people who attended the Open House and Yard Sale were LEAD Scholars, Girls

and Boys Town residents, families in the local community, workers, volunteers, Oveido senior

citizens, and newspaper editors. There were at least 100 people who attended the Girls and

Boys Town celebration.
       Our class was responsible for the activities of the event, but we also participated greatly

in a variety of marketing aspects. First, we contributed a few sample flyers. Next, we divided our

class into groups in order to deliver the flyers throughout several local neighborhoods, such as

Cedar Bend and Brighton Park. We placed ads in the Orlando Sentinel, Oveido Voice, and

Central Florida Future. We also contacted a radio station, O-Rock 105.9, who helped us

advertise for the event. Additionally, we advertised among Facebook and

members and the University of Central Florida’s Greek life.

       By talking to customers, we realized that the flyers were as successful as originally

planned. Several customers reported that the directions to Girls and Boys Town were incorrectly

portrayed on the flyers. Several customers reported that the radio announcement was

somewhat effective, but that the newspaper advertisement and drive-by sign were the most

effective. We also posted an ad on Facebook, which we came to find was not as valuable.

Despite the fact that things did not go exactly as planned, our event was, without a doubt, a

huge success. We made $10,050 during the event. By adding in furniture sales that were made

prior to the event, we have raised a total of $15,000. We exceeded our profit by 150%! We are

very proud of the pay off of all our challenging and detailed planning. (Coordinating pictures can

be found in the Appendices).

       At the beginning of the semester we set a goal of earning a total of $10,000 to benefit

Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida. This was to be raised through various fundraisers. Thus

far, we have completed five different fundraisers and have raised a total of $15,000.

       Our first fundraiser was Send a Tart to Your Sweetheart, which we ran for five days prior

to Valentine’s Day. In order to carry out this fundraiser, we had to buy Sweettarts and

cellophane bags to put them in. We also had to prepare nametags with the recipients’

information and log sheets of how many items had been sold. Each bag was sold for $1 and,

after classmates were reimbursed for initial costs, we obtained $117.

       Our second fundraiser was at Beef O’Brady’s on February 22nd from 4:00pm-8:00pm.

Beef O’Brady’s at Avalon Park agreed to sponsor us for that night and donate 10% of their

profits to Girls and Boys Town. In preparation for this event, we had to create flyers that the

restaurant could post and give to its customers. Also, we had to pass flyers out in Avalon Park.

We distributed 600 flyers throughout the neighborhood on Tuesday the 21st. We successfully

raised $173.

       Our third fundraiser was at Uno’s Pizzeria on University Boulevard. They agreed to

sponsor us for three nights. Those times were Wednesday, March 22nd through Friday, March

24th. Uno’s provided the flyers for this fundraiser but it was our job to distribute them. In order for

20% of the sale to be donated to Girls and Boys Town, the customers had to present their flyers

during their checkout. We haven’t yet received the total of money earned from this fundraiser. In

this next week, however, we should receive a check with our final profits.

       Our fourth and fifth fundraisers were both car washes that were held in conjunction with

the other LEAD classes. The first was held on Saturday April 1st at the CVS Pharmacy and

raised $55 after all expenses were distributed. The second was held on Saturday April 8th at the

Taco Bell on Semoran Boulevard and University Boulevard. With the materials from the

previous car wash, this one raised $40.
       With current estimations, all of the five class fundraisers raised a total of $385, this

amount has not yet surpassed our goal of $500. Our class has not given up hope. We have

planned another fundraiser at Beef O’ Brady’s on the night of Monday, April 17th. We expect to

reach our final goal by earning an additional $115.

        Sponsorships for the event at Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida were provided

mainly by two organizations. First, Publix donated two, 24-packs of water, which cost

approximately $12 each, to be drunk at the event.

        The second, and most influential, sponsorship was from Lane Furniture. Lane Furniture

donated nearly all of the furniture sold at the event. This furniture helped to earn Girls and Boys

town of Oviedo over $13,000.

        J.R. Silvia, who is the owner and operator of Silva Entertainment, gave another

important sponsorship. He donated his time and equipment to give Girls and Boys town a DJ for

this event. His usual price is a minimum of $100 an hour. This would have cost our class a total

of $400, our activities lasting for approximately four hours. Yet, he came and worked the entire

event for nothing at all.

           Professor Migenes’ LEAD Scholars class had the privilege participating in an event

entitled     Girls   and    Boys   Town    20th    Anniversary Open   House   and   Yard   Sale

Celebration. Throughout our timely and extensive planning for this event, our class continued to

focus on figurative finish line

           To complete our goal of raising money for abandoned and neglected youth, our class

was in charge of accumulating $500. The students in each class raised money in various

ways. Our class aimed to meet our monetary goals by having a candy gram sale for Valentine’s

Day, dinner at Uno’s and Beef O' Brady's, and two car washes.

           After the Girls and Boys Town 20th Anniversary Open House and Yard Sale Celebration,

we were able to present $15,000 to provide support in the effort of providing shelter for abused

and neglected children. This experience has taught us the value and importance of teamwork,

and has allowed each person to hold and exercise take a variety of leadership roles. We also

experienced the wonderful feeling of helping the community through volunteering for others,

especially at risk youth.

           Our class would like to thank Mrs. Migenes for allowing us to donate our time and

energy to such a worthy cause. We would also like to thank Girls and Boys Town for assisting

and facilitating our class during this project. Everyone in your organization has been wonderful

and given themselves selflessly. We appreciate your time and care to help us perform the best

we can for you.

           Through this experience, we have all grown together and learned the lessons of

leadership that will carry us through the rest of our lives.
An excellent example of beautiful furniture donated to Girl’s and Boy’s Town by Lane

Face painting was just one of the many activities offered to the residents and attendees of the
     Girl’s and Boy’s Town 20th Anniversary Open House and Yard Sale Celebration.
 A cake-walk also allowed participants to become involved and put them in the running to win
                                        free cupcakes.

The Limbo was an exciting way of meeting others while helping to raise money at the same time.
Organization and dedication helped increase the amount of sales and their documentation.

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