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									                                        Professional Skills I
                                         Fall 2007 Syllabus                                                                     7/31/2007

                                       (for classes meeting once per week)
For a list of all required texts, refer to the WSU "Booklist," accessed at
Students: Bring your Edwards text to every PSI class, as we will often complete in-class exercises from that text.

                                                                                                      ASSIGNMENT        (due in class session in
      CLASS              READING ASSIGNMENT                                TOPIC                             which assignment is listed)

                                                                                                    UNGRADED ASSIGNMENTS - BRING TO
                                                                                                    CLASS: (1) Case Brief of Leon for First
                                                                                                    Memo Assignment (Students: Use your Lexis
                       Edwards: Introduction, Chapter       Introduction to PSI course, objective   or Westlaw ID to find and print the following
                       1, Appendix A (Sample Memo of        writing; and reading/briefing cases;    case: Leon v. Family Fitness Center (#107),
                       Rule with Elements), Chapter 2,      Review Leon Brief; Outlining Rules;     Inc., 61 Cal. App. 4th 1227 (1998)); (2)
Week 1 (August 23)     Chapter 3 (Rule Outlining)           Rule Structures                         Exercise 1, pg. 64-65.
                       Read Sample Student
                       Memorandum posted on Lexis           Formulating Rule from a Case Opinion;
                       Course Web Page. Edwards:            Overview of Memo Format (Questions
                       Chapter 4 (Forumulating a Rule       Presented, Statement of Facts,
                       from a Case Opinion); Chapter 13     Discussion, Headings, Conclusion);
                       (Drafting Headings, Question         Large Scale Organization (IREAC);     UNGRADED ASSIGNMENTS - BRING TO
                       Presented, Brief Answer, Fact        Drafting the Issue Statement, Brief   CLASS: (1) Exercise 1, pg. 27; (2) Exercise
Week 2 (Aug. 30)       Statements)                          Answer, and Statement of Facts.       1, pg. 35.

                       Edwards: Chapter 14 (pages 185- Introduction to Citations (How to use
                       204) (Citations); Edwards:         ALWD and Citing Cases); Discuss
                       Chapter 7 (Rule Explanation with a Organization of WA1; Review Sample
                       Single Case); Chapter 8 (Rule      RE/A Paragraphs. WRITING
                       Application Using a Single Case).  WORKSHOP #1: using active voice           Bring ALWD text to class. Bring "Plain
Week 3 (Sept. 6)       Wydick: Pages 1-20, 27-32          and the S-V-O format.                     English for Lawyers" text to class.

                                                                     Page 1 of 3
                                                          First Half: Introduction to Legal
                    Sloan: Chapter 1; Chapter 11          Research (class taught by research        WA1 DUE (FIRST DRAFT OF CLOSED
                    (creating a research plan).           librarians). Second Half: Discussion      UNIVERSE MEMO) (Ungraded
Week 4 (Sept. 13)   Edwards: Chapter 5 (Formulating       of Cases in Closed Universe;              Assignment); STUDENTS RECEIVE
Room 413            a Rule from Multiple Cases).          Introduction to Case Synthesis.           ADDITIONAL CASES FOR WA2

                    Brief remainder of cases for
                    first memo assignment. Read
                    Edwards: Chapter 9; Chapter 12        Organization of Multiple Authorities in
                    ALWD: Rules 43 - 49 and               IREAC; Writing Discussion Using
                    Appendix 6 (sample memo);             Multiple Authorities. Citations           BRING TO CLASS TWO HARD COPIES OF
                    Edwards: Chapter 14 (Citation         (statutes, signals, quotations, citing    BRIEFS OF ALL CASES IN CLOSED
                    Form); Sloan: pages 53-59 (citing     secondary sources); Using Citations       UNIVERSE (Ungraded Assignment).
Week 5 (Sept. 20)   secondary sources)                    Within A Memo                             Bring ALWD to class.

                                                                                                    Students receive WA1 with professor
Week 6 (Sept. 27)                                         INDIVIDUAL CONFERENCES                    comments.

                                                          Optional Memo-Drafting Review
Thurs., Sept. 27,                                         (Professor Lori Roberts) (this session
1:00 p.m.; Room                                           will be videotaped for evening
413                                                       students)

                                                          FIRST HALF: Overview of Final
                    Sloan: Chapter 11 (creating a         Memorandum Assignment; Creating a
                    research plan); Chapter 2 (search     Research Plan and Developing Search
                    terms); Chapter 3 (secondary          Terms. SECOND HALF: Introduction to       WA2 DUE (FINAL DRAFT OF CLOSED
                    source research); Chapter 4 (case     Print Research; Secondary Sources;        UNIVERSE MEMO) (25% of Final Grade).
                    research - stop at pg. 97); Chapter   Locating / Updating Cases (this portion   Students receive final memorandum
Week 7 (Oct. 4)     5 (updating cases)                    of class taught by research librarians)   assignment. Bring ALWD text to class.

                                                                                                    WA3 DUE (INCLUDES: RESEARCH PLAN
                    Sloan: Chapter 10 (electronic         Discuss Plan for Researching Final        FOR FINAL MEMO and RESULTS OF
                    research); Appendix A (internet       Memo; Lecture: Electronic Research        PRINT RESEARCH PROJECT) (5% of Final
Week 8 (Oct. 11)    research cites); Pgs. 97-105          Techniques                                Grade)

                                                          Students must also attend Lexis-
                                                          Nexis training this week -- approx. 45
Week 8 Lexis                                              minutes (sign up for training in WSU
Training                                                  library)

                                                                   Page 2 of 3
                                                           Optional Citations Review
Thurs., Oct. 11,                                           (Professor Lori Roberts) (this session
1:00 p.m., Room                                            will be videotaped for the evening
413                                                        students)

                                                           FIRST HALF: Take Citations Quiz.
                                                           SECOND HALF: WRITING                     Citations Quiz (15% of Final Grade).
                      Wydick: Pages 15-17, 27-28, and      WORKSHOP #2: Using topic                 Bring "Plain English for Lawyers" text to
Week 9    (Oct. 18)   33-53.                               sentences and paragraphs effectively.    class.
                                                           During Week 9, students must attend
Week 9 Westlaw                                             Westlaw training (sign up for training
Training                                                   in WSU library)

                                                       Discuss Research Results; Discuss
                                                       Large-Scale Organization for Final           WA4 DUE (RESEARCH REPORT FOR
                      Edwards: Chapter 10 (Writing the Memo; Case Snythesis; Advanced               FINAL MEMO and OUTLINE OF WA5) (5%
Week 10 (Oct. 25)     Analysis of Multiple Issues)     Argumentation                                of Final Grade)

                                                                                                    WA5 DUE (FIRST DRAFT OF FINAL
Week 11 (Nov. 1)                                           Plagiarism Workshop.                     MEMO) (20% of Final Grade)

                      Sloan: Chapter 6 (statutory          FIRST HALF: Researching Statutes
                      research); Chapter 7 (researching    SECOND HALF: California Legal
                      legislative history); Review pgs.    Research (entire class taught by
Week 12 (Nov. 8)      350-351 (statutory research plans)   research librarians)

                                                           Editing and Revising the Objective
                                                           Memo; WRITING WORKSHOP #3:         WA6 DUE (STATUTORY RESEARCH
                      Edwards: Chapter 15 (Revising        Review Sample Student Memorandums PROJECT) (5% of Final Grade). Students
Week 13 (Nov. 15)     for Usage and Style)                 from WA5.                          receive WA5 with professor comments.

                                                           NO CLASS THIS WEEK.
                                                           THANKSGIVING BREAK IS NOVEMBER
Week 14                                                    22 - 25.
Week 15    (Class
Meets Monday,                                              LAST CLASS: COMPLETE TEACHER             WA7 DUE (FINAL DRAFT OF FINAL
Nov. 26)                                                   EVALUATIONS                              MEMO) (25% of Final Grade)

Nov. 28 - Dec. 2                                           EXAM STUDY PERIOD: NO CLASS
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