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									                          C   only As
                          Commo            nancial Aid Q
                                    sked Fin     l            ns

?                      o                        d?
    What do I have to do to receive financial aid
          MUST file a FA
      You M                        y
                       AFSA, every year, at ww ww.fafsa.gov.

?           e            ips         e
    Are there scholarshi available at Hawkey      ye?
      Schola             ations are av
            arship applica                        ugh
                                     vailable throu the Foun               e            t:
                                                              ndation Office or online at
      https://          eyecollege.eddu/application           hip.aspx

                         ne                                   or
       Application deadlin is March 1 for Fall and October 1 fo Spring.

?   Where ca I go to lo for other scholarship
           an         ook        r         ips?
    www.Fasstweb.com             aid.org
                          www.fina                   arship.com
                                            www.schola                                 www.iowacollegea

?   What happpens once I file my FAAFSA?
           may         a          m
      You m receive an email from our office as sking for add
                                                            ditional inform             you        ete
                                                                          mation from y to comple your file.
           n            n           ed
      Return this as soon as requeste so the fina
                                                ancial aid pro
                                                             ocess can co               orms needed can be filled
                                                                          ontinue. All fo         d             d
      out and downloade from the H HCC website.

            k                    ommunication
       Check your SOAR account “Co                   ments” to see what is need to complete your
                                            n-My Docum                        ded
       financi aid file.

       Once y               omplete, an a
              your file is co                          listing state, f
                                          award letter l                                         aid       h
                                                                      federal, and institutional a for which you are
       eligible will be ema               HCC email a
                            ailed to your H           account.

            your Award le
       View y                                  ount. Read the award lette conditions and Financial Aid
                         etter on your SOAR acco                        er
       Handb             y.
            book carefully

?          ould I do to receive my Direct Loan
    What sho                                 ns?
      Accep your Direct loans on SO
          pt                      OAR.

           lete Entrance Loan couns
       Compl           e                      w.dl.ed.gov.
                                  seling at www

           lete a Promis
       Compl                       t          te.ed.gov.
                       ssory Note at www.dlenot

?          es                       ice
    How doe the Financial Aid Offi commun                   students?
                                                nicate with s
      Access SOAR to re            Financial Aid information a check yo HAWKEY EMAIL reg
                        eview your F                         and      our    YE                    n
                                                                                       gularly (even
      during break period

?           ill          ow
    When wi I know ho much I ow         we?
      You sh              e
            hould be able to review your account balance on y   your SOAR a               ting in July. R
                                                                             account, start             Registration
           ments will be mailed to you in August. The stateme will show the classes you are curre
      statem                                                   ent                                                   d
                                                                                                        ently enrolled
            d             a                                     es.          n,
      for and the tuition and fees associated with those classe In addition your estim                  al
                                                                                         mated financia aid will be
                         mount of your charges is m
      reflected. If the am                                                   aid,         e             u
                                                    more than your financial a this is the amount you are
      responnsible for pay              o            al        book for detailed informat
                          ying, (refer to the Financia Aid Handb                         tion).
                       st                       you                     er          ture terms.
       *Your account mus be paid in full before y will be able to registe for any fut

?                        y
    How do I pay for my books?
      Once y are regis                 asses you are able to charge your boo to your bu
                          stered for cla             e                      oks           usiness office account.
                          t             or           rt
      (This is only done the week prio to the star of the seme              e            of
                                                                ester and the first week o each seme  ester.) If you
      have ffinancial aid in excess of y              his       sed         or
                                        your tuition th can be us to pay fo the books t   that are charrged. If not,
            re                                       s
      you ar responsible for paying the business office.

?      When will my financial aid be applied to my account?
         Financial aid is only disbursed for those classes you are registered for and attending. After attendance is
         reported each semester, your financial aid is adjusted for the classes you are attending at that point.
         Once your attendance is reported, your financial aid will be disbursed to your student account. You need
         to be registered at least six credit hours for loans.

          Grants for late start classes will not be disbursed until attendance is reported.

?      If I have to drop a class, how will it affect my financial aid?
           You must maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress each semester to prevent your financial aid from
           being suspended (refer the Financial Aid Handbook for the complete Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress

          Depending on the timing of your drop, your financial aid could be adjusted. Always check with the
          financial aid office prior to dropping classes. (Refer to the Financial Aid Handbook for detailed

?      What options are available if I need additional funding beyond what is provided on my Award Letter?
         A Parent PLUS loan is a loan in a parents name for the student. Information and the application is
         available on the Hawkeye Website (www.hawkeyecollege.edu/financialaid). For more information refer to
         your Financial Aid Handbook.

          Private Student loans through banks that are NOT guaranteed (student borrower).

?      How do I get signed up for the federal work-study program?
         If interested, you need to complete an application, which can be found on the HCC website. You must
         show financial need to be eligible. The pay rate is $7.25 per hour with an increase of $0.50 per hour with
         continuous employment (refer to the Financial Aid Handbook for detailed information).

?      When is my Credit Balance check (financial aid in excess of tuition, fees and books) mailed?
         The Business Office will mail them on the following dates:

          •   Fall- September 10, 2010

          •   Spring- January 28, 2011

                                 (Refer to the Financial Aid Handbook for detailed information.)

?      What do I need to do to get financial aid for Summer classes?

          You will need to fill out a Summer Financial Aid Application which is available online after you have
          registered for your summer classes. You will also have to have a current year and following school year’s
          FAFSAs filed.

?      What if I received outside scholarships or assistance from outside agencies?
         Any outside funding sources should be reported to the Business Office. The Business Office will then
         notify the Financial Aid Office.
         Outside funding sources become part of your financial aid award and will be reflected on your award

?      What if I will be attending part-time?
         Your grant aid will be adjusted at the time of disbursement to reflect your enrollment status. Loans are
         normally not adjusted.

For more information on any of these or other financial aid questions, please check the Financial Aid Handbook at
http://www.hawkeyecollege.edu/financialaid/handbook.aspx or contact the Financial Aid Office.

                        Hawkeye Center, Lower Level 1501 Orange Rd, P.O. Box 8015, Waterloo, IA 50704-8015
                               finaid@hawkeyecollege.edu 319-296-4020           319-296-4495 (fax)

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