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					m                            RJR ENGINEERING GROUP
CiviC 'Engineering I Land Pfanning          .      :J{ya,ology / ~Iooa Con"ol   .         qeoteclinica{   'Engineering   / qeo[ogy

                                                                                    December 27, 2005
                                                                                    RJR 1315.152

               CITY OF CALABASAS
               26135 Mureau Road
               Calabasas, California 91301-3172

               Attention: Ms. Elaine Camia, Project Engineer

               Subject:              PROPOSAL FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES
                                     DRY CANYON COLD CREEK FOUR (4) SITES
                                     ER REPAIRS FROM WINTER 2005
                                     CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA.

              Dear Ms. Camia:

              RJR Engineering Group (RJR) is pleased to present this proposal to City of Calabasas
              (Client) for performing civil and geotechnical engineering services for the engineering design
              and repair of the January and February 2005 winter storm damage that resulted in a series of
              embankment failures on Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road.

              The intent of this Proposal is to provide engineering services to prepared the Remedial
              Grading and Drainage Plans, Hydrology and Drainage Study, Storm Drain Plans, Street
              Plans, SWPPP Report and Storm Water Pollution Control Plan, Engineering               Cost
              Estimates and other related documents for the repair and construction of the roadway.

              For convenience, the proposal has been divided into four parts: Section 1.0 is an
              introduction, which sets forth our understanding of the project and the basis for this proposal;
              Section 2.0 is the scope of work which details the professional services we propose to
              provide; Section 3.0. is a discussion of fees for the services to be provided; and, Section 4.0
              specific exclusions from the scope of work.

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1.0. Proiect Summary

RJR has been providing civil engineering services on these project since January 2005.
During the period of January thru March, 2005, Public Works staff observed cracks and
localized settlement in the asphalt concrete road way. Preliminary geotechnical studies were
performed by Leighton and Associates to evaluate the subsurface conditions at the three (3)
sites and provide some preliminary design schemes. The failures and subsurface conditions
are summarized in these reports. Recently, a fourth site failed in December, 2005. The exact
cause is unknown. RJR and Leighton are presently investigating the cause(s) of the failure.

The proposed remedial repair will be to remove unsuitable road fill, landslide debris and soil
and reconstruct the slope with engineered fill. Each site has unique conditions and issues
related to slopes, space, easements, pipelines and other issues that will be addressed in the
design. In general the slopes will be constructed at a 1-1/2: 1 and reinforced with geogrid.
Existing drainage structures and storm drain lines will be removed and replaced or altered
accordingly. further, approximately one half of Dry Canyon Cold Creek will be removed
and replaced within the subject area and reconstructed. This will require traffic control and
or road closures since no temporary road ways will be available.

Each site will be a separate set of plans due to the fact that timing and the type of
construction may require more than one contractor.

RJR has developed a scope of work based on our studies of the past year, discussions with
City staff, and our experience with the project. The following are the tasks that will be
performed to prepare the plans necessary for design and construction for the remedial repair.
The plans will be prepared to provide the necessary documents for review, approval and
construction of the remedial repair of the slope failures.

Task 1. Research Previous Investigations      and Plans

Task 2. Civil Engineering Plans
        a. General grading, geotechnical, stormwater and construction notes which will
                 i. Horizontal site plan and temporary bench mark for staking
                 ii. Mitigation plan
               .iii. Keyway and subdrain layout
                 iv. Benching and details
                 v. Bench drain locations
                 vi. Outlet pipes
                 vii. Geogrid reinforcement location and elevations
                 viii. Final slope grades
                 ix. Surface drainage devices
                 x. Four (4) Civil cross sections illustrating fill, soil and bedrock horizons
                 xi. Civil details
                       The grading plan shall be at a scale of 1" = 40' and will indicate street
                       and slope grades, subgrade elevations, rough site grades and elevations,
                       slopes, walls, and drainage devices necessary for obtaining a grading'
                       permit and for construction of the rough grading portion of the project.
                       This includes preparation of separate title sheet with a vicinity map,
                       general notes, legend and summary of quantities; and processing the
                       Plan to the approval by the City of Calabasas
      b. Erosion control SWPCP/SWPPP
                       Prepare and process one NPDES Permit and one Urban Stormwater
                       Management Plan (USMP) as required by the Regional Water Quality
                       Control Board and applicable agencies and all related documents. RJR
                       will prepare the SWPPP and USMP reports, and related plans and aid
                       in the filing of the N.O.L for the project.
      c. Earthwork quantities
      d. Updated volumes and engineers estimate
                       Cost estimate based on typical unit costs and task expense for the area,
                       and experience with similar work performed in the Los Angeles
                       County/Calabasas area.
      e. Temporary storage area
      f. Road Plan and Profile for pavement replacement and cold plans and notes
                    Prepare and process one (1) I" =40' scale reproducible Street
                    Improvement Plan. Plans will include plan view and profile of streets,
                    street light locations, construction notes, quantities, typical sections,
                    and construction details of catch basins or non-standard designs.
      g. Transverse cross sections every 25 to 50 feet
      h. Culvert and Road Swale Realignment or ReDesigns
              i. Inlets redesign
              ii. Plan and Profile
              iii. Outlet Redesign
      i. Plan and Profile Plans for Storm Drains
                       Prepare and process one (1) I" =40' scale Storm Drain Plans. Plan
                       will include plan view and invert profile of the storm drain and
                       laterals. Plan will include construction notes, quantities, manholes,
                       and any easement(s) associated with the storm drain alignment.
      j. Hydrology/Drainage Report
      k. Signage and Striping Plan
      I. Temporary Right of Way Road Design

Task 3. Environmental Permits
   Coordinate engineering plans and proposed construction with environmental consultant
   with the following agencies:
       a. Fish and Game Permit
       b. Army Corp of Engineers
       c. State Water Resource Control Board

       Prepare SWPCP/SWPPP
                    Prepare and process one NPDES Permit and one Urban Stormwater
                    Management Plan (USMP) as required by the Regional Water
                    Quality Control Board and applicable agencies and all related
                    documents. RJR will prepare the SWPPP and USMP reports, and
                    related plans and aid in the filing of the N.O.I. for the project.

Task 4. Traffic Control Plan

Task 5. Haul Route Plan

Task 6. Offsite Stockpile and Equipment Storage Plans and Exhibits

Task 7. Project Meetings and Administration
                             3.0. ENGINEER COST ESTIMATE                                                                          - DESIGN                        PHASE

                             All work will be performed on a "Time and Materials" basis. For Planning purposes, we
                             have worked with the City to develop the following cost estimates for each task for all four
                             (4) sites:

i:           "',,,',
                                                                                            ,;-/~,-~.   ,;
                                                                                                                                 ,"~~           Sitel
                                                                                                                                                                      J    S,te2".,.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ;'j          T,!sk.Total.,.
  ~,,'~,-....-,.                 ,'.                                    ':"",;''::~i'                                        -   ~--' '¥'1.   :.' '-~':-.,                                                  -             .                        ",.'         ,.',
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -:;'i<;'';'''~    ~"';)>'I~~
                -'--':~--'                                                                                               "                                                                                      '"

     Task I, Research Previous Plans                                                                                                             $6,750                   $2,250                    $750                           $5,250                                  $15,000

     Task 2. Civil Engineering Grading, Drainage, Hydrology,

                               SD, Street Plans, Striping & Signage                                                                           $213,750                    $71,250                  $23,750                    $166,250                                   $475,000

     Task 3, Environmental Exhihits & SWPPPfUSMP                                                                                               $22,500                       $0                      $0                        $17,500                                     $40,000

     Task 4. Traffic Control Plim                                                                                                              $33,750                       $0                      $0                        $26,250                                     $60,000

     TaskS. Haul Route Plan                                                                                                                            $0                    $0                      $0                                   $0                                        $0

     Task 6. Stockpile and Equipment Storage Exhihits                                                                                                  $0                    $0                      $0                                   $0                                        $0

     Task 7. Project Meetings, Administration, Permits                                                                                         $12,500                       $0                      $0                        $12,500                                     $25,000

     Totals:                                                                                                                                  $289,250                    $73,500                  $24,500                    $227,750                                  $615,000

                             The above quoted fee does not include work not outlined in the above scope of work;
                             however, the above quoted prices will not be exceeded without prior written approval. All
                             billing will be based on the percent complete for each task.

                             RJR anticipates completion of the plans and project specifications in April, 2006.

The following services are not included in the Scope of Work:

1. Presentations and preparation of documents and exhibits for hearings, community groups or
review committees.

2. Title reports and title services which are to be provided by the Client's title company.

3. Obtaining permission from off site property owners for grading or improvement work outside of
the Client's ownership.

4. Acting as an expert witness.

5. The structural engineering of any of the required improvements    including retaining walls.

6. Design of el7ctrical systems, telephone facilities, and/or underground cable television systems.

7. Revisions of plans necessitated because of Client or Client's consultants changes to the design
criteria. This shall include any review comments made by the client deemed not relevant, excessive
or not pertinent by RJR.

8. Changes that are inconsistent with written approvals or instructions previously given; or, are
required by the enactment or revision of codes, laws, or regulations subsequent to RJR's preparation
of documents, maps, or improvement plans.

9. Bid forms and documents.

10. Any requirements for downstream improvements        that extend beyond the existing outlets.

11. No Field, Boundary or Construction Surveying or additional geotechnical studies not already
provided to RJR.

12. It is understood that the Client will furnish any environmental documentation and studies that may
be required by the City of Calabasas, County of Los Angeles, State of California and other agencies.

13. The Client shall pay all fees, bonds, etc., required by the approving agencies including, school
districts, water districts, sewer districts, and other jurisdictional agencies.

14. Printing, reproduction, drilling and other direct costs and expenses.

IS. All other discussions or exclusions previously discussed or not typically included in civil
engineering services provided for small to medium sized tract development.

16. Preparation of SWPPP, Haul Routes, Stockpile Drawings or other drawings not expressly stated
in the scope of work for the respective sites.

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