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SAMPLE HOSTESS LETTER Dear I am so thrilled you by tommyadams



     I am so thrilled you’ve chosen to pamper yourself and your friends and family.The Spa ESCAPE®
     is such a fun and exciting way to leave the stress of the day behind without having to leave the
     comfort of home! We are going to have a wonderful time enjoying these spa-quality treatments:
     •   Heated aromatherapy herbal neck wrap
     •   Instant Manicure treatment
     •   Lip exfoliating treatment
     •   Nourishing eye pads
     •   Spa-quality body treatment
     And that’s only to name a few! I want you to know I am excited to do everything I can to
     help you earn all the benefits through holding your Spa ESCAPE.That includes helping you get
     your favorite products for FREE, while having fun with your family and friends!
     When preparing for your Spa ESCAPE, please remember to:
          Return your guest list to me within 48 hours of booking your Spa ESCAPE, and I’ll send
           invitations for you.
          Have comfortable chairs and a cleared table in the living room or den.
          Have a clean microwave to heat neckwraps.
          Advise guests to be on time, wear comfortable clothing and if necessary, and make childcare
           arrangements. After all, everyone deserves ME time!
     Thank you so much for booking your Spa ESCAPE with me.You and your guests are going to
     love the spa experience. So get ready, take a deep breath and say “Spa…”

          Increase your Spa ESCAPE success by offering even more rewards for your Hostess.
          A 50% saving on their BeautiControl skin care maintenance set, a fabulous neckwrap
          and receiving their favorite products free (based on ESCAPE sales), are already
          included in the Hostess Plan. Below are suggestions of additional rewards you can
          offer your Hostess.You can use these to customize your letter. It’s your choice to
          offer additional gifts; you decide!

                                  $100 in outside orders = Product Gift

                    Return your guest list to me within 48 hours = Product Gift

                           Spa ESCAPE held on original date = Product Gift

                                 8+ guests in attendance = Product Gift


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