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									                            Software License Assignment Form
                        New/Current or Transfer (person or computer)
                               Technology Resources Business Services
   This form is to be completed for all software installations with the exception of Anti-virus (McAfee and
               Virex), Microsoft® Windows, Microsoft® Office, Publisher, WinQVT and WinZip
If you are using programs that have implemented software license tracking (MicroGrade, SPSS…), it may be
necessary to deactivate your license on the old computer in order to reinstall that software on the new computer.
Please contact your department Technical Support Person, Software Contact, or campus Software License
Coordinator with questions about transferring software applications.

    Windows                      TRANSFER from previous                     NEW/Current Assignment
    Macintosh                    computer or person (as applicable)
 Date of installation
 Name (first, last)
 TxSt NetID (username)
 Phone number
 Computer asset tag #

 Current software title and publisher:                                       Version         Removed         Installed
                                                                                            by (initials)   by (initials)

Software media, license agreement, documentation (when applicable) have been transferred to the new assignee
(computer or person).

I acknowledge having requested installation or having installed/transferred software on the above mentioned
University computer. I certify that the software is properly licensed for the new installation and will/did
remove from the previous computer (if applicable). I accept personal liability for the installation of this
software. This software installation will not violate the rights of any party, including the rights of the Software
licensor. I will indemnify Texas State and any installer, outside of myself, of any liability they may incur because of
this software installation. I also understand that I must provide any media (e.g. diskettes or CDs) and software
keys that may be required to accomplish this install. I acknowledge policy contained in UPPS 01.04.24 must be

Signature of person removing/installing software                                     Date

 From:                                                 To:
 Dept                                                  Dept
 Acct Mgr                                              Acct Mgr
 Signature                                             Signature
 Print Name                                            Print Name
Use a University Department name, not a project or account name.

Return form to Technology Resources Business Services, JCK 783. Please make a copy for yourself.
Office use only: CRP/NRP ____ RAH _____ Refurbed _____
Obtain form at - Software License Assignment Form

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