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Money Making Internet Business Tool document sample

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									 Making Arizona
 “EXIT Country”

Real Office Assistant as an
 integral part of the growth,
branding, and profitability of
    EXIT Realty Arizona
Why am I here? Because stuff is
   Regional RealOA Extranet
    • The business of YOUR REGION!
   Integrate to your office
    • Can you imagine a serious company not
        providing the tools, resources, and
        information its staff needs to be successful?
    •   Its FREE
Who won the race?
They Won …
   Because ‘they’ understand that
    Communication IS THE FOUNDATION that
    success is built on.
   Because successful companies, of any size,
    draw the top talent from the pool AND THEY
    KEEP IT.
   Because all the parts are managed like a
    smooth running machine – baby, the machine
     How do you distribute tools,
     resources, & information?
                         Localized Information:
Floor Schedules
                         •Tax assessor,
                         •Schools                           Training Classes
                         •An inspector who can
  Tools and services???? make a 10am tomorrow

      Special Buyer Needs                                   Open House Assistance

How do I get important        Company Events
documents? … at                            Company Policies and
9:30pm Sunday night?                       Guidelines … which change as
                                           fast as you grow!
                                                          Home sick and I need a
   I can’t print … and I        New Listings              sub to take my clients to
   need to be at the listing
                                                          see ... I wish I had a
                         Fulfillment Guidelines
   presentation in an hour.
                                                          company roster
                         and deadlines
     Like this?
   Floor Schedules       Localized Information:
                                                   Training Classes
                         •Tax assessor,
 Tools and               •Schools
 services????            •An inspector who
                                                   Open House
                         can make a 10am
Special Buyer Needs                                Assistance
   How do I get                       Company Policies and
   important           Company Events
                                      Guidelines … which change
   documents? … at                    as fast as you grow!
   9:30pm Sunday
 I can’t print … and I
   night?                                          Home sick and I need a
                                New Listings
 need to be at the                                 sub to take my clients
 listing presentation in Fulfillment Guidelines to see ... I wish I had a
 an hour.                and deadlines             company roster
  The new Region-wide Communication
  Center and Help Desk
 •Exclusively for the use of EXIT
 Realty companies throughout
 •Access regional calendars,
 discussions, schedules,
 announcements, and more.
 •Download documents and
 other files
      •General info – Open Houses

 •Help Desk: Ticket based help
 desk to help resolve EXIT
 Franchise or Regional Admin
 topics or questions.
 •Discounted pricing to your
Our Goal?
   To see if a Real Office Assistant intranet
    would benefit your office.
Testimonial –        Keny Terracciano

   Real Office Assistants has become our
    company hub to allow our agents to
    communicate, view activities, and
    easily access all of our company
    information from any computer in the
    world. This product has made running a
    multi-office company much easier and
    efficient, and our agents utilize it daily.
This is Real Office Assistant
And this is what it does
1.    Traditional button links
2.    Unlimited online calendars
3.    Ticket based, online Help
      Desk                          1           2

4.    Announcement Center
5.    Company Links                         4

6.    Agent Toolbox                                  5
7.    Training Center
8.    Online Documents
9.    Local Links                                    9

10.   Vendor Section
11.   Industry News                     7

12.   Listing/Advertising Manager               8

Testimonial –                           Denise Ross, EXIT Grand Heritage

It is with pleasure that I am writing this reference for Bill Haisman and Real Office
Assistant. From the initial introduction to Real Office assistant at my previous office that I
worked for, I knew that this was a valuable tool for any brokerage. When I purchased my
franchise, I decided that the most important informational tool that I would put in my budget
would be Real Office Assistant. I have found in the last couple years of running my
brokerage that this is an essential tool that I have to have in order to be more productive in
what I do best. The best thing about Real Office Assistant is that I can do the work once and
benefit from it over and over again when my agents utilize it for their informational source in
running their businesses on a daily basis. Some of my agents work from home and they utilize
Real O. A. for managing their transactions and also to find out what's on our calendar etc. It's
like with EXIT Realty, you do the work once and get paid over and over again! The other great
reason to have Real O.A. is the opportunity to earn commissions back from any third party
companies that decide to advertise on our Homepage. This is great for any new agents joining
our office because they can see what companies are preferred and as a broker I don't have to
take the time to give them business cards of every company that I do business with, it is
already on the site! All I have to do is give my new agents our homepage address and they can
find what they need there.

I love Real Office Assistant and I hope that any brokerage out there would take the opportunity
to see the benefits for their agents and give it a try!
    Big Reasons
   Many of you are new – EXIT is
    new! Keeping up is hard.                                                       M
   The foundation you build needs to                                              o
    support you for … 5 years? 10                                                  e
    years?                                                                         y.
   How your company shares                                                        c
    information is the single biggest                                              m
    contributor to your profits outside
    of the actual sale.
   Better run companies recruit
    better agents!

EXIT Arizona Reasons
   Because the company that communicates best wins most, and the
    region at large is A COMPANY.
   A region wide information portal enhances the relationship between
    franchise owners
   A winning team is the team others want to work for – Your
    RealOA network is a strong part of the recruiting pitch for
   The better EXIT Arizona can connect itself to it’s franchise companies,
    the better the EXIT message can be delivered and more accurately
    it’s mission pursued.
   There is no other brand in Arizona CURRENTLY utilizing such a
    tool to better their efforts. Whoever is first gets the legacy.
   … AND, because we KNOW that when communication works
    The Big Reasons for YOU!
•     Seamless integration into the EXIT Arizona Regional
      Extranet (
•     Sets up as an intranet/information hub for YOUR
•     As a tool for YOUR company, improves internal
      process’s and communication.
•     Helps in your recruiting new Realtors. Top
      producers WANT to work at companies that make
      working easier AND that are investing in technology to
      make that happen.
•     Helps FREE up time on you and your manager’s desks.
•     As an EXIT Realty company in Arizona you get a
      HUGE DISCOUNT – AND the first 3 months FREE!
Lets take a look!
  Your Company’s Communication
  Center and INTRA-net. Two Looks!
                                       •Two templates to choose from.
                                       •Connects you to the EXIT Realty Arizona Help Desk.
                                       •Integrates to YOUR company

•Service is provided by Intranets- on their Real Office Assistant
•Integrated vendor program can be leveraged
to offset costs and improve services.
   Make Arizona THE benchmark state
   Assists recruiting efforts
   LOW EXIT price, FREE – and then only
   Help your agents work together
   Help your agents access tools and
    resources more easily
Early Adopters Program - Orders must be placed before or at the
Broker/Owner meeting
Place your order before or at the Broker/owner meeting and you can take
advantage of HUGE discounts..
     •   $75 first three months paid at time of order FREE
     •   $49.95 per month for the balance of first year (9 months)
     •   IF paid annually, first year is $437.13 (includes $75 for three month rate)
EXIT Realty pricing (standard):
Working with your regional owner we have agreed to a special price for Real Office
Assistant EXCLUSIVELY for EXIT Realty companies. This 50% discount
     •   $74.95
     •   IF paid annually, second year is $749.50 (74.95 x 10 months)
Standard pricing (for comparison) is:
     •   $150 Set up
     •   $149.95 per month
Vendor program:
Your vendor’s are an important part of your agents daily work. Tie them to your
company and give them WORKING exposure on your RealOA network.
How to Get More Info
   Contact:
    • Bill Haisman
   Email:
   Phone: (805) 504-0698
   General website information can be
    found at:
Testimonial –                   Nicholle Hernandez, EXIT Realty
Premier Properties

It is with pleasure that I send this testimonial for Real Office Assistant. I
get requests frequently for testimonials that are not as easy to do as this
one. Our owners have been in the real estate industry for over 5 years
and have watched the internet presence develop. They wanted to have a
web site specifically for our agents and staff, and through our regional
owners, and we were highly recommended to check out RealOA. Bill was
able to set our 3 offices up with a site that was appealing, and most
importantly FUNCTIONAL! We not only use our RealOA website as a
marketing tool when recruiting new agents into our office, but we also use
it for EXTRA revenue every month by selling ad space to our outside
vendors. Our agents love the site and use it EVERY day. It keeps our
60+ agents connected and our offices would be lost without it. As the
administrator, my favorite part is the AWESOME technical support and
friendly staff. Bill has been so responsive to the development and
maintenance of our Internet web site, I couldn't be happier. Thanks Bill
and RealOA!!
Testimonial – Danielle Morales
I found out about realoa from our website provider. I had been
looking into getting an intranet started for our office for a few
months but was really dreading the time it would take to set it up.
After speaking with a realoa representative I decided to take a
chance and begin the process. I had anticipated this would take a
good 2-3 months to set up before presenting it to our employees.
To my surprise the entire site was up and running in a little over 2
weeks. The set up process was so easy and user friendly. The
support staff at realoa was so helpful and easy to get a hold of.
The entire company was amazed with the new site and swore this
took months of hard work on my end. I would do it all over again in
a heartbeat, my biggest mistake was not signing up for this site

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