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Special Power of Attorney Sample document sample

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									                            SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY
                                  (Sample - See notice below)

I, ________________, of ________________, hereby appoint __________________ of

_______________, as my attorney in fact to act in my capacity for the following

purpose: To submit bids to the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors pursuant to A.R.S.

Section 42-471 for the purchase of real property identified as follows:

         Book-Map-Parcel #                                 Subdivision                        Lot #

 ________________________                       ______________________                  ___________

 ________________________                       ______________________                  ___________

 ________________________                       ______________________                  ___________

 ________________________                       ______________________                  ___________

The rights, powers, and authority of my attorney in fact to exercise any and all of

the rights and powers herein granted shall commence and be in full force and effect

on _____________, 20____, and shall remain in full force and effect

until ______________, 20____, or unless specifically extended or rescinded earlier in

writing by either party.

  Dated: __________, 20____                       By: ________________________________

  STATE OF _____________, COUNTY OF ____________________

STATE OF ARIZONA                             )
                                            )      ss.
County of _____________                     )
This instrument was acknowledged and executed before me
this ____ day of ____________, 20____, by____________________

_______________________________ My Commission Expires: ________________
Notary Public

   NOTICE - This sample form is intended as a general guideline for bidders. Yavapai County makes no
 representations regarding its legal sufficiency for any specific bidding situation. Bidders are advised to
  obtain independent legal advice regarding forms and procedures to meet their specific requirements.

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