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                       Equipment Rental Agreement (page 1)

Old Fort Country rents/leases a limited amount of equipment for local/regional use. The
equipment provided guaranteed to be clean and in working condition. Renters are
expected to respect and care for the equipment and to return it clean and in the same
working condition as when rented. Renters are also expected to use the equipment in
accordance with the directions provided by Old Fort Country.

Limitations: Renters are expected to involve our equipment in legal activities only.

Liability: Old Fort Country is not responsible for accidents or injuries incurred during the
use of the rented equipment.

Hours: Equipment is rented on a “24-hour day” basis. It may be picked up during
normal store hours or by appointment. It is due back to the store, in clean and operable
condition, within 24 hours of the pick up time. Renters returning equipment returned late
will be charged an additional day’s rent.

Rental Fees:           Concrete Mixer -              $25.00 per day

                       5’ X 10’ Utility Trailer -    $25.00 per day

                       6’10” X 16’ Utility Trailer - $30.00 per day

Deposit: A deposit equal to the rental fee is required to reserve each piece of equipment.
The deposit will be reimbursed at the time that the equipment is returned, inspected, and
found to be in operating and clean condition.

Identification: A valid Texas driver’s license is required to reserve/rent equipment.

Agreement: By completing, signing and dating the next page of this document, both
parties agree to its terms and conditions.
                     Equipment Rental Agreement (page 2)

Equipment Desired:         ___________________________________________

Date Needed:               ___________________________________________

Number of Days Needed:     ___________________________________________

Name:                      ___________________________________________

Address:                   ___________________________________________



Phone:                     ___________________________________________

Email:                     ___________________________________________

Signature:                 ___________________________________________

Date:                      ___________________________________________


Signature:     ___________________________________   Date: _________________
                         (for Old Fort Country)

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