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      Acrobat ® Real Estate Tools

                    The digital approach
                     to increased productivity
                      Acrobat Interactive Smart Forms

                                        Cutting Edge Business Tools
                                                                                                                                            e POWERING           THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS

                      THE PAPER ELIMINATOR
                                                Interactive action forms
                                                                they'll sweat bullets working for you!
                                                                    automated math, data entry, web-links . .

                                                                  Text Data Entry Fields

                                                                                         Copy/Paste Company Logos

                                                                                                                          Replace Images by Simple

                                                                                                                                         Hot Spot Form Web Links

                                                                             Example                                Example

                                                                                                                                                 Multi-Form Data Entry


                                                                                                                                                       Error Free E-mail
                                                                                                          Example                                       Locked-in Format

                                                                                                                                                     Automated Math

                                                                                 Digital Signature Ready

                                                                                                                                       Easy Check Mark Boxes

                                                                                                                                   Digitally Signature Capable
                            Convert any Present Form to Electronic Format
                             and Import to ToolMaster, with Acrobat 4x5x.


                                                                                       Automatic Current Date

    * Advanced customizable features enabled by Adobe Acrobat 4x or 5x upgrade

  729-heavy duty power forms
   it's certain to be love at first sight





                                            61 Newsletters
      Newsletters                           Value Reports




        Acrobat core architecture
             nothing else even come close

                                               Adobe Acrobat is the original digital     ProForce adds a comprehensive suite of
                                               electronic form software, and is used     extreme Real Estate marketing tools,
                                               by over100-million people worldwide.      newsletters, flyers, slide presenations,
                                               Acrobat®locks items like; fonts, links,   worksheets, manuals, guides, libraries,
                                               images, page layout, print drivers for    productivity tools, and more to Adobe®
                                               error-free delivery among dissimilar      Interactive smart forms that perform tasks,
                                               software and computer users. Acrobat®     link to Internet data, calculate math, track
                                               adds powerful features to forms, giving   time or expenses, and other features that
                                               them the power to think for themselves.   allow business productivity to sky-rocket.
                                                                                         Nothing even comes close to this product!

            Fast and easy text entry fields.

 Your software is by far, the best software program I have purchased for my
 real estate business in the 20+ years I have been involved in the industry!
 I now know, that with Internet access to regional multiple listing service and
 this product, you can successfully run your entire business from a home

 In fact, with my program loaded into my network computer and my laptop I
 can do business anywhere, anytime. I am a not a computer whiz; in fact I am a
 novice with no desire to learn more than I have to, and little patience with the
 whole techno-craze. I have found this so incredibly easy to master (your
 instructions are great), that other agents and clients are constantly referring to
  the ease of my producing documents, as if I were an expert.

 I don't know why anyone would do without the easy access to the information,
 marketing materials, tools, and digital forms you have made available with this
 software. I no longer have to keep reams of paper originals to copy, or search
 for hours looking for the specific one I need.

 My Relocation clients are amazed by the information I can provide them with,
 before they make their first trip. Because of the more professional services I
 have been able to deliver using your program, I have received and closed 4
 referral clients within the past 3 months, as a direct result of this unbelievable
 software program.

 Thank you!

 Alyce Nelson, Realtor
 Prudential®Plus Realty
    We're giving you total control
     go ahead and customize it . .no safety net required

                       WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU                         * POWERFULL EDITING OPTIONS
                       NEED, BETTER THAN YOU?                     Acrobat® tools make creating new tools or
                       This software allows you to alter it to    forms that you can import to ToolMaster®
PLUG-IN ACCESSORIES    fit your needs! Import free upgrades,      easy. The tools also make customizing
                       forms, or tools, via Adobe, ProForce,                     ®
                                                                  any ToolMaster software item a breeze!
                       and numerous other Internet websites!      Powerup your business by using email
CUSTOM DOWNLOADS       Easily create your own electronic tools,   ready eletronic tools and forms with
                       using any existing document. So forget     potent distributable features like:
                       about costly upgrade or accessory fees,
                       all other software manufacturers charge.   •*Easily alter or create any additional
BASE POWER OPTIONS                                                  Internet links to any image or form
                       •*Import your current tools and forms to     or tool, with a linked hotspot.
                         this software, with no limitations.      • Use powerful tools like, newsletters,
                       •*Super efficient expanding file folder      highlight sheets, CMA data sheets,
                         navigation, is user customizable, with     marketing plans, auto-slide shows, or
                         easy drag and drop tool/form moving        100's more, to skyrocket your image.
                         between folders. Further, create any     •*Create or alter to suit, any tool or form
                         number of new folder, that you name.       included with the unique ToolMaster®
                       • View and work with the actual form         software.
                         just like the paper one you use now.     •*Alter any text or image included in the
                                                                    729+ standard tools/forms. Import any
                                                                    new images or easily add color logos!
                                                                  • Fully compatible with your e-mail and
                                                                    Internet browser system extensions.

                                                                  Unlocked Software Eliminates
                                                                  Boundaries and Outdate Fears
                                                                  STOP      ..Wasting money on software that
                                                                  is out of date before you know it. This
                                                                  software is not only customizable, it also
                                                                  offers the security of Adobe ® creating the
                                                                  upgrades, which insures this software
                                                                  solution will never become absolete.

                                                                  • Operating system upgrades provided
                                                                    by Adobe.
                                                                  • Free Adobe ®Acrobat Reader®used
                                                                    by over 100-million users.
                                                                  • Build the software to suit your
                                                                    specific needs, and create an
                                                                    untouchable personal software.

                                                                    *Customizable tools available using Adobe Acrobat 4x or 5x upgrade
                                                                                                     Digital ToolMaster
[Features] Advanced features require Acrobat 4x or 5x                                                     Business
Adobe ™ Acrobat™ Full or Reader 5.0 or 4.0 integrated operating system                                      ü
Single-license price that includes Acrobat Reader 5.0 (call for multi-license version pricing)            $149

Altering existing text, images, slide shows, links, and other form items
Allows importing your own items                                                                             ü
Automated mail merge                                                                                        ü
Automatically connects to Internet                                                                          ü
Automated Internet connection control panel with 240-links to tax, plat map, and other RE
Automated math forms (settlement, sellers estimate, etc.)                                                   ü
Automated (one -click) send completed contract to computer file or e -mail tool                             ü
Automated Real Estate slide show presentations                                                               5            0
Calculators (finance -loan -prequal-lease and more)                                                         ü
Check box, list box, combo box, radio button, or text box form fields                                       ü
Control distribution of forms, access, and security via network                                             ü
Control or access your other software                                                                       ü
Copy and paste corporate and designation color logos                                                        ü
Customizable templates design                                                                               ü
Custom Java script formulas for automated calculating, action items, currency conversions,
taxes etc.
Database utility for creating linked databases                                                              ü
Data entry panel that populates common form fields minimizing manual data entry                             ü
Digital signature, draw, or writing pen                                                                     ü
Digital signature ready                                                                                     ü
Drag -and -drop any form to any existing folder or create new folders                                       ü
Easy contract imports allowed using any MLS ™ website                                                       ü
E-mail cross platform format                                                                                ü
Embeds all images, page layout, graphics, and drivers supporting any printer                                ü
Error free e -mail format (receivers view exactly what you send)                                            ü
Expanding side -tree menu with title folders that store individual forms (the ultimate navigation)          ü
Export text, pictures, images, tables etc. - to text format                                                 ü
Folder tree menu and form name editing or new folder creation allowed                                       ü
Folder tree menu with infinite folder expansion for efficient form storage/access                           ü
Form creation with form fields, Internet links, action items, and more                                      ü
Free accessory and upgrade plug-ins                                                                         ü
Import graphic images or pictures                                                                           38

Insert and print graphics on forms                                                                          ü
Interactive help technology                                                                                 ü
Keyboard shortcuts                                                                                          ü
Merge manually entered data with multiple forms and contracts                                               ü
Network ready                                                                                               ü
Page zoom view tool                                                                                         ü
Paper to electronic form automated conversion tool free at Adobe ™ website                                  ü
Personal Quicklime™ or avi movie creation using embed or remote url choices                                 ü
Preview actual form as you edit or enter data (wyswig format)                                               ü
Print multiple forms by page number menu                                                                    ü
Print multiple forms in a batch using drag and drop or page range tool                                      ü
Real Estate electronic brochures                                                                            ü
Real Estate electronic clause, terms, and ad headlines libraries                                            ü
Real Estate electronic contracts

Real Estate electronic flyers                                                                               ü
Real Estate electronic forms, contracts, and tools count total

Real Estate electronic legal contract library

Real Estate electronic manuals and guides                                                                   ü
Real Estate electronic marketing tools                                                                      ü
Real Estate electronic MLS contracts

Real Estate electronic newsletters                                                                          ü
Real Estate electronic office forms pack

Real Estate electronic productivity forms                                                                   ü
Real Estate electronic valuation forms                                                                      ü
Real Estate electronic worksheets                                                                           ü
Search for contract-form tool                                                                               ü
Slide presentation shows with automated advance, sounds, and page transition effects                        ü
Sound, note, comment, voice message, file open, and page action or transition                               ü
Superior help -guide-aids provided by Adobe™ -and - ProForce                                                ü
Text data entry fields on all form and contracts                                                            ü
Unlimited Real Estate transaction form grouping                                                             ü
Variable form printing via numeric page entry to allow for variable and infinite number ranges              ü

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