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									Regulatory Procedures,
  Record Keeping, and
        Session 9
           Performance Objectives
• Understand which federal and state agencies
  have jurisdiction over your project
• Participate in an OSHA inspection
• Use site safety inspections to identify and correct safety and
  health deficiencies
• Track and complete legal documents related to safety and
  health issues
• Maintain and use various documents to ensure
  that data and information about the project are complete and

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                 Federal Agencies
•   Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
•   Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA)
•   Federal Railway Administration (FRA)
•   Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
•   Department of Transportation (DOT)
•   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
•   Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
•   Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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             OSHA Inspections
•   General schedule
•   Complaint
•   Special emphasis program
•   Imminent danger
•   Injury/fatality accident
•   Follow-up inspections

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           Inspection Process

•   Types of inspections
•   Opening conference
•   Walk around
•   Closing conference
•   Citations
•   Abatement

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                  Daily Job Logs

•   Important in accident prevention and loss control
•   Memory refresher of what actually happened
•   Should be bound books with numbered pages
•   Must be kept up daily
•   Stay with the facts — it’s the truth that counts
•   Reference other documents
•   Be complete and consistent with your entries

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               Site Safety Inspections
•   Site inspections must be done regularly
•   Inspection forms become legal documents
•   Make spot checks of important items
•   Review the needs for accident prevention and loss control
•   Determine the hazards and assign correction
•   Document corrections

                                                        9-7   7
                    An AGC Construction Learning Tool
              Safety Benchmarks
• Helps establish reachable goals
• Used to measure progress toward goal
• Important safety benchmarks:
  • Hours worked without a recordable or
    lost-time injury
  • Number of safety defects noted during site inspections
  • Number of site safety meetings

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                   OSHA Logs
• Form 300 is used to classify work-related injuries and
• OSHA Form 300A Summary makes it easier to calculate
  incidence rates
   • The summary for the preceding year must be
     posted in the workplace from February 1 to April
• OSHA Form 301 includes more data about how the
  injury or illness occurred
• Records kept for 5 years

                 An AGC Construction Learning Tool
             Session 9 Summary
• Work with OHSA inspectors—we have
  the same goals
• Keep accurate documents; always be
• Keep accurate records and data that track safety
• Use goal setting and benchmarking to achieve
  better safety performance
• Keep up-to-date on all OSHA-required
  documents and forms

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