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									                         Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
                                     Of Holy Cross

                                  Sunday, January 27, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 11:45 with a prayer by Rector Father Brian Jemmott.

The minutes of the 2007 meeting having been previously reviewed as part of the 2007
report were moved for acceptance by Keith Brown, seconded by Pearl Jarrett and
unanimously approved.

Item # 4 of the agenda - The Appointment of Election Tellers - was dispensed with as
there are only 4 candidates and 4 offices to be filled.

New vestry members were presented and welcomed into service:
Carma Chin
Karen Williams
Sharon Goring
Allison Foderingham (in absentia due to illness)

The new members were presented with a handbook on the vestry.

Ira moved to adopt the 2007 reports as presented, seconded by Ercell Brown and
approved unanimously.

The budget for 2008 was presented by Philip Francis, the finance committee chair.
Building Fund is budgeted at $150,000 from which the mortgage should be paid rather
than from the general contributions fund.

                                                                                             Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – January 2008
Special attention was called to the following increases or additions to the budget:
Line item 5000 - Diocesan Pledge - $28,000
Line item 5507 - Security - $1,000
Line item 5700 – Wachovia Bank interest increased to $114,000 from $110,000

Net revenue            $527,900
Net expenses           $461,630
Projected surplus of   $ 66,270

There was a question about the 10% increase in the Diocesan Pledge. The Senior
Warden explained that under the regulations, failure to meet diocesan pledge
requirements could result in loss of church status, demotion of the rector to vicar and
other financial impacts. The vestry committed to paying the three year diocesan pledge
ahead of schedule rather than behind schedule as happened recently.

There was a question regarding installation of a custodian or sexton. There is currently
not a sexton installed but there is a line item budgeted however because pledges are still

outstanding, the budget may be subject to budget cuts if insufficient pledges are received
to meet the needs. In the meantime, the cleaning crew has been enlisted to assist with
opening the church and taking care of some minor responsibilities of the sexton.

Are we actively looking for a pastoral assistant? At present no as it depends on the

Questions concerning the budget were:

      Line item 5606 – What types of functions did that include? Holy Cross Day and
       Father Brian‟s anniversary, etc.
      5605 External Audit – was there one in 2007? No records could be found to be
       audited. Record keeping has been attended to going forward.
      Does there not need to be a line item for external audit for 2008? The diocese
       requires an external audit every three (3) years, therefore one will be budgeted for
       2009 keeping us in line with diocesan requirements.
      What is the difference between 5402 Parish Admin and 5501 and Pastoral Asst.?
       The parish admin is the role filled by Olinka and has administrative duties, and
       the Pastor‟s Assistant is the clergy‟s assistant.
      5107 Fellowship and Kitchen – replenishment of supplies, etc. for the pantry.
      Line item 4103 Facility Use – revenue from rental of Royall Hall. Does that
       include members and non-members of HC? Yes. The line item shows a positive
       dollar amount of $2,601.
      Is there adequate oversight of the facilities use process? There is someone
       currently assigned to managing the facilities use program but not in an official
      Line item 5109 - Journeys‟ Program. There was no budget however a donation
       was made for the program.

                                                                                              Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – January 2008
      How do we explain the variance of 25% or more over budget of line items 5207
       (Equipment Leasing), 5212 (Postage and Printing), 5220 (Misc) and the additional
       increase for 2008? Miscellaneous expenditures will be further investigated.
       Color bulletins and programs are being printed for all special occasions.
       Equipment Leasing should be better managed going forward as computer leasing
       contracts and others come to an end and better contracts are sought.
      Why is there line item 1078 office equipment and line item 5207 equipment
       Leasing if contracts ended? The former is for the purchase of 2 new computers,
       the latter for the lease of copiers.
      Line item 5002 – Outreach commission – is that geared for something specific?
       To be addressed in the rector‟s report.
      Is the acolyte budget listed otherwise? Richard Thorpe to see Philip to ensure the
       information is turned in and included.
      Line item 5210 Landscaping – are we ensuring the landscapers are filling their
       responsibilities? Bill Day committed to ensuring that it is being done correctly.
      Line item 5220 Miscellaneous – what‟s the rational for reducing the budgeted
       amount? It‟s a control mechanism to eliminate the need for miscellaneous
       expenditures. All expenses should be correctly coded.

There being no other questions, the budget was moved for adoption by Phyllis, seconded
by Joscelyn Jarrett, and approved unanimously.

Senior Warden’s Report
Bill Day spoke about David Chin and Philip Francis taking up the charge of financial
accountability and accuracy in record keeping. St. Laurence Project is underway,
building will begin later this year with classes beginning in 2009. The congregation was
encouraged to continue to support the project. All schools in the church vicinity have
missed AYP for the past year or two. This project will help the community improve
academic performance.

Bill also reiterated his thanks for the parish‟s support and request that we continue to
support the new senior warden whole heartedly.

Junior Warden’s Report
Willard Fey stated that the Junior Warden is the “people‟s warden” where the Senior
Warden is the “rector‟s warden”. Parishioner concerns, praise or suggestions can be
filtered through the Junior Warden as the parish liaison.

146 parishioners signed up to serve in all the ministries which represents approximately
25% of the parish volunteering to serve in some capacity. The parish is growing and
changing and getting involved for which Willard expressed his thanks and continued

Rector’s Report
Fr. Brian reported that in addition to his normal duties as rector, he also serves on the
following diocesan committees:

                                                                                            Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – January 2008
Anti-racism commission
Liturgical commission
Executive Board of the Diocese

He encouraged the parish to become more involved in community development. He
spoke of the Consortium of Churches, which includes health and educational initiatives
for the immediate community and a Walking Fellowship, criminal justice and associated
mental health issues. Also mentioned was the Initiative for Affordable Housing
previously mentioned by Jaymes Taylor in a recent sermon at Holy Cross.

Additional outreach programs will include St. Laurence Education Program as well as an
HIV/AIDS awareness program in the community. The CDI participants are working with
the Food Pantry managers to ensure continuity of the Food Bank program, as well as with
the Parish Planning Council.

$1,300 average pledge at HC compared to a national average of $2,600 and $2,300
diocesan wide. Only 170 pledge cards have been received for 2008 with a total general
pledge of $203,758, and $41,859 for building fund.

Fundraising events have been successful including the fish fry and international fair. As
far as a pastoral assistant, the ideal candidate should be a young seminary graduate who
can connect with the young people and build our youth ministry. Starting salary would
be $35,000, plus health insurance, etc. As an alternative, we can consider a retired clergy
person for approximately $22,000. The music ministry is one that also needs
considerable funding in order to develop one that is robust.

Fr. Brian displayed a sample of the chair that is being suggested as a replacement for the
existing pews which were installed in the „60‟s. Each chair would cost $185 and
parishioners would be encouraged to sponsor chairs, however ownership of individual
chairs would not be assigned.

There was a question of making a priority of replacing chairs when there are other
budgetary concerns. Fr. Brian replied that the fact is that historically speaking,
parishioners are more willing to donate toward a campaign like this, than to general

Last year Ercell Brown donated funds toward a new sign for the church, however we
have not accomplished its construction and are awaiting completion of the application
forms for which Kenton Griffin is responsible.

Fr. Br will conduct polls on conducting joint services going forward rather than making
an autonomous decision.

                                                                                              Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – January 2008
It was requested that there be consistency within both 8:00 and 11:00 services where
announcements, etc. are concerned.

It was stated that an attempt to continue to evaluate the HC profile of HC to understand
and define what we want as a parish and assist Fr. Brian in fulfilling the needs of the

Fr. Brian reiterated the open invitation to parishioners to attend vestry meetings and to
contact any vestry member or the Junior Warden with concerns. He reminded the
gathering that minutes of the vestry meetings are published in the Cross Current and
should be made available in the narthex additionally.

It was suggested to do an anonymous survey to allow parishioners who are not
comfortable speaking out publicly the opportunity to voice opinions of issues of concern.

It was stated that the vestry should not be a restrained vestry that is unable to speak
openly to the rector and should be direct in addressing issues pertaining to the rector‟s
decision-making, conduct or performance.

There was a question of what happened with the musical director? Fr. Brian stated that
Oscar Watts resigned and that the relationship with Dr. Forde was severed.

There was a concern about the handling and dismissal of the musical director. Fr. Brian
explained that the hiring of a musical director or organist is a private function of the
rector rather than an open discussion point for the annual parish forum and encouraged
concerned parishioners to contact him directly.

It was requested that updates be made to the church website regularly so it can be used as
an active resource. Fr. Brian referred to the media committee as the lead for getting this
issue addressed in a timely manner.

Parishioners were reminded that each has a responsibility to bring concerns to the rector
either directly or via a vestry member or the junior warden.

Disagreement was voiced about the gospel and contemporary choirs leading services.

There was a response given to the concern about the dismissal of the music director to
state that there were issues of conduct experienced by parents of youth choir members
unbeknownst to others in the parish.

The out-going vestry members were recognized and presented with parting gifts in
appreciation for their service in 2007. They are:

Jennifer Smith (filling Edna Coke‟s unexpired term)
Phyllis Dennis
Charmaine Warmington

                                                                                             Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – January 2008
Karen Shropshire
Sharon King (in absentia)

Fr. Brian presented Bill Day with a token of appreciation for his service as Senior
Warden. The book titles are Rable-Rouser for Peace, An Authorized Biography of
Bishop Desmond Tutu by John Allen and Jesus for the Non-Religious by John Shelby

There being no further business the meeting was moved for adjournment at 1:45 PM.

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Sharon Marks


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